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Rap Diss Battle (Round 2)

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Started: 2/26/2019 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Debate Rounds (5)
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Please start your rap once you start.


ALL lines must rhyme, No half-rhymes

AKA you can't choose two words that kind of sound like they rhyme but don't actually rhyme

Also, This battle is primarily concerned with dissing, So keep the rapping about your opponent, And try to refrain from rambling off on other subjects

Please leave the last round blank so that there are an even amount of rounds

Have fun! >:D


Too bad you came here ready to fumble, But me? I got the plan
For you thinking that I'm a dummie, I should give this man a can (mannequin)

He hoping I slip up, But I'm too focused to quit
Secretary at state, The pound will take away your colon and sh-t
Be real or get killed when I'm holding the 5th
I would (wood) show you how this mil do (mildew) but he ain't molded for this

I'm alone inside the zone
Big sh-t, Xylophone
I lean dudes; Styrofoam
Get a piece of my fire chrome
It'll take away your whole dome

I run up in your Full House, I'm not alone I came with 4 men
Twin glocks on all of our waists and we all send
Middle finger in the air while I'm shooting, This gone be messy
If you act slick here (hair) ima pop your uncle Jesse
Catch your mother Renee in the living room, Grab the lead, Spark it
Brother Jeff walking in from church, Aim at his head, Cock it; A bunch of dead targets
You won't know if it's family night or Grammy night, The way that blood turn that floor into a red carpet

Side roast: I heard your girl got that hot box. But you loving it. I just hope when you finger popping that p*ssy, You use an oven mitt. [Hot box = slang for smelly p*ssy]
Debate Round No. 1


Once again you rambled off, So let me put that to an end
You're supposed to diss me, Not your imaginary friend
I didn't come to fumble, I'm going to ascend
To the throne where I belong, Which you can not comprehend

"I'm hoping that you slip up? " That lacks veracity,
You insult me, I'm surprised you have the audacity
I thought I was the only one with the capacity
To offend, But all you do is possess opacity

But who am I kidding? You're always expected
After this rap, You are gonna need to be protected
From your own words, They’re self-destructive
Unlike me, I just build, I am only productive

Yeah, That’s right, I know I’ll make a profit
Just like I know you’ll lose, I guess I am a prophet
You wanna know the future? It will take a dollar
Oh wait, You’re broke, Your bank account must’ve gotten smaller

I’ll take pity on you, I’ll help you get a job
If that’s even possible for someone who’s a slob
Yep, It's true, Cause you're twenty-two
Debating me, A teen, What does that say about you?

You try to add a side roast, But it's not suitable
What about the young uns'? It ain't disputable
Sure, I roast you, But I have morality
All you have is an insult and a ready apology

All you have is rhythm, But I have the rhymes
Plus I make people go "OH, " you only do that some times
And even when you do, It isn't what you think
For you, When they say it, It only means you stink

So next time you see me, Don't step into my ring
Because when it is MY game, I will always be the


*call 911 for any severe burn injuries*


Your third rule meant that you want me to get down on your level
Sorry pal, But I'm a boulder, And you're nothing but a pebble

I make a story with my bars, It's called creativity
It clearly pertains to you, So don't take too much heed
The bullsh-t that you just said was nothing but subjectivity
I guess your brain can't process my insane rhyme schemes

Morality and apology don't rhyme, You broke your own rule
You're still a little youngun', So let me take you to school
You asked for this a** whooping. Do you know what I would do to you?
For starters you need Battle Rap for dummies, Class in session, Let me tutor you

Your second stanza was average but it ended up being an atrocity
I'll flip your bars around and show you how to really rhyme with veracity

My bars do invoke veracity and animosity
Them bullets need a barrel with speed and velocity
I'm about to let you have it forreal, Like generosity
Cause I'm known to kill a cat like curiosity
Your brain only has a capacity for simplicity
You'll need audacity to gain some intensity
I'm a monstrosity, And you have no tenacity
Once I'm done with you, You'll be in deep sh-t; viscosity

I do have a job, You're the type of people who would work for me
I'm also a talented anime loving nerd who has a degree
You're washed up with very simple bars, I'll take out the debris
Instead of wasting your time debating with me kid, Go climb up a tree

Cease? Never that. I blam till my damn hands tired
Or I'm aiming at your jugular; my clan? Vampires
My blades draw true blood, Enough to make you hurl
By twilight this limelight gone find you in the underworld

*now go do your homework*
Debate Round No. 2


I’m just a pebble? Maybe one of vibranium
‘Cause last time we went at it, You shattered like titanium
You think that you are strong? I’ll prove that’s incorrect
Just take a look at the last vote, It proves that you got decked

