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Rap battle anyone?

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Started: 7/6/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is directly to my enemies, this is armed robbery
I don't even need to make money off the lottery
To cause all these ignorants to feel sorry
For their hypocrisy, for being less of who they ought to be
Claiming something who they are not to be
I rap cuz i have a point to prove n a voice to improve
You rap cuz you have nothing but a good mood

Spit some real fire, spit some real flame
I represent higher power, Iaint eeven in a gang
Raps too long? Suck it up n deal with it
You stepping up to a rapper, get laid out quick
Darkness forever clouds your vision thick
After battling me, a battle u won't pick

Don't know who's coming but I'm ready to face armageddon
Your destiny awaits, after this, you won't set foot in heaven
Cuz i will cause you to despair, I am your worst nightmare
Make a move to make it fair, see if I care


Ok you think you rap smooth, you think you seek the truth
Till I make your neck snap, dude, you're less educated than Ice Cube
See, everybody despises you, you claim you spit fire but you get more burned than I do,
Damn, firebreather, quit "dragon" on the ground, you ain't cool, you're gonna lose,
C'mon, I'll take this fool to school and then dunk him into the acid pool dribbled from his own toxic drool until he pukes

Call yourself a lion, you're a kitty cat
Or better yet, a p*ssy, time to feel the smack of my attack,
I step up to a rapper, leave him wasted, crying in the back
Two words: flow and skills, these are two things you lack
See truth seeker denies the facts, man, he even thinks he's black
And he claims to have stacks
Of money, in this economy?
Here, I'll ask a favor of him on behalf of all of ye:
Go back home, grab an ice pick, and give yourself a lobotomy

You try to rhyme "with it" with quick, what's your issue?
Someone take his pen, that's a misuse,
Maybe if I take mine and leave him some verbal clues,
He'll take the cues and leave with a couple hundred tissues
To the back room

Claim I won't find that place up in the sky?
Did you forget how high a Phoenix can fly?
And I'll turn to you from the gates with a gleam in my eye,
I'll smile to myself as you plummet and die in denial

Thanks for the opening round, and good luck for the rest of the battle.
Debate Round No. 1


Phoenix.. Scrolling rolling rolling through your profile... claims to be a Catholic
that's the biggest joke I heard, how u gon have faith if u can't practice it?

first off, your lyrical style almost mine
Shame you didn't call yourself a mime
you struggleas you rap part time

I might try to act black, least I admit it
you white trying to rap to be legit
Compared to slim shady, u a midget

this freestyle on the spot, what took you so long?
sure hope you didn't delete it being in the wrong
I focus on the way through, took you long enough to answer
I spread so many ideas around like cancer
guess that makes me the better rapper
you just running your mouth like a flapper
expect everybody to be a clapper

since I'm uneducated, I guess that means you have a bigger ego
flashing your exquisite knowledge of rap like we don't already know
you doing the typical rapper "quack quack quack"
self identity is what you really lack
unlike you, I stay with my own rap

A phoenix is purely mythological
remedy for your mind gotta be psychological
this dudehas a twisted psyche
thinks he won when he tried to fight me


Thanks for the battle, man.

Alright, man, try to seek out the truth
You'll come up with my raps, and you're gonna lose
Step back and relax, you're young and uncouth
This battle's going to get crazy as I bring down the roof

Let the one without sin cast the first stone,
Pull the beam out of your eye, before you can dote
On my faith, you sit alone at home,
Waiting for the phone to ring but it won't"
Cuz your raps make the girls stay away like a moat
And you call me a clone"
Of you, but that ego is so high it needs to be put in cuffs,
You're quacking a bit too much,
My raps are coming straight at your head, "duck"
Yeah, you're Daffy, cuz your raps are "quacking" me up
So you've won 15 debates, but I still hear you suck
Only luck will make your win percent hit forty one
But that luck wont save you when my raps run you over like a semi truck

Ok now I'll switch up the style a little bit
Because I have a wit that's quick,
Like Usain Bolt , followed by a thousand chicks
In need of some Jamaican sports lit, or a man that's fit
You have a mind that needs some kind
Of helpful design, and it's high time
You went backwards blind
And began to see- yeah, raps take time
Don't scribble it down like 1,2,3
Take a lesson from me, take awhile, like Paris Hilton on a shopping spree
Or else your rhymes are gonna turn out sloppily
Your last round had a lot of holes, like Swiss cheese

I'm Harry Potter, here, working lyrical magic
Your rhyme skills took some spills, it was rather tragic
And now I finish my work, step back, and laugh
You muggle, you struggle, like a newborn calf
This man was dispatched so fast, this battle, a mismatch
As I end my raps, I bow and clap, a master of my craft

Good luck next round, man.
Debate Round No. 2


your styles outdated,your slaves are cliche
no wonder I deal with your kind every single day
you recycled my lines behind closed blinds
making sure no one sees you doin this 1000 times
takin inspiration from your enemies ntheir rhymes

if I came up with your raps, I fit in with Wayne n the rest of the blacks
screw that, courtesy of truth seeker, I state facts
whoa now, easy on the big words
1 wrong move, you'll be fed to the birds
you bring down the roof? I bring down fiery judgement
after this battle, your reputation Shall be Repugnant
funny how you stole a few lines n claim you original
guess I am the master now, I give the provisional
I'm flattered that you are checking me out
in all honesty, this aint what rap is about
it's all about imagination, straight mutilation
I don't even need to looked through ur profile
I just go in straight wild like a pedofile
you just a little boy with Nikes
grow some before you take in wifeys
the way you act, I doubt you hit puberty
sorry 4 calling you out, that was so rude of me

thank you for the advice, it was an offer I could not resist
Phoenix claims to be a rapper, but says freestyle doesn't exist
I must teach a lesson to this narcissist who's far from this
I speak a heavenly language, so you not far from getting dissed

as a matter of fact, I will take my time to plot your demise
cuz at the start of the very next round,hell is on the rise


