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Rap battle! Mindagger VS Mraaj.evil

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Started: 1/19/2018 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Now before I send your Edgy self into the morgue

Tell me friend, how does it feel to be the Shadow of

Your a Copy and Paste!

You fill your good side with distaste!

And I have a feeling That your sense of flow will be misplaced!

Lets watch this Wannabe try to spit out some crap,

While I move the world with my own rap.

Go ahead man its now your turn

Try not to stutter from all the burns


So you think you know me..
I'm rated R like edge n christian
No thanks I'm sikh
Yes that's because i am the illest
better than you, everything armani, gucci, polo shoe.
Pushova, ura Pushover chump, ya stupid like gump
jus go jump, I call ya momma, then we hump.

You think im fake, nigga u da flake, cheaper than 99p, ya weak, come here there's a gas leak. Il kill you like its 1940, when days were that peak. You da trainwreck, bomb hard like 7/7, u dead all ready, mind dead all ready. I'll grab u the shovel n a dagger, I'll bury you like ya name ain't Mind Dagger. Sorry, i ain't even started yet, sorry I ain't even started yet..
Debate Round No. 1


So you like talking about killings, but I have never heard

a bigger bomb in your flow, now that's just absurd

ill throw you down in rap in this word rumble-r

Because I've heard better insults, from an SJW in tumblr!

And then Ill call your girl, yeah she likes it when I look at her!

You think that you are committed, but you never were!

So sorry man, looks like you are struggling to keep a specific other

So maybe you should try to keep making out with your good side brother!


Someone lacks swagger, man like Dagger tryna act hard like Mike Jagger.

Nope, you're jaded, faded and outright gay-dead. Cos you have no mind, you're just blind, blind, check, all in. I don't mess about, I'm jus here to sell,
I hope you treat my girl well, she known for that voodoo spell, a witch, just like you are yo mommas b1tch.

Your girl ask me to the dance, said hold on, mans winning FIFA avec la France. Yep Ypres, I'm international- milan, orlando, zurich and Prague. Il give you diarrhea with some world famous saag. Naan bread greasy, greasy like your palms. I mean you no harms. Cos you already running, boy sit down, what u been bunnin'.

Looks like we half way through, must ask what to do...
With my life, cos I am at crossroads, its death or fame, so far ur raps been lame, oh yes I AM THE GAME, put abit of gaucomole with that wrap next time. cos you ugly, ugly like pork duckling. Huh? Huh? Oh babe please stop, that's what she said. Now yo momma in the back of @BryanMullins' shed, cos he a weirdo. Weirdo like Al, impractical joker like sal, boi i aint ya pal. Il end u like kal-el, crypotonite, man wins every night. I'm too gassed, hold up ain't we been here before? It must be 1941, cos I'm still The One.
Debate Round No. 2


Like flatstanley, ill end ya faster than all 7 of your ties

your rap is served with salt, so get me some fries

using @'s man? that fills me with distaste

because I have a feeling you used a copy and paste

Which girl ya got dancing, cause I have too many to count

I'm climbing up a ladder while you stuck in a mound

Because I could roast ya with a E-P

Because you are just a maaji.E-X-E

I'm the golden age, you are the bottom year!

because I got some Info that will leave ya in tears!

yes this, shall be the perfect remedy

why is your only win a battle of comedy?!


Well sh1t just got real, cos my real nickname is maaji, that's how real i am, whereas you fake plastic n repetitive, sadly not competitive.

Mind the following profanities, my man here can't handle his insanities. He rashin to the sanitaries, that's how tight his pu55y is.

Since your windows 98,mr repetitive, not so great, lemme take u back to 1942, cos your lucks run out, go find a horse jew. Slaughtered, left right n centre. Reborn, its 1943, what can you see, nuttin but your own debri'.

1944,your moms on all 4, 1945 oh god they still be alive, rejoice rejoice, the kingdom's alive, 1946, ffs stop being such a bum lix.

1947,10 gurus party in heaven, see that reference there, reference where? Reference in the bin, cos no one hiring yo dumbass bimbo, mafia hard like nelson jimbo

1948, fam what's the wait, u know I am MRAAJ THE GREAT, rivaling Alexander, Genghis n Caesar, salad, yo girl salad messy. I am legend like will smith n messi.

1949,buildin u a cheapass shrine, cos u buried by now.

1950,why so shifty

That there sums up the 10 years of war, real power ala Thor, will n grace break ya jaw. Shark bitten, this aint no shark tale, yo b1tch a fat whale, coffin sealed the nail. JESUS, Deadman walking, please stop ya stalking. I AM THE REALEST ONE TALKING.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Minddagger 2 years ago
good game! its too bad your gone now tho...
Posted by MRAAJ.evil 2 years ago
Posted by MRAAJ.evil 2 years ago
Dsj', how on earth does his chump have better flow, he repeated himself, was one dimensional n boring. Whereas I foretold a story and was highly innovative, you jus jealous bro. You likely i don't care about wins or losses, just here 2 inspire.
Posted by Minddagger 2 years ago
we shall see...
Posted by MRAAJ.evil 2 years ago
Valliant effort from my opponent, but he was no match for me, the supreme king of every thing. :)
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Vote Placed by dsjpk5 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro had better flow and wordplay.

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