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Rap Battle

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Started: 4/20/2019 Category: Music
Updated: 1 month ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I'm doing a lot of these lately.


I accept. Good luck.

Rule: No forfeiting.
Debate Round No. 1


B*tch, I remember you,
Your bars are dead like voodoo,
It's so easy for me to subdue you,
Bang chicka pow wow (d*mn, Kung-fu)

Eating chips?
You should wipe your mouth cause, There's still b*llshit around your lips.
My rap is like a war (yeah battleships. )
Your rap would kill every single d*mn person on earth (apocalypse! )

Haha, You think that you'll die with a bride,
No wonder your mom sent you to a mental hospital,
Your head must be filled with people cheering on your suicide.
Haha, I'll help you. I'll give you the cyanide.
Bitch, You're so d*mn roasted,
You're petrified.

Now let me end with a subtle note, Kvng_8
Stop rapping and just go masturbate,
You already know you completely lost, Mate.



You a dusty a-ss trick, You ain't ever on fleek
I'll put a noose around your neck, You ain't never gone speak
It'll strangle you until every bone weak
I'll leave you hanging next to somebody on the other line like when the telephone beep

I'm going easy in this battle, This is just me being nice
The thought me of turning up on you, Sh-t ain't even right
You get out of line it's gone be a fight
For them Newports, I pull out the cig but I don't need a light

You should run from it, Hollow tips only come from it
Beam on the mac, That's a red eye; its dumb blunted
F-ck it, When I untuck it don't none want it
You'll get gun butted with two hammers I nunchuck it

You scaring nothing, You getting whooped and I'm barely punching
We packers like Green Bay, I get to airin' something
Roger that, I'm the type to break your jaw, Your eye get black
I ain't tryna rap; I'll give you a dose, Diamond tap

You cursed, You can't escape mine
Kvng, I'm in a great prime, You got a great mind
And you can hone it, It just takes time
Approach you with a great 9, It's hosted on waistline
The bullets fly you all the way to the sun, I'll let you shine
Debate Round No. 2


You rap so horrendously,
If you cry, I show no empathy,
Haha, You're a baby and you're brains so small you probably have microencephaly!

You say you're going easy, But you seem like such a try-hard,
My rap is gonna kill, You're going to leave extremely scarred,
Haha, My bars are like prison bars, I'm trapping you inside,
I'll leave you their for 27 years, Like Nelson Mandela (apartheid! )

B*tch, I bet you're so ugly I need to censor you,
I'll turn you into Squidward, I'll punch your face until it's blue,
I invented good rap, Yeah, It was a breakthrough.

D*mn, I live in motherf*cking Beverly Hills,
While you're in a drug den swallowing pills.
Ima take your dumba*s body and throw in it the landfill.

I'm a living rhyming dictionary,
F*ck that, I'm a rhyming library,
You know what, I should be honored.
I'm legendary


I'm gone get it in, All day every day no playing
Eliminated the clowns from my circle, No lames
It's all about that money got my dollars right no change
To f-ck with me lyrically you gonna need the whole game

Wannabes tryna come for my position
But I'm quick on my toes I got running back precision
F-ck running, I'm gunning until they all victims
Until they start retrieving and getting a far distance

Realest dude out, I'm an honoree
You don't gotta accept it like an apology
But you gotta respect it once you mention or acknowledge me
I'm the sh-t and I'm in my bag, No colostomy

When my arms push forward you'll get swept back, Breaststroke
When I black, You'll see red in a row when I connect 4
Even my dogs come into the store with me, Petco
Trying to upstage me will have more than your leg broke

You act like everything I spit can't be fire
I'll slash your face from cheek to cheek, Michael Myers
When that gun rose, It left everybody who thought it was all dandelion
Once this charge, You gonna catch it like pantyliners
Debate Round No. 3
7 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 7 records.
Posted by Kvng_8 1 month ago
yeah but at least you tried. Glad we are having fun
Posted by cyborghacker 1 month ago
do you remember my first rap battle with you, When I sucked a lot?
Posted by cyborghacker 1 month ago
Posted by Kvng_8 1 month ago
jk xD. But hey cyborg, His profile says hes interested in men yet he calls this gay
Posted by Kvng_8 1 month ago
Both of you are incredibly gay.
Posted by cyborghacker 1 month ago
You are incredibly gay
Posted by Honkler 1 month ago
This is incredibly gay.
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