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Rap Battle

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Started: 5/1/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
Viewed: 553 times Debate No: 102329
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This is my second rap battle and i'm looking for a honorable rapping partner in which I can diss.

First round is acceptance the rest are rapping battles.


Heads up guys - I"m talking to you,
Life"s not easy " so what ya gonna do?
Step to the plate and be a man
Never hit a woman - or abuse a child
It"s just wrong - and illegal too
Someday it will catch up with you
Times have changed - domestic violence
Will no longer go down - and be silenced

Use your mind " not your fist
True love - is full of bliss
Keep your job - stay out of jail
Control your anger - no more bail

Treat all women with respect
What you give, is what you get
Treat all women with respect, I say

Don"t be a baby daddy and walk away
Be a Father - it"s okay to stay
If you father a child, it"s just the beginning,
With child and mother in your life, that is winning
Bond with your child and lead the right way.
Give them your love - give them your time.
Set a good example and share your life
Reverse the vicious cycle - of abandonment, abuse
Know your child, love your child and provide
She might be the next - Beyonce or Sally Ride"..
Debate Round No. 1


This punk sacbut doesn't know what to do
He didn't read what I said he has no clue
Rapping things that have nothing to do
When I sad first round is acceptance he just blew

The thing that I don't understand is why join?
Your rhymes flip flop like a coin
These rhyming nonsense
So step up it's time to do some defense

I said first round was acceptance
Really is ur mental power that dense?
I don't get it you don't make any sense
I'm kicking off with the offence

Ur rap talks about domestic violence
When i'm rapping I don't show any tirless
This rap is gonna be over quick
Hearing your rap makes me sick

Your rap got one thing right I won't walk away
I'm not gonna be persuaded with this dismay
The rap you put out repersents your life
Writing it must hit you hard like a knife

So you better bring out something better
But that will never happen ever
So it's time to end
While ur going down i'll ascend


Treat all women with respect
What you give, is what you get
Treat all women with respect, I say

One, two, three, four
No more women on the flooooor"

Now ladies out there - let me talk to you,
It"s okay to say no to men and still be cool
Stand up for yourself - and then decide
What you gonna do - with your own life?
Use your brain and finish school,
Don"t fall for a guy - who acts like a fool
Is he the kind of man"s - gonna care for you?
Too many women - have their innocence stolen
Repeating a cycle - that must be broken
Respect yourself and leave a man who strikes
Find a good man - who will treat you right!

One, two, three, four
No more women on the floor

Men, Women, Kids - take pride and have hope,
You have a bright future - and that"s the real dope
There"s redemption out there - just waiting for you
Get an education and work hard too
We must change our ways - and see the light
It"s what we make of ourselves - each day and night
Stay together, pray together - and everyone scream
Work together - take pride - and join the team!
Debate Round No. 2
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by NDECD1441 3 years ago
Alright Sacbut I know you are kind
But this character in these battles are hard to find
So I say emp up your defenses and fight what he says
And one more tip, read the lines okay?

What50 is a hard rapper to diss
But his flows so bad they always miss
Stop holding back, his attacks wont cease
Shake the place and make him piss

You can't be an angel in this debate
Go hardcore burn him up with hate
That is the key to learning rap
In your mind spit out all of that crap

Look we understand the women's rights
But this logic isn't much of a fight
Strike him down, make him lose sight
With personal attacks and a light so bright

The main thing in this comment is not to be sentimental
The hardcore rap battle is going round, continental
So if you want to win in this trend,
Stick to fighting to the end.
Posted by iwhit29 3 years ago
@sacbut you do realize that what50 meant not to start rapping until the second round
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