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Rap battle armoredcat vs NDECD1441

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Started: 10/10/2018 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hello armoredcat! You've wanted to do a rap battle with me, Here it is! Regular rules do apply, Including passing per rules should you start. Good luck!


Thank you for this opportunity.

I'm a real rap master to which Eminem lite can't compare,

You're a little light in the sky, I'm like a motherfvking flare,

And in order for him to forget that what happened here wasn't fair

He'll need amnesia for his head, And bleach for his underwear,

I swear, He needs to be walking up here in fear,

Cuz if he's anything like Em he's just been washed up, For 20 years,

You really not different, And you really not with these

Rappers foaming at the mouth, Like a dripping mop, Spittin,

As I could go on and on, It's the extension of a sauna

And we don't need to drain the Pacific to give you water,

Your wallet's like a 1st grade LA report: no commas,

You accapella? The silence must be so awkward

I'm a motherfvking boss, I've been rapping since school projects,

Zoning at the end cause I didn't fvck with the comments,

"Houston we have a problem", I'm shooting up like a rocket,

I didn't need an idol like James Harden,

Where are you from? What did you see? What did you do?

Are you tough, Battling me? Or do you have a screw loose,

Nah, Probably not, Because you're probably super confused,

You're a pseudo-rapper, Subscribing to other bull-shvtters on YouTube,

You should've kept up the ELO, Cause now you on DDO,

Against a straight monster, Crazy as the intifadas of the PLO,

So I'mma waive the last round like your friends when they left you on the side,

Please don't channel your Eminem, Matter fact, Don't fvcking try,

That's it.
Debate Round No. 1


Use those bars to fight a person, Then be pleased he's me
You made a bad mistake battling NDECD
I'm an plague, Epidemic, A disease, See the
Reason I like Eminem is he breathes easily

See, The only light you'll see in the sky is a star
You're a lamp post dumb@$$, I'm as high as I'm far
Your flare is nothing but a sign to be careful
Especially when there's no rescue to be there too

Of course I like Eminem, No question
Like holy shjt, I'm not him, We get it. Quit stressin
But for somebody who accuses a pseudo by guessin
I'm thinking this bjtch needs a rap battle lesson

First hint to improbable victory, Just don't be wack
Don't diss a famous rapper when you know he's back
You pull your bars out of your arse or an old street shack
Kendrick Lamar's your ni&&a too, And I don't mean black

Second hint is in your raps, Don't use single rhymes. . .
They destroy more of your already fickle lines
You started off in school, Awww no that's some little lies
No wonder you lost every battle while your spittle dries

See I'm like the Freddie Krueger of rap, I kill you in your sleep
You're William Elsworth, Your failure tricks are cheap
There are human rainbows, Mama lovers, And armored cats
That can't speak the real language and only read coloured text

I'm not thinking about chains, Ice or bank accounts
Not thinking about no America or tax amounts
Just thinking about your army and the counts
Knocking them off their high horse and their mounts

Your school projects don't hurt, Given that I'm still in school
I've achieve the same thing, But got more time killing you
I'd ridicule, This living fool, So hard that quickly you'll
Begin to fall to your knees and succumb to British rule

Now what exactly have we learned today?
Don't battle NDECD like this person may
Because if you don't watch every word you say
When others wake up the next day, You'll be burnt away.


Holy sh! T! I expected your wack raps to be bad

But it's so trash I thought Grover was bout to come out your a$$.

Eminem breathes easily? What the fvck was that?

You're jealous of people who don't have fat-a$$ inhalers on their back?

I'll see a star in the sky? Is this National Geographic facts?

You're right, You must be high as sh! T to be fvcking with my rap,

Eminem's back? How much cortex do you lack?

He spent a whole album dissing a redneck gnat,

So you're British but you take liberties with N-Words just like you're black?

How much begging did you need to do to get yourself a pass?

I lost every battle? Now you making up shvt

Like the mascara your girl has on on some make-up shvt,

Walking to her exes house on some making-up shvt,

Then ringing your doorbell on some breaking up shvt,

What's brackin? And why don't you care about taxes?

