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Rap Battle

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Started: 2/12/2018 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Normal rap battle rules

[#]=reference @ bottom
Round 1=accpetance


I accept your challenge.
Debate Round No. 1


Pockets full of cash
Pull up on them get the stash
Putting the rhymes into orbit
But your rhymes ain't lit

I gotta 100 cash and I'm light talking
What the f*ck you be doing, just some real sucking
They like DZ[0] why you making hella bank
I just say I watched your career sank

I busted a nut
On that sl*t
That sl*t was wifey
She lookin so dikey[1]
I ask her what's cooking, why you be looking so goofy?
She tell me my mans ain't gucci
He can't even give the pleasure
His d*ck is so small, I can't even measure

Make the whole world shake
You just soft as cake
Hotter than the lobby
Lemme pull up in my mazzy[2]
I'll leave you in the dust
Didn't need to clean the rust off

[0]-DZ=SupaDudz shortened
[1]-Dikey=acting in a dike way


Shame on this clown for thinking he could hold his weight with the champ.
I'll hit him with enough impact to shake the room, you'll face the doom, and shatter like when a vase meets a guitar amp.
Leave your mind flooded in fear, your mother can hear her son scream in a painful rant.
Defeat me in a verbal sparring session, my dude, the world is about to see that you can't.
Your punch lines are weaker than a malnourished bum.
Bullets pierce through your liver like a double shot of rum.
I'm your father, you're a bastard I forgot you were my son.
Until your mother called my phone and gave me the 411.
If I let these hollow tips fly in your direction you will run.
Killers run into your room with black hoods on like a nun.
How can you sink a career if you don't even have one of your own?
I'm looking down on you like the perspective of hovering drones.
You made a big mistake.
I'll leave your deceased remains in a lake.
Your rap bars are "So Far Gone" no Drizzy Drake.
You used a Cartoon to disguise yourself, bro you're a fake.
Learn how to write a sentence correctly, English Class? You must've been late.
You've just trapped yourself in hell and there's no escape.
Call me "Cain" because I'm "Able" to kill with no remorse.
I'll eat my dinner, then introduce your face to the fork.
Your family is rich? Awesome that means they're free to extort.
You lame d.o.r.k (Dumb Obnoxious Ridiculous Kid)
Catch you walking home from school head shots guaranteed.
At the funeral I'm laughing as your family grieves.
Scratch yourself you f*cking mut, try to eliminate the fleas.
This is only Round 1, I hope you got better B's(Bars).

["So Far Gone"] Is A Album By Rapper "Drake"
["Drizzy Drake] Is A Alias Used By Drake and His Fans
[Cain & Able] Biblical Story About A Feud Between Brothers
[Mut]Unknown Derivation.
Debate Round No. 2


I guess we got a competitor, this is pretty insane
But now I am about to sauce you down like Gucci Mane
Your rap rhymes schemes are more of a joke than your life
Imma chop it up in the pot, use my 40 grand knife
Word revolves around me, guess you about to have it rough
Not a bum, just really tough
Call me son, that's not true
I don't got retarted genes, boo

What an outrageous monster
I'm a bully don't make me shove you in my locker
You can run but you can't hide
Fortnite in this b*tch, just glide away
You be just like Logan Paul
You went in that forest, then bam the career just took a fall.
Stay in the cones, stay in your lane
B*tch you ain't even sane

Stop using Drake in your disses
His emotions and his track are misses
Guess that's you use them because you so bipolar
While I'm going solar
I'm outer space
While you couldn't do the race
At least my avatar isn't cringy
Why you putting fire on your pic when your rhymes are just iffy
I'm an actually in Honors English
Being is what you wish
Remorse? I ain't need it
Go cry off some more, maybe you can have a fit
If I'm a dork you c.o.o.l(constipated overrated overstyle loser),
Lemme put a bold by loser, you fool
Scratch myself are you learning from experience
Your rhymes are so off the road, that you lost your drivers license

I'm forming all these alliances since the day I came on
Just go away and stop hitting that Quan
Your just a crumb on the floor that I squash
Almost as irrelevant as Smosh
Just another brick in the wall
When you get good at rhyming, just gimme call
The competition is so weak, almost like Spongebob
Your throws into 1st are as slow as a lob


You better dodge the scope.
The target is on your head.
I'm a Marksman, If I pull this trigger you're dead.
You're from Chiraq right? I'll bury you next to Fredo.
My savages are ready for war, they attack whenever I say so.
Decapitate your ego and shove it down your throat.
You're a undercover queer like the last Catholic Pope.
I've never seen a weak Greek, today you've proved me wrong.
You mother loves my BBC without the Trojan Condom on.
After I leave my children on her chin I sip on some gin.
Then slap that dumb b*tch with the bible just to wipe off her sins.
You were accidentally made, you father forgot to pull out.
Oh I forgot, that's me, go in a corner and pout.

I'm going light on you this round, I'm ready to win this battle.

[BBC=Big Black Cock
Debate Round No. 3


Dodge the scope, b*tch I am shoot it up
Your DNA is the Clinton's, each one is more and more corrupt
Pull that trigger when your gun is just fo show
I'll freeze you up faster than Chicago's winter snow

Sav-sav-savages? Where are they?
Just another crazy weird dream you had in the month of May
Strongest Greek on the site, you're a sh*tty smoker
My boi Derek[0] make it on Do It 4 Juul, you wannabe be choker
You're mother must've had a hole in her condom
When she sold you on the street of Detroit, she said "Freedom"
At least my parents weren't half drunk when they made me
And you got banned from Versace
Because you looked through the window of the store
Because your life is such a bore

What is your grammar, did you skip a grade?
Bet a lot of money you were artificially made
You kept short and simple
Just like your penis, just got a dimple [1]
That's what she said
When you got laid
Oops I got that wrong
You never had sex, just stare at your mother thong
You're just a no life loser
Who's on a hentai site, even has a user
Your hentai girlfriend told me that
Your little penis is short and fat

[0]=Derek=a kid that moved from my school to Korea who got it on DI4J snap story
[1]=dimple=a smile


I find it very strange that I am now unable to post my argument because of "Profanity". I've literally been using it the whole time but now I can't post it?
Good job trolls.
Debate Round No. 4
7 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 7 records.
Posted by SupaDudz 3 years ago
Whenever you are fam
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
U ready Dudz, ?
Posted by SupaDudz 3 years ago
"you just lost fam"
Posted by SupaDudz 3 years ago
Scared fam?
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
Fam look at my record, I'll make you wish that you were in nappies again b, that's how hard I am! Your bars are dead so far, deadddd
Posted by Rah.Q 3 years ago
WOLF.J wait your turn, you will be my next victim.
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
Winner must face me, im sick at rap battles lads
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Vote Placed by dsjpk5 3 years ago
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Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro had better flow and wordplay.

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