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Rap Battle

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Started: 2/20/2012 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I thought it would be fun to do one of these. I am not very skilled, but I thought I give it a try....

First round is acceptance only...


I will have a rap battle with you, lets see your first round.
Debate Round No. 1


Ah, thank you Rational Thinker for accepting. Let us both do well.


Rearranging molecules, turning the negative to ambition
Getting through this rap will be my number one mission
People assault me, they can see resiliency in the face of brutal opposition
Then when it's my turn I will leave them in critical condition

Even with my eyes close I can still see through the bull crap
Motivation is the path that will help me get through this rap
With my speed of light, centuries feel more like mere seconds
And I reckon if anyone comes to me, I will surely beckon

Unloading the rap lines, hitting the target, one hundred percent accuracy
My flow is smooth like a river, it all really comes naturally
People come to me to make them more skilled and lyrical
But their skills is very bad, I am not working miracles


In this game you remain unseen like a Saudi woman when her veil is tight
If getting through this rap is your #1 mission, then it's safe to say you failed at life
I had your mother in a full neslon and like McDonalds she was lovin' it
The only thing left in "critical condition" though, was her snatch when I was done with it

Pro's rap skills are on par with a paraplegic giving an arm bar
There's only one way to describe where Pro's career is going...Not far
This guy only knows matches when he's leaving a match lit
And has as much skills as Flava Flav rappin' while taking a crack hit

I'll have his girlfriend make me Chicken Digiorno while filming a porno
He just got dissed worse than Taylor Swift at the Award Show
The raps I spit will split his spine and rip through his torso
He jerks off so much, he has strong "four arms" they call him Goro

This man pretends that he's deep like the Earth's core
But forgot to diss his opponent, like he's never seen 8 mile before
You're lucky I accepted this and I'll give you a chance to bust that
But you should quit like Jay-Z, only I hope you don't come back

Debate Round No. 2


Now its my turn

You try to study me like hierglyphs from an ancient civilization,
Because I am like godzilla, bringing devastation to the nation.
No time to be wastin, quit with the copy-and-pastin'
All I see is another potential hospital patient.

I am single.....but please do not give me any sorrow.
Why? Because currently have your girlfriend on borrow.
That was not my mom, that LSD has you hallucinating
That was.........oh Lord! I wish my memory was fading!

Yeah I am Goro, and I justed ended you in a fatality
Leave you with a last breath, the only thing you will see
Is me, shattering your perception that I failed like King Leonidas
And you will bow before me and call me your highness

I did not diss you at first, did not want you to go home to your mamma
Then she will call me...yeah you understand, this will begin the drama
That's right, Darth Vader in this game and "I am your father."
What's that sound? The sound of your career dying, partner.


You should scram fast or get prepared for the backlash
Pro does envision hospital patients, the gowns make it easy to see a*s cracks
This douche talks about Fatalitys when he tries to battle me
But I wasn't hallucinating, me and your mom sexed like "bunnys" and called it "Animality"

This guy would probably cry asking for a growth spurt
It's like I'm a ginger and he's Shang Tsung, his fatality don't work
I could go Street Fighter because I'm like Bison with fists
Or go Mortal Kombat like Lui Kang and give you bicycle kicks

Now you're deffenseless like those children in Haiti
If this was a bet, you would have gave up the bills and just paid me
In school I was as popular and poppin' pills in the Eighties
You was that dude gettin emotionally killed by the ladies

Your skill is non existent like God or the pot you got to piss in
Saying you're good, with rhymes like that, proves you're a walking contradiction
Dog It's your mom I'm pimpin', but you in denial stop the b*tchin'
Attempting to test a beast like me, on your part was an odd decision

Debate Round No. 3


First, I like to thank my opponent for this battle. It has been fun!
Now it's time to finish this...

I am a surgeon at that hospital. I am on full time, dissecting your wack image.
Pounding you so hard.....You are crying before this battle is even finished.
Nope, that was not my mom, I did not want to send you into severe depression
That was an actual need a psychological evaluation

Don't need a spurt. I am Galactus, eating you and the planet alive
Strive to win this? Oxygen to the brain is what you are deprived
I am not a god, but a reality. To me you are nothing but pest
I bankrupted your words, they are now just valueless

I'm was the honor student, you were cheating off of my test papers
I'm the reason you are here. You're the Robin to my Caped Crusader.
You are beast? HA! You all can call me the beast master.
And I'm about to put down Fido and raise him like a banner.

I am Shang Tsung, sucka, and you should have been a good boy and stayed seated
The reason you don't have a soul is because you already been defeated.
You're not Bison, but Dan, because your "fireballs" has no type of reach.
You are a leech, my defense is a navy fleet, and the only option you have is to retreat.

I like to thank my opponent again for the battle.


You are not the master I'm the champ, so what you after the title for?
You're to scared to fight a war and are as hardcore as Barney the Dinosaur
I'm not the "Robin" to this caped crusadrer, I'm like Batman stompin' him
Rockin' him and boxin' him like Sugar Shane "Robin"son

My opponent is broker than broke acting like he has piles of doe
Pro has Dr. Seuss rhymes so it's no wonder he has a childish flow
I have grown man raps, how do you think he can stop me?
I will Undertaker chokeslam him, then Tombstone pile drive him through the concrete!

When the cops talk about his crew they don't give discriptions of thugs
They say they have too much Estrogen and need prescriptions for drugs
He claims that there is a Navy fleet that defends this dude
But all he did was name off a thing they would never do
Oh and Pro, your disgusting crush's private area is dryer than a dessert too
I just thought you should know since she neglected to have sex with you

I lace up my leather boots for battle, he laces up his tennis shoes
So if he comes with that racket my hatchet will leave his head removed
You are nothing but a coward AKA yellow, the color of lemon juice
So after you get beat by me, you'll go your mom to caress the wounds

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Beachgirly 6 years ago
check out my rap battles
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