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Rap battle:Truth_seeker vs.lannan13

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Started: 8/9/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 1,102 times Debate No: 60206
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either step up to me or just turn the cold shoulder
if you reject this battle you're not a real soldier


I accept you challenge, concider it a bond.
I'll win this battle like how Grant took Richmond.
Debate Round No. 1


how is this guy's war style dope n hardcore?
when his picture was taken from 1994?
your homies got awards n your girlfriend did too
you fell into poverty, so now you're homeless veteran
You can't compete with me, but you were better then

I see you on the street corner every day holding up a sign saying "please pay "
my pastor taps me on the shoulder and says "for this pitiful soul, please pray "

you are as old and as outdated as the civil war itself
so your raps must be obsolete like the books on your shelf

in this rap battle, I'm vicious, but I'm not sarge
forfeit and you can get honorably discharged


I'm the king of this site, I even schooled STALIN,
I'm set set for life with free schooling, housing, and retirement. Hell I'm ballin',
Speaking of school Cuz your skills are lackin'.
You better back out Cuz you know that I'm packin'.

Got a 9mm, an AR, and an AK 47.
Make one false move I'll blow a hole through the Stairway to heaven.
You ain't nobody, not skilled just someone who works at a 7-11.
You shouldn't have challenged me Cuz now it's Armageddon.

Why you walking up in here looking like a Jew.
You better leave or Imma bring in the NeoNAZI crew.
You're a POS don't know what to do.
Just go crawl back where you belong, in an oven, and that's true.

Go ahead and just surrender.
You can kiss my a$$, just like Bender.
Here comes the knock out punch and I'm the sender.
You know you shouldn't mess with your nation's defender.

I'm burning you like a pack of smokes.
Just like frogs, all I here are croaks.
You here on DDO is a fvcking joke.
Just like Porkie Pig said, "That's all folks."
Debate Round No. 2


how are you going to be nation's defender? You sittin' here typin', you just a pretender
While you brag about guns with no discipline, i'm lyrically beatin' you like the last air bender

Yo i'm not a Jew, but like an Israelite army i come at you like divine fire
Burn all fires in the lake of fires that we call metaphorical pyres

I'm comin' rippin you apart like the red sea when Moses split it in half l
Like the golden calf, i break you n' your whole weak arts-craft n' laugh
So bring the machine guns n' funds to build your nuclear weapons
No stressin' cuz through the fire, i disspensin ' of arms worse than Spartans

You can fire many bullets but the two witnesses we stop you right at your sentences
Receive the vengeance as we charge in with valiance, me n' my people ascend to transcendence
Disrespect the Jewish people n' we leave you dead like the Assyrians, Persians, Syrians, n' Phoneticians
I ain't tryna brag or exalt self, but i'ma a Shakespearean n' for my people i am a libertarian destroyin' Aryans

Like the Nazis, you'll blow your brains out when you hear this ancient battle shout
We in the Exodus passin' through the darkness while we spark this, so take a different route

Before we leave you drowned like Pharoah, don't tempt us, leave you and your thousands buried beneath the red sea
Divide you into sections like we do the sacrifices, regardless of whether or not we Jewish or we believe in one in three


They say there is not greater weapon then a Marine with his M16,
Here to dump karoseen,
All over your home and make the greatest flames ever seen,
Imma take your girl and do the Charlie Sheen.

I'm the Creator,
I'll take you down like Arnold Schwarzenegger,
It's time for me to end you, call me Terminator,
Unforunately you won't be back, I won't see yah later.

My rhymes are so amazin' they should be illegal,
I hear no, see no, speak, no evil,
Imma behead you here, it's like the French Upheval.
I'm like the Guillotine, I'm just that lethal.

Let me open up to the Book of John.
"Lannan's opponent will Forfeit as he cannot carry on."
I'm here just to see the pain you've foregon.
I'll give Pro a reason to Vote Con.

My opponent is gone like a hommer from Babe Ruth,
He's still searching for his rhymes like a sleuth,
I'm taking charge of this battle like LtCol. Carruth.
I'm going to win this battle and that's the truth.

