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Rap Battle

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Started: 4/22/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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After some consideration (like 2 seconds), I've decided to do a rap battle; having not 'rap battled' before I'm a complete newbie to it but I thought I'd give it a try.

No particular rules apply besides no forfeits, and I'd rather battle with a member who's done them before and is competitive. Comment if interested.

First round is acceptance btw ;)
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting Shocky, and good luck! Now onto my first ever rap:

Here he is, the guy who calls himself shocky

He doesn't stand a chance, for him this will get rocky and by rocky I don't mean the music but when like when your girlfriend fv'ks your friend Neville because you couldn't take her to the next level

Too busy listening to Hendrix and Floyd, now you have become a meaningless void. Some sexless beast that no one wants to fv'k, but everyone wants to mock

Your tiny little weener, now wonder you can't feed her. Every chipolata out there got more girth in it than you, and yeah pinocchio's peni_$ too

I'd swallow that harder than the magna carter and turn you right into a d1kc suffering martyr

By the time I finished, it be even more misshapen and need a whole lot of taping if I am not mistaken

Can't even fap with it while listening to your rock gods, and it now looks even more pathetic than them packaged dead cods

But hang on I haven't finished yet, I want another tiny piece of you

Didn't even get the time to check your ball$ack, oh god yeah I can see it's a mishap

Got nothing going for you, you're now the opposite to shocky and you ain't feeling cocky

Instead you be bruised, because you have been cruised, destroyed by my dirty mouth and left there abused

Can't even stand up and too ashamed to look in the mirror, no point looking down there now it's practically non-existent and no nobody will have missed it

You say you were born in 1916, well that would explain how my pv$$y is still clean, yeah that's why my fv_*ing lips don't gleam

Just go listen to Bob Marley, he ancient like I'm gonna go fv_kc with your other friend named Charlie and make him suck on my pu$ and feed on it like cous cous


You're an ugly @$$ latina who couldn't pay to fvck tramps.
You make me wish Donald Trump set up concentration camps.

I'm pumping iron, my weight gain, is insane, you're in a world of pain, when I pop your a$$ back to Spain, and you're nothing but a blood stain. I will maintain my reign, your raps are plain and you're lain in the rain sulking on the street lane in your emotional chain, waitin' to get run over, cause you don't wanna get slain, by me, so you should just abstain.

My d!ck has problems yes, it shoots up way to high.
It's like my own Bat Signal, cause you can see it from sky ;)

You removed account information, cause you're a pvssy with no class.
But I know you, you're really a b!tch wants to fvck somebody's @ss.
Or you are the really void, my d!ck would make you paranoid.
I wouldn't want to conquer Spain with my log and asteroids.

What are you doing in Moscow? Putin murders gays. A girls' lane you shouldn't plow or like Nazis they should set Jew ablaze.

Go down some champagne, can you do that with your walnut sized brain?
You can't tell music from a quote, who the fvck are you to gloat? (As seen here ;)

My bratwurst-like c0ck is more like Pinocchio's nose.
But every time you lie about it, the son of a b!tch grows.

I believe it's "Magna Carta", you nutcase you are a disgrace, who will never me embraced, between your thick skull and that so-called brain outrageously dull, it has enormous space, over there you could have a NASCAR race.

Your ovaries are dead, you'll never get a d!ck head.
Aside from your ghetto $1 inch long dildo that still cuts like a stiletto cuz it's too deep like a puddle tryna fit a jeep, even if you banged some unattractive creep, they wouldn't make a peep, you might as well go to the doc to get a cock and try to fvck a sheep, but even then it would reject you, even in its sleep.

Don't get me started on your t!ts, they are like pears.
Cause they saggy, scratch that you f@ggy washed up dog, don't get your tail waggy you couldn't even fvck Shaggy. They are like onions because they make you cry, and and guys wanna die, or like Medusa cause they will turn you to stone, 'cept for their d!cks they will stay soft as shown, so you can technically get boned, but against their own will, and hey better than living while you are getting them blown.

If I'm really 100, what does that say about you?
Your body looks aged as fvck, while I screw the whole crew, of thots from America to China and all the way to Peru.

Idgaf 'bout Charlie and Neville, who needs a main chick?
I got my stick shift being rode until my last minute ticks.

Emilrose, I got more h0es than humanity has toes, my ferocious serpent sprays like a hose, I even got my own industry goin' on when I give girls white clothes.
Debate Round No. 2

Pro that seriously all you can do?

