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Rap Tournament: Semifinal (Pajama Boy vs cakerman)

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Started: 9/20/2017 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Debate Rounds (4)
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Rap Battle Tournament: Semifinal

JimShady (Pajama Boy) v cakerman

First round acceptance. May the best mc win.
Debate Round No. 1


If young metro don't trust you, Imma shoot chu
(treble entrance)

So far you've had a real easy tourney
But you're leaving this bjtch in a gurney
Slow mode poser thinks he's rapping quick?
Mofo joker got me laughing, quit!

yeah, yeah
You think I'm playing, but this aint a game
You think I'm faking, but I'll go insane
I'll find your address, then drive down yo lane
Bullets flying like rain in a hurricane...
You see me pull up, pumped up from cocaine
You scared to look up, gun aimed at o brain...
I see you on knees, screamin please in vain
I give it a squeeze, porch has a red stain

It's yo end day

You got it off easy fighting mc9
Thinking your bars are God? Well they can't beat mine!
I'm JimShady, aka Pajama Boy
My bars fuckin' vibrate like yo momma's toy


I see you embrace your queer nature
rhymes coming heavy like a glacier
I put you in the bottom caste like I was your creator
Like Scrooge McDuck I got cubic acres
of cash but I still use manual human labor
you still being here to rap is all because of a favor
I paid to you because I liked your rap flavor
but ever since then you've only gotten stranger

Look here pajama boy
I diss your grandma and rust you up like an iron alloy
you've got an Alabama IQ so you act rough, cowboy
Talk of hurricanes so you think that you're like illinois but more like atlanta
read between the lines if you missed the joke like a phantom
you're an edgy pre-teen who sits during the anthem
and takes the fact that you live in a free country for granted
and who constantly has anger in his heart because his forehead's slanted
first round feeling out so I won't hit you like a planet
these freestyle rhymes always coming hard like granite
why does it seem every time we battle your brain stops working like a PC that met a magnet
you're a trump supporter that believes the devil is hispanic
so cool I'm the iceberg smacking the titanic
you little a$$ kid an upside down cross isn't satanic
before you provoke me further just know I'm Yellowstone volcanic
Debate Round No. 2


you muddafuqa...

I've reached the conclusion that your delusion can't be capped
The fusion of your rap is polluted like some crap.
You start with 4 beat measures but lose if after that
You abuse it sounding flat and have no clue of how to rap!

Half your stuff is mindless and can't be comprehended,
View it again, you'll find it's just a sloppy sentence
Your similes are weak and haven't got me threatened
My bars actually apply enough to literally stomp your head in!
You brag about the freestyle but can't get triple rhymes,
Your bars are so uncreative I just tend to skip whole lines
When I rap, it's like a nuclear missile flies...
When you rap, it's like Teletubby tickle time
I got pistol rhymes
I'm not even phased by your meaningless metaphors,
Just cheap shots that only show you're an attention whore
Can't wait for the votes, I'm betting for a pleasant score...
I'm getting more skills, lost before but that's what redemption's for.


I see you wanna play hard it's a shame you can't participate
you've been barred from exploring the dire straits
i'm wanted from state to state
the only trait you possess
is carrying more body weight in excess
then a 20 car freight train
I hit you with the with the lyrical flex
create a blood stain
and hide your body in the Menard's hardware store
in the cement section

You should stick to the little leagues, stop trying to migrate
to the world series by the time you collapse from fatigue it'll be to late to start a blank slate
you'll just be another statistic attributing to the rising crime rate
when you're found beaten like I was Jeffrey Dahmers cell mate
I'll even call over Morgan Freeman to narrate
the DDO speed demon trying to aggravate you while you're at home
when you're still acclimated to playing DOOM clones
whereas day by day I dictate the throne

you should be thankful, in round 1 I threw you a bone
but the machines been lubricated and back in the zone
I'm rated NC 17 and disputed in homes
the only way i'll be celebrated is with a head stone
I rotated the whole DDO rap scene around like a cyclone
you're rapping with desperate rhymes like your minds constipated
in reality you act like a moody teen who had his weed confiscated
and your mother, sister and wife were all impregnated
by the same man that fabricates rhymes in his spare time
it's overstated by me but you're obligated to pay your dues
the last time we were both on stage you got saturated with boos
and got depressed and eliminated your brain cells with some booze
I got alot more to say but f-ck it, what do I have to lose
after I move onto the finals it'll be yet another excuse
and when you get called out you'll go back to being a recluse
when you were smart and hadn't battled in weeks
and while you were hanging out with your gaggle of freaks
I was at your mom's pad busting her cheeks
you're a p-ssy you speaks in whiny noises and squeaks
I went hard but we haven't even reached the peak
Debate Round No. 3


Give me a break, your freestyle is barely above average
You just simply can't sit with the top rap mavericks!
You've reached your prime and can't seem to get past it,
Your raps nothing but placid, so I tend to skip past it

There's a road block that keeps you from being fantastic,
And you can't get past quick, so you'll always be a trash hit.
Your rap is mediocre at best, and shows no emotion
You're just a weakling joker at crest who somehow keeps floatin'
You see, the rhyme density I got is most excellent
And the way they line up seems to be so heaven sent
News flash: "store" and "section" don't go together
By now I'm sure these voters gotta KNOW I'm better.