Oh I think we can agree that freestyle exists,
I could flip an easy freestyle with a flex of the wrist,
But the way you rap is sad, your mind comes up with crap,
Someone should snap your fingers off and leave em in the trash

So I tell you make some better moves, like it's chess
To call you "king" is a stretch, I'd just put you in "check"
And I wouldn't "pawn" off your raps, I won't give you respect,
Im just checking my rap battle calendar to see who's next

Man this man can't even spell pedophile right,
Sums up this whole battle, he's probably high as a kite,
I'll tell you what: Turn off the lights, turn backwards and then type
You'll probably end up with better raps, in spite of this, alright?
You obviously didn't take my first set of advice
I got Nikes, you slip on shoes made from Fisher Price for Little Tykes

Claim my lines are recycled and reused?
I'm gonna reduce you, till you sit bruised on the couch watching Blue's Clues

You're generic and overbearing, but the only thing your face isn't scaring is me,
Your raps are faring worse than if I'm Ulysses and you're Robert E. Lee
Your rapping is failing, but I'm only just baring my teeth,
My lines are scary, and mommy's uncaring, but that monster under your bed is me

Sorry for the late round, I was busy last night and wasn't able to post until now. Good luck!
Debate Round No. 3


coming up with a killer diss as we speak
while you apologizing, making you weak
If you can flex your wrist, make sure it doesn't snap
otherwise this quack might kick it up a notch n do crack
funny how this poser speaks of winning chess feuds
His profile pics got basketball ball Playas, all dudes
In chess, I was bumpin, ima be jumpin you like Garry Khasparov
By the end of this battle, you'll be a jew beggin for a Mazel Tov

man this man? Seems like you're tripping
your tongue is slipping, your raps im ripping
stop rappin, go back to dribblin a basketball
throw a Pokeball, cuz you "gotta catch em all"
just a little when wimp, you and your mama still skinny dip
you just little boy with his chew toy, can't ride with a pimp

this n*gga claims to be lurkin beneath my bed no light
I don't blame fools who tryna get some in 1 night
Just know if you run up on you, i'ma deface you, make you look like boogeyman
Murk you to the point where you will look worse than Osama in Afghanistan
I won't say i'm the king, but your momma checked me mate
I'm high as a kite as your wife flyin' in the sky wit me, that body i rate
I smoke this dude like i'ma Rastafarian, Bob Marley
Couldn't beat me last round sober, now he usin' molly
Switchin' up his flows like he switches up profiles
I rob all of your kinds, strip e'erythang make em exiles
from this miserable state of existence to a netherworld

You as corny as big bird on steroids
It's all good, cuz i still have you destroyed
Don't bother sendin' in androids
Cuz i'll crash into them like asteroids

Hahaha, this dude said he was busy last night, i think we get the picture: nocturnal emission
Please yourself in any way you can, cuz this round has officially caused you to have an incision


This man couldn't rap if you handed him paper, scissors, and tape
Strap him in a straightjacket and don't let him make an escape
Cuz he's clapping his hands, and thinks that rap is his game
Calls himself Magic? Well then you can all call me "MJ"

At first light of this battle I had respect for this dude
Until he proved to be addled, rude, screwed up and lewd
By using racist slurs like his name was Bieber,
I'm gonna shut down this lame, wack little eager beaver,
Then hop down the bunny trail like I found out today is Easter

Yeah I can't stand a man who rhymes Marley with "Molly"
Starting to think this man needs to jump in front of a San Fran trolley
And when he screams damn, I can't stand this, volley after volley
Guess what? It's right back to me that he'll be crawling

And you think you stand so tall, claiming I gotta catch em all,
I'll make you feel so small, I'll roll you in a ball and send you down the hall
Your own mom wouldn't open her eyes to take a "Pikachu" at all
Because your face resembles a mask at the Halloween mall

Man, who the hell you pimp? Your own mom?
You're a twenty first century version of Uncle Tom
Go on and phone the squad, bro, I'm the freaking bomb
I'll take my basketballs, with yours I could go play golf

With that nocturnal line you think you're real clever
But I hung with my girl that night, you call yourself better?
I gave your sex life a nickname: the Sahara desert

Well, as I look back at my lines, there's not much else to say
I blew this battle up, Call me Timothy McVeigh
And I ball this man up and I throw him in the waste
Because truth seeker got killed, like the whole Light Brigade

Thank You, sir, for the battle.
Debate Round No. 4
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Vote Placed by SONOFGOD2013 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
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Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:--Vote Checkmark3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:00 
Reasons for voting decision: Both opponents seem to have the same skill level. I read this debate carefully. To me this is a draw.
Vote Placed by bladerunner060 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:--Vote Checkmark3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:00 
Reasons for voting decision: These debates are super subjective, and usually I see a clear winner, often based on flow, since some folks seem to have trouble with it. On this one, though, I can't pick a winner--and legit, I read the whole thing a couple times and I really do think it's a tie. So...I'm still casting a vote (I didn't read it several times just to NOT cast a vote).

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