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Rap battle 2

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Started: 7/17/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Bars are for the weak, i spit multis, it's the truth that i speak, leave your wife dead on the street
You seek destruction, i'll end your streak with a streak n' leave you with a widow's peak

Was that too long of a rhyme? It's only cuz i'm reckless
Slice your head off with my lyrical sword n' leave you neckless
I only worship 1 God, not idols so i don't make him jealous
I'm Zealous, so like a rock, i stone you til you turn to chalk
I'll make you talk so that you admit to the world you just a clot
In someone's arteries, pardon me, but recharge your batteries

Last round, you got tossed n' served like a salad
Now i don't know if your rank is even valid
Callous, cuz i'm eatin' a balanced meal, it's a habit
Like a rabbit, i'm stompin on you like i grind Salmon


I'm not enlisted soldier, I aint concerned with rank,/
try to further educate me? when you gone learn you cant?/
I will never retreat, I just turn-n-flank,/
and hit you harder than an armour plated German tank,/
dismember your whole team, remember you sold dreams?/
had people thinkin that you really controlled things?/
new and up in comin', and im just some old fling?/
under the belt fouls from a couple of low swings?/
But I'm back! takin' yo stacks like tax,/
Yo stats, slowly diminisin' from kung fu slaps,/
quick, medium, and even strong attacks,/
web swings, drill claws, and thunder claps,/
not an x-men, but I "x" men with rap,/
push em off the deep end, so they dont extend the crap,/
all that puppy love battle, they pretend to rap,/
"Somebody loan me some lyrics I can lend this cat!"/
'Cause it's fact, you vagina, with hair like a bitch/
but you and your gay lyrics cant f*ck with this!/
Debate Round No. 1


lol your lyrics tickle, this diss made me laugh
"I'm not enlisted soldier" work on your wordscraft
Cuz you sound weak n' you sound retarded

To illustrate how you can't, one of his lines says "respect ya elders or get laid flat"
Gotta be careful with this 37 year old or i'll make you have a heart attack
You can shoot me with a thousand choppas n' shatter doors n' level floor
The only reason you rap about guns is cuz you just wanna be hardcore

You never held a gun in your hand so all you talk is garbage
How in the heck is a old man like you gonna do some damage?
Notice how he said he's a fling, that's just so wrong!
But that's ok, cuz in this society, it's ok to wear a thong

What you just rapped doesn't make sense
Make sure what you say isn't a capital offense


Lookin like yo mom had sex wit a treasure troll,/
I'm 37 but my lyrics are never old,/
they treasure troves, while yours are never bold,/
the greatest lies, on the microphone ever told!,/
dont need a gun to prove that you weak,/
take you by your bird's beak and slam you into the street,/
fill your nostrils with concrete, and dare you to tweet,/
Youtube yo a*s whippin for the "Vid of the Week",/
World star hip hop, get yo a*s beat,/
Is that new enough for you, or shall I further defeat?/
Youre too young to understand the complexities of war,/
and apparently, the intricacies of metaphors,/
one who ignores, what an education is for,/
Therefore, lacking the skill to come at me with more,/
'cause with with age, comes experience and wisdom,/
Lots of old cats killed young ones that dissed em,/
This is a warning, "learn to think twice"/
If you plan to survive, without an old man's advice,/
Debate Round No. 2


The only reason you talk about my momma is cuz you have girl drama
You fantasize about old women cuz they weaker, meditate like Dalai Lama
Get your head out of the gutter, spread yo' wings out n' flutter
If i battled you in real life, all i hear are stutters when you try to rhyme with "b-b-utter"
You need a hearing aid to get paid with kool-aid
You think age comes wisdom cept' your rottin' brain
Cuz you keep repeatin' the same ol' failed methods
You lag behind crippled all injured with no work ethics
Cuz you been livin' under a basement
That's why your profile pic is in defacement

I show my face out in public, you cower in fear
still bathin in trailer trash as you sip on 90's beer
This dude lives with nothin' but fake plastic deer
Old man still hangin' with them n*ggas down the block
Some bully comes up on you, takes your cd n' your album drop

In this round, i'ma let you be a wicked bigot n' make you slain in the spirit
This round you gettin' one dose, next round you receivin' the Holy Ghost


I read your forum topic 'bout stuff you regret,/
admittedly, trying to bully, the opposite sex,/
askin' for forgiveness, but you lost all respect,/
another rookie mistake, you have to learn to accept,/
quit disrespecting women, and puffin yo chest,/
pick a fight with a man, instead of some breast,/
or I'll have my queen check you, like a game of chess,/
you peasant like pawn pieces, super lame at best,/
I noticed you said "flutter", 'cause you fly with a studder,/
you "yellow" like margarine, I cant believe you're not butter,/
utter another rhyme and I'll show you how to word it,/
exchange your wack lines, for some flows picture perfect,/
I dissed yo moms, when she didn't deserve it,/
giving birth to the crap, that gave rap a disservice,/
Is it her, or is it you? Well you did it on purpose,/
So she cant be blamed 'cause your lyrics are worthless,/
you a hurt mess, hoping the people aint heard yet,/
how I beat you the first battle and left more than your nerves wrecked,/
Debate Round No. 3


