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Rap battle : Truth_seeker vs AlexanderOc

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Started: 7/25/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Accept this :-)


First rap battle.
Debate Round No. 1


See that man fallin' off that cliff? That's you
you Lucifer that flew into what's not true
according to your profile, you think too much for your own good
in my hood, its people like you who rarely are understood
you lack self confidence, can't pronounce vocal consonants
so go around continents cuz I never heard of you anonymous

if you think you're gonna win this, you were over analyzing
start realizing that I'm lyrically advising, you fantasizing
here in this match,your defeat is what I'ma be advertising
want to know how I know everything you say'll be garbled?
cuz after everything I've said the last battle, you marveled

you know let's talk about your religion ,yes religion
like a superstition, you follow what a logician has written
you're in no stable condition to judge a divine vision
with you, before you even act you need divine permission
homie how can you trust God when you can trust yourself?
is it the fact you need self help or cuz the books on your shelf?

homie you in the self delusion, straight confusion in an illusion
refusing do bout down for the master and start diffusing
difference between me as a Christian and you an atheist
I'm the craziest cuz I believe, you scared to admit he exist
What we got in common?if I have a doctrine, you also have a doctrine
talking bad about something unknown claiming it's not sovereign
you scared of reading horror stories from the Bible
scared of faith right now in the face of your rival


That man falling down? He's diving to a deeper understanding
Something you lack, but sorry if that's offending
Didn't intend on that, I'm not here to be throwin out cracks
That's called bein' regressive, when you go around talkin' smack
We're here to be progressive, get ahead of the game
how can we do that when you're still berating my name?

You seek truth, that's admirable and odd
seeing as you're lost in the labryinth of a God
He can't show you sense, his ideal is a pretense
all he wants is your worship in exchange for acceptance
Take it from me, there is no divinity
It's the dark delusion of death hiding what we see
Sheilding us from the emptiness that teases insanity
Hoping for immortal life is a useless movement
it's all a false wish that keeps you from improvement

Moving on, let's keep this assonant debate going onward
such malicious swings aren't taking us further foreward
how about some words for advice? Some esoteric logic should suffice
Rapping ain't all about shovin' the other guy down, that seems like you're only device
learn to take another stance using the rhyme for an intelligent reaction
no reason to act like they're some infraction on you're life satisfaction
my atheism makes no attempt to circumvent your religious intent
it's just an abstract ideal that you have no need to repent

"And another thing!" a mulish man once spoke,
You provide a lack of reason for the win you claim to invoke
ignorant to my side of the rap, yet piping Con victory as fact
take a seat and allow me to elucidate on why that's utter crap
I may be tiro to this whole unvierse of insipid ryhme
however I take my intellect and insert it in every line
you know the saying, brains beats brawns
so keep the swings coming, I'll show you Pro beats Con
Debate Round No. 2


Each time you try to desensitize, internalize as you idealize to stabalize
You can't help but envy when I sermomize cuz its what you can't rationalize
Wait, you said rappin ain't about shoving another person down?
This is battle rap,forfeit the round before you get buried underground

You clearly a foe that I underestimated
No matter cuz you still getting wasted
You envyin' a man that has alot of faith
Cuz you know you ain't wanna be a wraith
My lines are so simplistic, but realistic
I'm sadistic, like a mystic, you missed it

haha get it? I can respect n' you can't
That's why you talk trash n' rant


Yeach, okay, so where's your point?
said a few rhymes and wasted my time
with a garbled idea being so disjoint
Also what's this about you being the man I venerate?
I can't laud a degenerate whose sadistic rhymes are all he can generate
But i'll give you some credit even though your lines still decrepit
they were better, an improvement, at least you get it

Boasting is fine, call yourself a mystic, don't care
just don't compare me to someone you need to ensnare
keep DDO intelligent without those words of despair
So, I've made my ideal clear, not gonna rant on for another year
let's pass it to the voters, let them take over from here.
Debate Round No. 3
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Vote Placed by dsjpk5 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con's rap was more creative.

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