I guess I’m a werewolf if you say you’re a vampire
I know you hate light, So better run from my fire
And while you turn tail, I’ll only rise higher
Unlike you, Oh look! I just proved you are a liar

I’ve proved so many things, I’m basically a detective
All you’ve proved is that your rap’s a bit defective
You’re failing, As always, So here’s a directive
Stop coming at me, You’re always ineffective

Oh and the only thing that matters is the last syllable
You can’t teach me anything, I can swallow you whole
I’ve been doing this thing since before I could walk
What were you doing then? Stacking toys on a block

You have a degree but you say you’re twenty-two
I’m only fifteen, But when I’m that age I’ll have two
Don’t ever try me, I know that I’m smart too
But, Unlike some, I don’t try, You’ll always have to!

I run with the wolves, When I attack, You drop dead
You say you’ll take my blood, But I’ll take your heart instead
You’ll be on all fours, While over you, I will tower
‘Cause you’re running out of juice, I’ve used 10% of my power

I did all of my work, I knew the answers when I read it
When you were in school you had to do the extra credit
You’re teachers probably liked you, But they know that you were lacking
My meter’s going up, It’s my growth that it’s tracking

Don’t bother replying, It’ll just be waste
I totally block you out, Yeah cause you just got


I got my game face on, So sh-t's about to get real right here
See you made this animal, But don't play with me, I'm not a build a bear
This is your proving grounds, So I would hope you aren't instilled in fear
Cause with my luck, You might f-ck up and end up getting killed in here

Your previous rounds were cool, But the 3rd is where you break
You talk a good game, But your life is now at stake
My wordplay is so ground breaking, It would cause an earthquake
I'm the King, You aren't; you need to just give it up for Pete's sake

I'm more potent, Bar for bar you don't come near me
If the price is right, He'll lose; wait, That's Drew Carey
Deuce deuce with me, Say I won't shoot, Dare me
You'll get a buck from under the pillow like the tooth fairy

I'm too scary, I flex and get it crackin' like a bad back
While you on the other hand talk and duck like Aflac
Where's your allowance money, Kid? Where your cash at?
Well these clips gone have him changing his story like Snapchat

I'm just now getting started, This is only the buildup
This is the foreshadow of your death, Just a heads-up
I'll ruin your foundation before you make a wish, No makeup
I put all my shooters in line, This is the roundup
Ironic how you call me broke, When you got a lot of things you need to fix up

My bars are too sweet and they sting like a beehive
Open hand flying in the air, No high five
I let it flow like water, So take a quick dive
With a name like Speedrace, I thought you'd have some drive

"Don"t ever try me, I know that I"m smart too" That's good to know. Okay fam.
You'll have two degrees? Cool dude, But let me show you how smart I am.

Ima kill you writing a paper that's all I do so;
I did my research on the debates you won, That ain't the way this battle will go
Quote me, It's site but I don't think it's understood so
I'll leave your body in a toe tag, Can't forget the foot notes
You gone get this work early so extra credit, I'm getting that
Sources said I did it I'm in the clear just sitting back
Final paper due, Court soon but my lawyers won't sit with that
So they make sure they indent, That means push that sentence back
Debate Round No. 3


In our rap battle I've been:
And a teacher
The only thing you've been is a funny kind of creature
You say that you're smart, But you talk like you are dumb
All you say is "My precious, " oh wait that's Gollum
The resemblance is striking, Did you do that for a reason?
You both just make sounds, Like your throat's in dry season

You say I lack drive, But that makes no sense
I'm the one driving this battle, Without me you're useless
You can't do it alone, You are a bit too dense
'Cause you never attack, You're too busy with defense

But it's a little too weak, You try to put up your shield
I'll take you down like Hydra, I'll force you to yield
You scramble, You run, You throw up the force field
Like the Ghost I just walk through, Yeah you can't be concealed

You know that you're done, You back into a corner
The only thing that's sad is that there won't be one mourner
To weep for the one who tried and tried and failed
You never shared your heart, Yeah it's always been veiled

You might be an earthquake, But I'm a hurricane
Like ol' Swift, You just shake, I spin that wind vane
I stop cars in their tracks, I down all the planes
You can't dodge my downpour, Yeah you're a goner when it rains

You say you can write a paper, But I won a hundred dollars
Just for writing an essay, Yeah I belong with the scholars
I don't need an allowance, I make my own money
You probably live off of your girlfriend, She keeps you cause you funny

So, As you sit there in awe, Completely transfixed
Just remember, No one'll remember you, You got totally


Yo, Its no mercy or sympathy;
When this bird gets cooked every round like rotisserie
I come with open arms for these losers; that's chivalry
You need to get striked down from God; dimissory