It was a cheap tactic for you to blame me n' read my forums
2nd round you talk about my mom, now you spreadin' oxymorons
I'll admit i struggle with some women, but least i'm learnin how to be better
But when i come over you, i just passover, eat your sedar like chedder
I'm dealin' with women, but when it comes to you, i don't hear nothin'
You censorin' your cussin' cuz you soft as a muffin, think you a man, you bluffin'
Son, what'd they tell you about judgin' your spiritual elders?
Let he who sin cast the 1st stone, if you were me, you'd be in shelters
Cuz when you in my shoes, you'd do the same thing too
But you tell me to "fight a man" cuz you live in the zoo
Your a contradiction referrin to women as a breast
despite my anger, I see women for what they can be: the best

but you so worried about what i do on the outside, you lookin' death in the face
pick up the pace, a corruptible indestructible taste that's bitter in your case
I'm loyal to my quality friends, you just hatin' cuz you ain't got none
You battlin me not my problems, i'm on one, put a hole you plus some
I might be shunned, but you out-gunned by my lyrical pun that leave you done

I don't need a tech nine to make you mine, you already a carcass in my eyes
You like unleavened bread, you on the rise, but i fixed you, now you meet your demise
Let God hear your cries as i baptize this sinna so look to the prize that binds ties
Real eyes realize real judgin' me based on all of my wrongs
But ignorin' all the bad stuff you did like wearin' thongs, singin' LGBT songs

Since you wanna talk about judgement, you got one comin' to you
not the one in the future, but the one right now like the giant i slew
Your comin' to eternal torture as we speak cuz you made a mistake
We don't need evidence of a fiery furnace to show you burnin in hell's lake
The Devil looks at you n' says "I don't want him sleepin my bed"
What i spit has got to be the sickest lyrics that i ever said


Im lookin at yo stuff, like this cant be real,/
bet when women see yo nuts, this is how they feel,/
never goin for the kill, 'cause yo flow is distilled,/
I'll take a sip of "the sickest sh*t you ever spit" chilled!'/
endeavor for skills,
I will,
never sit still,/
we are total opposites:
forever and nil,/
like feathers to anvils, mountains to ant hills,/
I'm a thousand times bigger, like nickles to "Grant" bills,/
the truth is "you cant deal", you rant but you stand STILL,/
scared to make a move around soldiers that can kill,/
I give a f*ck how yo fans feel, its "boxers" in Man-ville,/
if we ever see yo thong, then you gettin ya tan peeled,/
you gay and irritatin' like email that is spam filled,/
your sex education is 'just practice some hand drills!",/
You are a,
"Master of baiting",
get it,
this is,
a rap battle,
not mass debating!/
Keepin the people waitin for that imbecile flow?,/
"corruptable indestructible" is illogical bro!,/
"battle me, not my problems" is a problem for sure,/
you got ninety nine of them, not to mention some whore,/
and its so wrong of me, to add with it more,/
but there are no "cheap tactics", enacted in war,/
If you aint really tryin to fight, what you battlin' for?/
go ahead say I aint fair and tattle some more,/
Throw yo, gat on the floor and put your white flag up,/
throw the yellow one down, "he unnecessarily rough!",/
see, we use to people snitchin', and tellin on us,/
that aint rap, you just bitchin', failin' to bust,/
I can see you aint sh*t, you can tell that im tough,/
when people in they own sh*t, they cant smell it enough,/
but before I quit, I'm going to kill that linger,/
as I aerosol crap from this r&b singer,/

Lef Illegal
Debate Round No. 4
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Vote Placed by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I prefer 2 or 3 round Rap Battles because it's easier to determine a winner with precision. I like that the verses were under 18 bars. The mark of the dominant lyricist is who can make the biggest punch in fewer words. A prime example is the battle between Cold Mind & RayP. Like there & here, Seeker you had good rhyme patterns but employed many lackluster end rhyme word (Dalai Lama & drama are old, & show a failure to rethink the delivery). Legal1 your pace was awkward at times but you unleashed a plethora of cool similes & venomous metaphors. Nearly every bar ended with a simile. This did have an overkill feel to it, but because there was so many good uses, it tip the scale to tolerable. Grammar goes to Seeker for nice flow schemes. Convincing Arg. goes to Legal venomous flips.

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