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Rap Battle

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Started: 2/12/2012 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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To distract myself from the tension of my usual God debates, I've decided to do a rap battle with my bro, SinSyto. The only rule is no plagiarizing; you gotta rep your own skill by spittin' fresh rhymes, yo.

* * * *

Welcome to DDO, b*tch, now the site’s contaminated

with yo lame-@ss rhymes, it’s a good thing I’m vaccinated

you’d better get ready to be lyrically assassinated

you think you have a chance of victory? you must have miscalculated

any chance you had is quickly being eradicated

cause I’m takin this rhyme and havin it extrapolated

son, you’re getting schooled and you still haven’t graduated

take yo fat@ss to the scale and get it calibrated

cause this sh*t’s just started and already it’s heavy

Imma take you out, just lemme clean the trunk o’ my Chevy

excuse the other bodies, it’s a little bit messy

no one will even read your obituary

Let alone yo laughable, preschool rhymes

I only made this three rounds, so you wouldn’t be embarrassed four times

B*tch, that’s right, you know Imma tear you apart

so you better understand what I say and take it to heart

you’ve never seen flow shown this state-of-the-art

your lines can be found written on the walls of stalls in Wal-Mart



That's right hi people I'm a disease that'll infect the minds of each and every one of you here with ease
I'm not here to tease I'm not here to jest I'm just here to show you all that I am the best plus slap a lyrical loser back down with the rest

poor pro you just don't know your a little minnow that's all bark going up against a shark that's all bite tear yo @ss down straight quick in a fight in this show this battle of wits your too slow I think its time you go and get a new life you suck at this game you cant handle this strife you cant handle these words pierce through you like a hot knife into butter don't stutter on your next round if your lame @ss makes it you say my rhymes are preschool then why are yours more basic?

hold up wait I aint even done thanks again pro you gave me a gun and even loaded it too haha sucks to be you...a emo jew with no clue what he's gotten himself into, your sh*t isn't new it rather really sucks maybe you should of copied some lines off of those stalls instead of getting one of those pos trucks
Debate Round No. 1


What, is that it? That all you got?
That verse just proves what I already thought
from the very beginning you never had a shot
now we’re all laughing and we just can’t stop
I know you fear all these rhymes that I wrought

You better up your game cause you’re rappin with the best
so take notes, kid, this’ll be on the test

in this battle, you ain’t even a match
and if you’re a shark, then this is Deadliest Catch, b*tch

My technique is flawless
your physique is ball-less
I get all the chicks, yo sex life’ll never progress

at least not while I’m here, any girl you find’ll flock to me
cause they all know my rep, a good time is guaranteed
they know I’m not like you, I don’t have ED

what, you don’t like yo virginity lampooned?
that’s what you get for rappin’ with this lyrical typhoon
yeah, you just keep jerking to those cartoons
all afternoon
while me and your girl are raising hell in the motel
under every phase o’ the moon



Oh, what's this? I gotta say bravo least this verse is better then the first well then again you cant really get worse
talking so pathetic i dont now if i should pitty you or give you my remorse

up my game?Is this a joke?your the best?then i guess i must confess this place is a lot less then i had hoped....your now a teacher? with your looks more like you had some bad times with a certain preacher lets skip the sob story i dont feel like being bombarded about why you look retarded

your technique is dead, yeah im a virgin but your mom still gives good head
you get sh*t hiv claps yeah go for it whats the matter p*ssy you afraid to commit this isnt pokemon you dont wanna catch em all but its ok dont throw a fit we all know you dont even got the balls
Debate Round No. 2


Alright, that’s it, I’ve had enough
we all know your tough act is just a bluff

It was funny the first time, but now it’s pathetic
don’t know why I expected more from a pale diabetic
is horrible rapping skills also genetic?

man, give up, you’ve been out-played
and yes I’m the teacher, givin’ an F for your grade

you diss my looks, but where the f*ck are you?
hiding behind a pic of some fictional fool
so check your status before you continue

you’re nothing, a peasant, I’m f*cking royalty
in my kingdom, it’s a crime to rap so flamboyantly
so off with your head for your disloyalty
I’ll dump yo @ss in the river and check yo buoyancy

I’m this site’s MC without a single peer
your record gets a loss right at its premiere
so RIP Con’s very short rapping career



awww you had enough?you ran out of good stuff to say last round and im the bluff?im diabetic but youll be needing medical aid blood sugar over 1000 and deaths still too afraid what chance you think you got against this cascade of sweet words an skill when the only thrill i got listening to you was kicking yo @ss back down hill

still you want my pic that bad check your girlfriends phone under tab list of people she'd rather bone haha too much violence i guess i can condone but its ok you wont beat me with just your words alone , same is true for your fists whats the matter your too weak and starting to get pissed why not go do what you always do and go cut your wrists royalty vs a king its just a dream youll never win against me

yeah my rapping career is short to this i wont retort but mines still better then a pasty white micro cunt b*tch in a mister rogers sweater
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DakotaKrafick 6 years ago
yep it was fun, bro, sorry I had to beat you so badly though
Posted by SinSyto 6 years ago
well that was fun lol see ya later bro
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