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Rap battle: Truth_seeker vs. Agent_Orange

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Started: 8/6/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Debate Rounds (4)
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Oh boy. You just made a huge mistake.
Debate Round No. 1


I'm not intimidated by you, if i can bleed, you can bleed too
It's true, know that before this round, i will run you through

You don't know who you just messed with, i'm the one you should fear
I can smell the anxiety flowin' from you in the air as i am prepared to shear
Smellin' your fear just like i'm sniffin up an aroma at a burnin' altar
You'll be already beaten so bad, you'd wish you could sing a psalter
Don't falter, focus on your mentally cleverly lyrics before you get slaughtered
I'm comin' for you, your mother, your father, and your daughter
Forever hauntin' your family line cuz i am the deadliest lyricist, a haunter


Not sure why you had to test me though
Assassinate rappers like I was signed to Ezio
But I'm not Auditore
Your raps just bore me
My bars f*ck everyone, lyrical orgy

I don't think you realize the mistake you making
I'm so f*going cold, Bobby Drake start hating
This battle is Camp Crystal Lake
And I'm taking the place of Jason
you got one last chance to save face and
Just admit that Agent Orange is amazing
Debate Round No. 2


your raps are so corny, they made Lil Wayne horny
compared to real lyricist, they just bore me
if your Jason, that explains why you're so ugly
this is why Freddy Krueger is your hubby

notice how you said like you are signed to Ezio, that means you don't murder
you just used a simile, so if i brought my mother, you wouldn't dare hurt her
you said your raps f everybody, well I guess that makes you a man whore
cuz pleasing everybody with your body to get lyrics is a desperate chore

to illustrate, you said "like a condom that's been broken.. " sounds really gay
but after this battle, you're going to get laid cuz for raps, everyday is payday


Put on your Full Metal Jacket
I'm about to be on some cold sh*t
Laughing at this Lil g
Cause I'm UPPER CASE and bold print
You think you can f*ck with me? You crazy
I come through it's all caps, like im texting angry
And i got peeps in the trap with cheese in the trap
guess thats why my crib infested with hoodrats
But i prefer sex in public, Im a freaky nigga
Stick your girl on the back of a car like a bumper sticker

Aint no love in Hip Hop, goons will put 44's in you
I'm a Grizzly type dude, I'll put claws on you
Sad little rapper, i tried to warn you
pull your confidence down,
like you got Lambo doors on you
I spit that sh*t,I script that smash
my pen stay hot like im steaming that hash
Better with hood rhetoric, homie why try me?
Cause i write straight flame like F-I-R-E

futuristic flow, I wrote this next year
my bars such a rave they think I got X here
Your verses is the worsest, your bars got no style
My bars? I f*ck 16's like my pen is a pedophile
All my broads grown and i swear I love them
cream on black chicks faces, like cocoa butter
Rappers, i keep hitting them till they quit and spitting
I get retarded on a beat, notebook got autism
I beat up blocks, not just pages
You homo in the streets, like the gay parade is
Agent Orange is king, homie why try me?
on tracks im an animal, PETA wanna sign me
What other rapper feel that hes really ready?
Put my heat out, and throw some cheese on your top like baked spaghetti
Agent F*cking Orange, say my name!
got them running in the streets like the bus just came.

Debate Round No. 3


show me right now, you are texting angry
just humiliated this little kid like Billy and Mandy
you the king of hood rats, cuz in that crap-pile, you are a hoodrat
you naked, but you tore off wings and called yourself a Black Bat

Homie, how you going to carry my girl in the trunk with weak bones?
you couldn't holler at my girl if you had all of Bill Gates' phones
if you are grizzly then go discover yourself on Animal Planet
one shotgun blast to your stomach will hit you harder than granite
do you say your PIN is hotter than hash, guess that means you're a hashtag
that pan is burning you out quicker than the oldest mummified old hag

funny how you mention black chicks faces
seems like you exclude whites and Asians
that's ok, cuz we all came from different kinds of places
but if I looked you up cover you wouldn't fit in with the races
you don't go retarded the beat, you just go retarded
Freestylin is something your mind has left uncharted


I got a rap P.H.D and from where I'm standing
Its a straight guarantee that I'm the battle Champion
I'm throwing TNT, strapped to a javelin
You trying to sound like me, should call you Agent Mandarin
But you're not speaking Chinese or trying to kill Iron man
I could be on L.S.D your bars would still be bland
Before you stepped to me, you need a better plan
My nigga I'm a real emcee, I'm a grown man
You're a rookie, younger than Peter pan
I flow internationally, L.A to Japan
I'm a Ferrari, and you just a minivan

Dude your raps just don't hold water
I get automatic head from your lady
Like I got a two sided quarter
She's says "baby you're tasty" and without getting too racy,
We stay up all night like we got a sleeping disorder
Face it kid, you are outclassed and outmatched.
There's been a murder folks, someone get on the phone with dispatch.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
I can't vote. :C
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
wow Agent is quite creative
Posted by Truth_seeker 7 years ago
Lol actually you did :-)
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Vote Placed by bladerunner060 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: These debates are always subjective. But I liked Pro's flow better, enough at least to award arguments for it.

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