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Rap battle 5

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Started: 4/29/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 907 times Debate No: 53651
Debate Rounds (4)
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Looking for another battle. You in?
First round is acceptance, unless you wish to start.
Debate Round No. 1


Everybody get up,
sit up, time to beat down.
I'll f*ck sh*t up,
once I turn my beat loud.
Except for you,
Get back in your seat now.
Succumb to defeat now.
You already feel the heat, how?
I'm just getting started,
You must have departed,
this is what the chart said:
my opponent is retarded.

Trust me, I need to succeed,
the winner must be me
you'll be starting to bleed, when I leave
Best believe,it's my speed
that I use to feed,
the fire to start my desire,
you'll start to perspire
you liar, I'll choke you with wire,
You might admire my drive
in which I inspire to build my empire,
I aspire to strike back, go ahead write that,
down and I'll fight back.


What you think your doing battling with me?
you really need to see what I've got is real
what you've got is steel
your just a punk as* rap aid
I'm a straight up gangsta
can blow you up but I'm not gonna aim
just gonna and sit here spit rhymes with my gun
up you think your a G
you don't know what you see
but what I see is true to me
you may just sit there and snort crack
or you can join me and rap
I will teach you
bi the morning you will know the ropes
but I know eventually you will choke
and when you do u will be holding out your hand
but if you don't take it now
you'll will just let yourself down
in. you gotta learn what to say and spit
cuz your rap is just stupid sh*t
what ever comes out of your mouth you don't know it
but I know you will eventually throw it
and if I spit a few lines then ill go
Debate Round No. 2


First off, who the f*ck are you?
Think you're styles real?
My raps are steel, that's true.
When they hit you,
That's how they'll feel,
When they crack right through.

You really believe,
You matter that much?
Keep your trap shut,
You could just leave,
I'd be happy to lose touch.

My raps don't make sense?
Yours are fake, hence,
You'd only make cents,
In the rap game, for your sake, commence
With a line, I break your defence,
All of your "talent"couldn't shake my fence.

We're only in round 2
Your weakness surrounds you,
You want to fight me?
Try asking politely.
You little wanksta,
The end has come.
You ain't a gangsta,
You ain't even friends with one.
But don't let my views,
Go burst your bubble.
But it's no news,
That you're in trouble.

Go ahead duke,
Let's hear some repentance.
I'll try not to puke,
From the first sentence.


theduke forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


To no surprise, you just quit.
In my eyes, you're not worth it.
As I rise, you hit a wall of bricks
Your best prize would be a ball of shiit.

Wait no. That's not true.
Because even that's too good for you.
You deserve less than my worst verse,
I spit a line, then see who I hurt first.

You rap like you've been through hell,
Livin the streets, like you know so well.
In real life though; you can't tell,
How to write rap's, kid, 'cause you can't spell.

All you are is a joke to me,
If you could, you would vote for me.
Just leave now.. wait. Too late!
You're already gone. What "great debate"

I don't even know what to say anymore,
You're done already, you can't hold steady,
You're the 5th I've beaten of many more!
My first line broke you to your core.

Reply if you want,
It'll just diminish you.
You can't think of a taunt,
'Cause I've already finished you.


you think your cool slingin your rhyme
yet your ahead of time
this game ain't over till I say we stop
and by then you'll drop like a dime

you'll regret you even started the d*mn battle
ill end up treating you like my cattle
I forfeited last round cause I only needed two
I don't even need to be embattled

this is getting quite boring I think you'll understand
you really get very bland
yet you cant fight like a man
but next maybe ill use my backhand
Debate Round No. 4
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Vote Placed by Jman0056 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Ray won. His raps where more brutal and really gave you a bitter taste of defeat in you're mouth. Nice job ray.

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