You know nothing about me or my family
So cut it with those jokes cause they are bland to me
I can tell by your Round 2 that I've got you panicking
By Round 3 the voters will be certain I AM the king.
I'm quality over quantity, you're barf over vomit
I laugh hard when you post, thinking you got it
You're rap makes no sense, mine's crafted with logic
But hey, thanks in advance for the Elo in my pocket!

PJ Boy out.


I'll admit I f-cked up on my last 2 rounds
but here I come guns blazing with the rebound

I'm a f-ckin walkin paradoxical
Contradictorily biased oxymoron
In between your Top 5
Like Hydrogen to Boron
Who wanna war?
Go get your score on
Like f-ckin your granny in the backseat
I bet her name was Delores, huh?
I'm for it, dawg
Swerve and hit the wall on purpose
Flip in the air and resurface
In a fireball from some curtains
Forza fifth time tellin you
Bars are straight edible
Lines that were eligible
Now become incredible
Hard to prove twice now
Call it Double Jeopardy

Spitting sh-t like I'm the sickest Asian racist, all you faceless basic b-tches f-ck off and admit that I'm the greatest.

Switch it up, i end careers faster than Trump deports illegals

Nasty as heroin needles and a thousand flesh eating beetles
I'm not anti-social but I'm not one for people
you don't wanna meet me in person
I'm just as certain and determined
I'll catch you in my trap like a f-cking vermin
on my fifth shot of Bourbon
I sit accross the room and watch, observin'

I spit sick syllables in the future tense
I'm a homicidal person who murders in self defense
commiting acts of many of the seven deadly sins
I'm a self-seeking loser whos reeking of juice and gin

I'm not your average every day citizen
I'm so savage with the bars some would call me primitive
listening to my lyrics gets you high like 30 pills of Ritalin

paint all over my hands from spraying grafitti tags
I'm a hateful person who kills b-tches and lynches f@gs
and walks into the mall with 50 mags

close fisted 5 finger punch to a f@ggots jaw
not giving a f-ck about obeying any of the public laws

getting irritated by every action of your type of fake f-cks
I always advance forward without taking shortcuts
so f-ck your freedom and f-ck trying to be peaceful
I got so many stacks they call me the root of all evil

The effects of these psychadelics still aren't kickin' in
I'm dope as f-ck like your mother fiendin' for a Vicodin

I'm a little lanky because fasting is my habit
I shoot up a lunchroom like a Tec-9 semi-automatic
I turned my radio to the JimShady channel and heard nothing but static
I stay waitin' and stalk my prey like the killer in the attic


yeah that's right I split into two verses
so I can stab you with my knife
so damn hard that you'll need two hearses
and seperate funeral service
when I rip you in half from your forehead to your cervix

You're a sad lonely man who pretends to have purpose
so watch how I swarm on you like the secret service

commas are my common sense
a common ground with opulence
I conversate to conscious shift
while you stay making debates about petty sh-t

"Oh sweet jesus, he's egregious!"

Kelly Ripa track like Regis
I mastered the art of rap like it's my main thesis

So shut the f-ck up and eat a bowl of captain crunch
or suck it up before I go punk and chop you up dice and dutch
shoot a gun when I shove you in a truck
stop halfway and move to another car in the trunk

bust sadly wordplay and spit depressing lyrics on a happy track
I'm playing Knack while I make a stack of flapjacks
bustin' nuts
acid rap
eatin' a large fry and big macs
got a hundred school awards on the wall, they're plaques
and on top of that a certified document saying JimShady raps like crap

I'm Tony Soprano stabbin' all the starks
Game of Thrones is made of sand the Starks fell apart

screw simplistic flows this is harder to decipher
I'll set the universe on fire with some gasoline and a lighter

I hit hard and destroy cars 'till they can't start
I don't care if they are me or if they're just parked

your girl put me in the danger room cause I'm her X-Man
I'm wet, jackin' and packin' a couple crackins
I get asked all the time

"why's a white boy rappin?"

they think my skin needs to be sole, blackened

but we're all dreamin' of fiendin'
deceivin' and weavin' plots of treason that aren't pleasin'
even if life doesn't have a meanin' I'll still stop the bleedin'

predators around the corner, call the coroner in cause he's creepin'
or is my dumbass leapin' to conclusions
the plot deepens
I'm a master of illusion, no inclusion
illegal protrusion leads to prosecution
Jim is a master of CG his eeny meeny weeny teeny wearin' a beanie while on LSD and crack while taking a fat lap of intrusions
cuz he's a mad sack
who went to rehab and relapsed
add that to the long list of things that make him mad
now people ask

"Why so serious"

they're like water, H2O delerious
now you should fear this sh-t
Jim, B-tch are you hearin' it?
I'm a master with exclamation! No question, period.