It it cause you ain't got the sales to make the income happen?

I mean, If you intend to bolster your career in rappin,

You better hope for a socialist to progressivize that shvt,

Debate Round No. 2


You're like Brittney N Phrem when the lightning struck her
Because your life flashed before your eyes, You shudder
You chose that style for your reply, Shoulda picked another
Because your raps were like Frank Gehry's works, No structure

I could be high on ec$t@cy, Especially when you're next to me
I just go numb reading this monstrosity you call a rhapsody
You can't rap and you know that, All you do is act scary
Hope that you rap steady, Yet, Like a factory

I manufacture a product multiplying my elo
Dissing the best rapper still, How low can he go?
I'm literally at school projects, Don't inflate your ego
How do you claim I beg bjtch, You start from zero

Most make their way up to the top but we know
Armoredcat thinks he's got a platform, Does he though?
Or is it taken by some user of modern day street flow
Getting ready to turn this cat's career like Benzino's

The entire album on some redneck gnat?
Bjtch listen again, See what songs you ain't checked yet
You'd also be crazy to think Killshot is straight @$$ wack
I'll strike a 21 like the last time you played Blackjack

So I'm a pseudo, How would you know? I'm 15, You're too old
To be making threats at me, Put out my trump card, Its uno
If you got a way to make some progressive shjt then do so
But if you're only a self-proclaimed socialist like Trudeau

(Then shut your mouth with super glue bro! )

Now its onto you yo!


You're a style connoisseur, You rap like Eminem too,

My real own sh! T would really burn your mental

You got 6 fvking L's, My sharpness draws yellow cards

Leaving your cheeks pink, At the end, Like a pencil,

B! Tch, No structure? I thought I was too elementary,

Can't mettle with my bars, On lock, Like penitentiaries

You wanna sentence me? I guess I'll take a lower case,

And throw capital punishment right at your motherfvcking face,

Who even gives a fvck who's the best rapper still,

All I give a fvck about is the next rapper killed,

Cause Mac Millers ill, 3X TENTACION

Higher in the sky than any rating of Revival is on,

How would I know you're a pseudo? Listen to this sh! T,

You said I lost every battle you fvcking hypocrite b! Tch

Y'know I say I'm straight fire, And they saying the same thing

People go Cain and Abel on boys, You ain't able to hold a cane,

I"m the master of rap that is actual fact

Ghostwriting for your favorite rapper with high caliber knock you sideways like a lateral pass,

I grew up on K. Dot, And Good Kid Maad City,

That TPAB and that Carter 2 fit me,

That Section 80 and that College Dropout with me

I"m was with MF DOOM and Madvilliany kill me

My self esteem high, Higher then the sky,

A little under some gates of heaven, But I"m still fly,

I could pull out an Airsoft and miss and you"d still die,

It"s like my blood fused with marijuana all my life I"ve been high

If my flow fell on Satan death would be a safe haven

I ain"t playing, My cloud 9 is heaven NCECD's is a fvcking raven,

I'm nicer than a Canadian motherfvcking Mormon,

These haters coming at me, You a 15 year old Corbyn,

My flow Is rael, Test me you fvck, See how it feels

Heating sh! T up on my grill, Raise the stake (steak)s, You a meal

So I'mma break the 4th wall like Deadpool was a Mexican

And say on DDO your b! Tch a$$ is never gonna rest again,

Electric sh! T
Debate Round No. 3
8 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Posted by Our_Boat_is_Right 3 years ago
Honestly I can't vote on this. Both sides were amazing!
Posted by NDECD1441 3 years ago
Also, The 6th and 7th stanza in the battle was dedicated to mumble rappers. Just to clear up the lines a little
Posted by NDECD1441 3 years ago
Hey armoredcat, Nice battle!
Posted by armoredcat 3 years ago
you can give him the conduct point too dang
Posted by armoredcat 3 years ago

Posted by armoredcat 3 years ago
Hey you wanna help me find people to vote on this? @NCECD1441
Posted by armoredcat 3 years ago
Back to you my man.
Posted by NDECD1441 3 years ago
Armoredcat, Its your turn
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