This my house, But I offered to do this in a neutral zone
This L wouldn't look so bad if you knew your role
Get tough, You could lie here; truth be told
Really, You could be the first down for getting super bold

Try me, If you walk my way, You'll take the wrong step
You'll see stars around your head once my fist intercept
If your friends try to jump in, Then they can get it next
Forget the tech, We can hang it up if this connect (disconnect)

Roll the dice, Gamble on me? Take the deck
For that poker, I'll never break a sweat
Place your bet, Anyone that can see knows he ain't a threat
When dudes in red and black rushin' it ain't roulette

Can see knows = casinos, That went over your head
My rhymes are silky smooth, You still got the thread
My bank account good chief, I stay with the bread
Mega beam, My target is locked on; bloodshot red

You've done well thus far kid, But you'll soon crack
This gun will wipe out your whole squad back to back
Potato on pistol, Banana clip on another gat
Pick; you don't like these apples then get your pumpkin patched

This is a kitten in a cage with lion this just ain't right
Ashame how it's a Great Dane against Great White
It's quite apparent that you're losing bad in this fight
But I most humbly admit, You are very bright; sike

How dare you sit here and claim I don't spit fire
Now you getting flamed in the middle of the ring like a pit fire
I'm back on my job, You was only a temp hire
You? The King? No, This is my empire


Thanks For The Rap Battle!
Debate Round No. 4


You say I'm a kitten, Well I guess my name's Goose
You better lock the cage, Yeah you don't want me loose
When I'm on the prowl, Through the shadows I'm lurkin'
You might know me from Marvel, Yeah boi, I'm a Flurken

You try to come at me, But I'll just step to the side
You'll trip over your self, And my time I will bide
My fist connects with your ugly face; collide
You quickly scramble out of sight; go hide

You try to rhyme with fire, Twice in a row
I'll shoot your lines down, Go get the ammo
You wonder how I succeed, You really want to know?
I always go beyond, You just meet the status quo

You talk about roulette, Do you really gamble?
Your lines are like soup, But not as good as Campbell
You just throw stuff in the pot, Yeah you like to ramble
What I say is distinguished, Like I wrote the Preamble

If you really bet money, You'll have to cease and desist
You can't get a real job, So go ahead and enlist
It's suits you since you like guns, I really insist
Now leave my presence, You've been dismissed

Whenever I rap, It's like hearing Beyonce
Whenever you do the same, You're in a state of disarray

I'm always honest, I try to tell the truth
But when it comes down to business, I'm not afraid to be ruth (less)
I'm given all these skills, I'm like an expert sleuth (bless)
But you're always so dirty, Just always uncouth (a mess)
I try to find you, You hide in the back booth (stress)
What do you think it'll be? Like pulling out a bad tooth (guess)

You say you're an emperor, But that's a lie you rehearse
I'm always gonna rule, Cause this is MY




Round is blank so there is even amount of rounds. Another great battle, Thanks.
Debate Round No. 5
6 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 6 records.
Posted by Speedrace 3 years ago
Goose is Captain Marvel's cat, But the cat is secretly an alien species named a Flurken
Posted by Speedrace 3 years ago
Yo, Definitely your best round EVER lol I gotta take some time with this reply >;)
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
Thanks @MyBatteryIsLow!

*Explaining bars | R1*

I lean dudes; Styrofoam | Lean = a purple drink which is a drug, Typically inside styrofoam cups. Lean = punch dudes. Double entendre

Full House scheme
*Explaining bars | R2*
You're washed up with very simple bars, I'll take out the debris | Debris is usually washed up waste or trash. Washed up = lame. Double entendre
*Explaining bars | R3*
If the price is right, He'll lose; wait, That's Drew Carey | Drew Carey was the host on The Price Is Right. He lost weight; 100lbs. Lose; wait/lose weight. Wordplay
*Explaining bars | R4*
You'll see stars around your head once my fist intercept | Similar to when a cartoon character has stars around their head when they fall or get knocked out
When dudes in red and black rushin' it ain't roulette | rushin' roulette/Russian Roulette. Wordplay
My rhymes are silky smooth, You still got the thread | Silky smooth = Already woven bars. You still got the thread = You still have some work to do on your bars
***DISCLAIMER: These are just raps, All just for fun. Don't take the gun talk or the violence seriously, It is all just for fun and I'm not threatening Speedrace, We are both friends. All just for the rap battle.
Posted by Speedrace 3 years ago
Just wait until I post this fire >;)
Posted by Speedrace 3 years ago
Thanks lol!
Posted by MyBatteryIsLow 3 years ago
This rocks! You two are great at rapping.
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