I'm an exception cause I'm destined to kill the game
not the rapper don't feel threatened
stop being sensitive and hanging on to everything I mention
you're gettin' pretentious, as a matter of fact I'm starting to feel threatened
so hit me, what's your excuse for the abuse?
I could spit the truth and let loose
but then poor Shady would tie himself a noose
watch the news, I'm going ham and you can't cause you're a jew

no means to offend every single demographic
with my aspiratic asthmatic
Killin' NDEC, killin' Masterful, killin' classics, killin' plastics kinda rappin'
while I'm jackin' off and stabbing you over a pack of Mavericks
you stan type fan, you can get your as kicked
when I clap you quick
I'm on maxis with a Mac-6 with a max clip
I'm blastin' you with a maxim amount of Action Jacksons
while rappin' like a blackskin and faxing
seatbelts fastened while we're passin'
burgers fatten as I kill fake rappers who say they're trappin'
You're from uptown, and I'm from Jackson
with a maxim flight, limit
causin' fright, in it
if rap is a race I might just win it

yo, Jimmy Hendricks could have a couple of breadsticks
they better be gluten free or Tosin will give him scrutiny and decapitate him, head lift

I'm on some next sh-t
The FBI want's to go grocery shopping with me so they can know what I eat and have power over me
wait a minute, the FBI is USA so I'll stick with the F.I.B, GTA
and I enjoy the prey before I start to spray

I'm like water on a sunny day
I use baseballs and bats to make it rain
I'm a migraine
causing so much pain I splatter a giant's brains
but hold the cold water I'm still insane
BloodBorn to have a dark soul, me and James
you can call me lame but your insults are all in vain
You poked the bear too hard and provoked the biblical rains

Debate Round No. 4
12 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by JimShady 3 years ago
Thank you, you fought valiantly. I look forward to another rap battle witchu
Posted by cakerman 3 years ago
Good battle, honorable loss. Good luck in the finals Jim, we'll have to do this again sometime
Posted by JimShady 3 years ago
Posted by cakerman 3 years ago
I won't be salty if I don't win the semis, I always have next tourney. It happens to the best of us to be completely honest, just know that round 4 is what happens when I don't ad-lib everything I write. Only part of it was actually ad-libbed.

Come Hard With Your Bars is about to make it's return to DDO, with the unveiling of something I've been considering for a while, see ya there!
Posted by JimShady 3 years ago
My rhymes utterly dwarf his, though. And yes, he freestyled, but in a rap where you don't have to freestyle, that's fair game.
Posted by NDECD1441 3 years ago
I cant vote for the rest of my life. I messaged the admins and still cant get the message. Jowever I think Jim gets a slight edge here. Both dissed each other pretty well and I honestly thought Jim could do much better but his flow I at least could understand. Cakerman had good wordplay but if you combine Jim's okay-at-his-level wordplay and his flow, I think Pyjama boy got a very slight win.
Posted by Devilry 3 years ago
I mean, I can't vote. But cakerman is a f*cking rap phenomenon.
Posted by Mharman 3 years ago
good this one is going well
Posted by JimShady 3 years ago
I admit that I'd prefer a more thought out RFV from voters, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna report his vote. Try to get more voters for this debate, I already advertised on a few other debate comment sections. On DDO, it's lucky to even just get ONE vote on a debate.
Posted by cakerman 3 years ago
I know that it's supposed to be a Mac-10/11 but it would have ruined the rhyme.

I was just on a roll and never stopped to question it until you commented.
One thing I will take into consideration is the voting eligibilty of dsjpk (seeing as 99% of his wins are all because he called plagiarism on peoples arguments) and the fact that his RFV isn't expansive in the slightest
3 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 3 records.
Vote Placed by Danielle 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Neither rapper's flow was consistent, but Pro's had a bit better cadence. Pro had some attempt at multi's. Pro had a more clever use of slant rhymes (tourney / gurney, similarly / literally, etc.). I also thought Con's disses were weaker. I did appreciate that Con put forth more content, but I'll vote on quality over quantity.
Vote Placed by Shamoo2 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: He rhymes were easier to keep up with, nothing against you Con. You both did great. I will say that wordplay was a key part in my voting.
Vote Placed by dsjpk5 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Pro had better wordplay.

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