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Rap Battle

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Started: 3/8/2018 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Rules: 16 bars; First round is for acceptance.
Have fun! :)


I accept, prepare to be schooled boii.
Debate Round No. 1


Finally, somebody else,
A new opponent for myself,
May I ask? Do you have insurance for your health?
Because you'll need full coverage once I'm done with yourself.

Looked through some of your debates,
Your opponent's position, you can't negate,
Battling you might degrade - me,
But I'm obligat-ed to denigrate thee!

You say you're East Indian,
Small willy n all,
Condoms are too big for y'all, (
No girl's gonna be enthralled.

Alrighty, last four bars,
Before I disembark,
Until the next session,
Unless you want to release your concession!


So this is our first encounter b, but after i'm done wid ya, you'll be sweeping up sh1t at ya local meat counter b.
Talk about d1cks cos you take d1ck up the butt on a regs, n I swear I seen you scavenging for coins outside Greggs
Apples n pears, ya bars tanked like no one cares
Lame, you blatantly have no game
Killer, i'm a lethal killer, like a bee, sting hard cos I'm the realest G n
Everyman knows not to fvck with me
Raah, so don't even try step, cos I own the game like Pep.

Read that again, bcos I think you been stalking me, maybe cos you admire the wolf
stalker, everyman knows you are just a fat porker
or is it because dragons aren't real, ouch how do you feel?
Boi Ya getting slayed early, go fvck yoself or eat a curly wurly.
sore, ya a55 is sore, n ya nan's a whore...
here have some cream, before I crush your one n only dream...

Man, people like you will end up senile, living in de-nial
too scared to admit your meekness, such is the peakness
YES I'm ya gawd, boii u best bow down to the lord.
Debate Round No. 2


Killer? Yeah right,
Your flow needs a rewrite,
Of course no one will f**k with you,
Everyone looks and goes, "Ew, ew, EWW!"

So much for me gettin' "slayed early,"
Son, this mornin' I woke up early
To prop-erly slaughter your haphaz-ardly
Awkw-ardly assembled banter.

Nope, my a$$ ain't sore,
I don't sit as long as your fata$$ sh*t-store,
As Em would say, "it's the calm before the storm,"
While you get some coke to snort

My weakness? I can bear witness
To your own skull's thickness,
And you think you're the lord of me?
B*TCH, Jesus is king, that"s blasphemy!


Is my g for real?, man shut the fvck up n make me a bloody bread wine meal
Cos im a motherfvckin boss, n u kno il scar u for the rest of ya life b,
me? Well Il have be in paradise with 72 wife b, jealous .

Whaaaa hold on hold on rewind, how man say that ...

Wolfy u aint paki? I kno homie, but after im done w/ this chump, fvckin AlQaeda gona ask me 4 advice, dats how hard i am b.

I see you reppin Peter P, u aint no spider man, fam u on some peter pan sh1t, wot u been smokin
Cos ya immature, n you already know what ya nans doing,, n we all kno it aint canoeing
Yep, she nuttin butt a wholesale whore, like its her everyday chore.

Wolfy that was a bit too peak, calm down b
FINE, fvck ya nan, n ya senile ol gran, n lets talk about ya hopeless life plan
O wait u aint got 1, cos u dumb son.

U callin me a b1tch yeah, boii watch yoself, il fvck with ya mind like u tryna fit an ikea shelf

My creative genius is unmatched, u?-, livin in a basement n aint even detached
Fam ya mums eggs unbatched, ya out of date, n i kno ya fate.

Look at u haters tryna crucify the sain, Sit down or il make ya faint.

Dont u know there's a correlation between creative genius and insanity, Which is why humanity, aint reafy to be redeemed.
Debate Round No. 3


Alright, last round,
Before I get crowned on this battleground,
It"s too late for you to turn-around,
This wolf belongs in the POUND.

You think al-Qaeda will ask you for tips?
Your grammar"s so bad, it looks like some Arabic sh*t.
Insultin" me for my Spidey pic?
SH*T, your profile pic looks like some fairytale sh*t!

F*ck with my mind? Gee,
No one wants your willy,
F*ckin" with you ain"t even newsworthy,
Like Donny and Stormy.

Look at you,
Your last line won"t even rhyme,
Let me give you a clue,
Aw, f**k it, I already beat the sh*t outta you this time!


Seems like you are obsessed with my d, why is that b?
You know I how said creativity goes hand in hand with insanity, well just read this ish, this ones called confessions of a nutter, go grab some butter.

Now yeh sure, i may be unbeaten in the rap battle department, but can I honestly say mans man?, no...Why?!

Cos I am a fool, n I have the social ability of a ghoul
Huh? Cos I am weak, n I am comin at u like a freak
What? Cos I am stupid, fvck knows how I got a degree, cupid?

Yeh thats right ima die alone n fat, Cos ima thick twat
N I hate myself, but dont wish for my health
40mgs of antidepressants n on the verge of suicides stealth
22 years of walking around aimlessly,
Half of which, wasted on porn, shamelessly
But know this, I am toxicity personified, no doubt
N I will cut ya throat right out, cos im a KILLER, never been iller!
Debate Round No. 4
6 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 6 records.
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
Not Happy with that r3 one, few mistakes
Posted by HEROBRIAN 3 years ago
OH S*IT*echo 5 times*
Posted by TheDragon5 3 years ago
I don't think so ;)
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
cheers mate, but you're going down!
Posted by TheDragon5 3 years ago
Good luck! :)
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