**Back to the Rap**

Look b1tchh, I'm not Latina, I'm a nasty f*_cking Jew who's gonna teach you a lesson or two. Just cus' I lived in Spain don't mean I'm actually from there, which if you had a brain you'd probably be aware

At least I actually been to places, all you do each day is look at the same faces and trip over your untied're a fool and a f@g, not even worth more than a cheap Chinese handbag

Keep bragging about your d1k prowess and saying you got hoes, when in reality they just be your fellow homos. Yeah you like tongue their b@lls each night just begging for them to rub them on your wart covered nose

Dissing my pic, I bet it really put wood in that lil tiny d1k...furthest you got to actually some t1t, you don't wanna look away for one f*_cking bit. Talking about how your d1k shoots way up, b1tchh it doesn't shoot at's just the biggest f*_cing bore and only something to ignore. Even your gay friends can't get satisfied in fact it's never made a hole gratified

I've seen dwarfs with better pen1$, and my dild0 you talk about really does the tricks. I'd rather have that up in my c*ntt than your rancid piece of meat, that even the most starving dog wouldn't eat

And so what if I wanna f*_kk somebody's a$$, that supposed to be an insult? I'd strap on a dildo and turn you into a malted melt candle, you'll be sweating all over like a lava covered handle...crying your eyes out while I spank your fat a$$ with your daddy's favourite belt

Conquer Spain? You can't even conquer the nearest drain, you wouldn't stand a chance, they'd kick you into Morocco before you could see tomorrow. Then you could marry that camel because we all know you love a mammal, watching you get a$$ raped by those Arabs would golden as'll be making more noise than the loudest bell

Back to Russia now, yeah Putin murders gays and sadly for you it ain't a faze. I dare you to come and you'd see more than a gun, you'd be beaten and put it jail, so much pain there that you'll just forget every fail and not even your gay buddies will ever send you mail. Act like a b1tchh and you're get killed, grilled like a fish making everybody be thrilled

Talking bout Nazi's setting Jews ablaze, you'll also be stuck in some fire consumed maze

I'll down my champagne and then chop off your it's even worse than the hairy retard in your pic, damn you actually have more to worry about than that gross lame d1kc

Can't tell music from a quote? B1tchh you funny, looks like you can't even tell a fu**cing joke...less going for you than a p1$$ed in can of coke

Trying to make fun of my intelligence, think I actually care? At least I can get pu$$y so good I can even get paid. And I bang unattractive creeps every weekend but you're stretching it too much, if I f*kced you my self-esteem would truly be weakened...such a freak that not even a the most desperate h0e on the block would really wanna suck your nasty @$$ c0ck. Only one f*ckin sheep is you, only they be dead, how else would they get f*ckedd by such an ugly d1ckhead

Saying trash about my tit$ just because you can't touch them with your mitts, your face get slapped all over with them if it weren't so unappealing like uh it just makes me wanna look up at the ceiling. Obvs I could f_kc Sh@ggy, he'd be easier to f*ckk than your horniest tranny. I get plenty of guys and better ones than you, not one of those homos I'd ever wanna screw, my body is young and and the guys I get are the most well-hung. They never have any complaints while they're banging me against their golden number plates or sp@nking my t1tti$ while I'm tied up against their garden gates

Main chick, you are've never even had one ch1ck honey. By hoes you mean those blow-up dolls...thinking you're some kind of bruiser when you're really just a sad loser. Only ferocious serpent you got is the one that you wrap around you at night, the only thing that touches you apart from your inflatable hoes...what your parents must think of you god only f*kcing knows.
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Debate Round No. 3
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 4
15 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Emilrose 3 years ago
Forfeit :/ And it's impromptu for me
Posted by JimShady 3 years ago
is this all impromptu or did yall think it over a little
Posted by Shocky190 3 years ago
I know it is hard to keep track when you write a bunch :p
Posted by Emilrose 3 years ago
Well...I just wish I could write 'profanities' as they are -.-
Posted by Shocky190 3 years ago
Didn't exactly say everything I wanted to, but I have to read a pretty long book.
Posted by Emilrose 3 years ago
With a beard
Posted by Emilrose 3 years ago
(He is actually a woman btw, a lesbian)
Posted by Emilrose 3 years ago
Omg know that is not true :P
Posted by Shocky190 3 years ago
Probably makes him feel less insecure not to include that while mentioning swallowing another guy's load XD
Posted by zmikecuber 3 years ago
I think emilrose is a guy.
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