My opponet raps as slow as a snail.
I should just shoot him and bag him like a quail.
You need to realize that your life is an Epic Fail!
You should just go to Auschwitz, fallow the trail.
Debate Round No. 3


Llanon signed up for the army to get college training in marine camps
But he got fired, so now he's sleeping around, tryna pay rent n' on food stamps
wow, if your Charlie Sheen,that must be the reason you are single
cuz you gave up on dating secular girls, now you're on Christian mingle

this dude claimed many ethnicities from Nagasaki to neo Nazi
what's next? The Serbian version of the African American Ananzi? (1)
what do you mean open up the book of John? your name isn't even there!
whoever made your brain, made so many scientific errors and didn't even care

you is cheap, cuz you think rap is all about money, fame, and women all loving on you
I don't take no hostages, but you will look in the mirror and notice you got P. O. W'd

like a stray cat, you get murked quick just as Zimmerman in Chiraq
I hit you, demolish you with more punchlines and bombs in Iraq
you ain't a soldier, signing up for conscientious objecter since your last draft
do the math, one wrong move and you'll be blown to smithereens in my minecraft
he said this nation is moving in the wrong direction, so why you fret?
losing this battle only shows your weakness cuz the nation isn't better yet

I don't know what the commotion is, but this guy claimed he was a socialist
it just comes to show that to freedom, he was opposed to this, a narcissist
but no matter, I'm a put your head on a platter after you get hit with the iron fists!
then let the world see that the political system of communism doesn't really exist!


From the Halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli.
I can school yo a$$ anywhere from Africa to Hawaii.
You can go ahead and try to flee.
But I'll make sure you hang around one last time, in a tree.

Imma light you up like the NVA in Vietnam.
Seek and destroy, just like Hams.
Call me Goku Cuz here comes the Spirit Bomb.
Hell I'm smoking you like Cheech and Cong.

Teffehuden is German for Marines and Hell Hound.
You're gonna lose this harder than Japan, you're destiny bound
Your game still ain't found,
Imma take ya and show you how BEN drown.

My rhyming skills are so cynic,
Call me St.Jude's Cuz I'm Puting on a clinic.
I don't care if I've hurt your feeling Cuz I'm a pr*ck.
I hand out so many a$$ beetings they call me St.Nick.

I can tell the future, I got psi.
There can only be one winner here, I'm the guy.
Like Woody you need to reach for the sky.
Now it's time for you to die.
Debate Round No. 4


How are you a rapper, not a drug dealer, but look like Mac Miller?
Like a stealer, I go furious in acapella, im a lyrically surreal killer
Yo man, hit me up and we can talk about rap, cuz i'm your friend
I really need to mentor the white nerdy cracker wanna-be Eminem

Enough about me, lets talk about your Catholicism
You don't know what you believe in, call that agnosticism
You buy n' sell holy artifacts like holy saints n' holy water
Then you go around sellin' your soul, your mom, and your daughter
In reality, your a catholic priest cuz you rape kids, your a pedophile
if your fragile, it's cuz i murder fools during this vicious freestyle

I bet you, when you to go to the Vatican, you kiss the Pope's feet
That only shows that you bow before the saints and admit your weak


In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
You want me in a rap battle then so be it.
Unlike Jesus, you won't have a Resurrection.
How could I lose to a guy who can't get an errection.

After I beat you here, I'll put you back on the shelf.
Do you like Robbin Williams and hang yourself.
Like an Arthur Miller anti-Utopian Society.
Imma hand you a loss in every varriaty.

You have no reason for being here.
We all know that you're just a fvcking queer.
You're running out of time hear the clock tick tock.
Time for you to get on your knees and suck my c0ck.

Hell yeah I'm a cracker I whip my opponent just for fun,
Click boom, good night, Lannan's got a gun.
A big d*ck on your gravestone is what I engraved.
In your casket is were you should have stayed.
Debate Round No. 5
3 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 3 records.
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
lannan won this one IMO
Posted by Truth_seeker 7 years ago
Lol you getting demolished next round, i need to type this on my PC
Posted by lannan13 7 years ago
I'll accept Monday
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Vote Placed by bladerunner060 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I'm nulling this vote. I was inclined to go to Con for flow and certain rhymes (I particularly liked the Tripoli one). But, troll/rap debate or not, I won't award points to the use of things like "f&^%$ queer".

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