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Rap battle of awesomeness

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Started: 8/17/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Debate Rounds (5)
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Okay, this time, I'm taking a daring move, I wanna gain more experience so only those who consider yourself a powerful rapper can accept (maybe JediDude or JimShady or any other person who has beaten the people who I have battled). Yes I may lose but I will give it my absolute best. Don't forfeit and good luck.


Well it's been a long time since I've been back in the ring,
My palms sweating, shaking, just wishing to hear the bell ding.
Immediatly I'm backed up into the corner,
It's like this is new territory and I'm a foreigner.
My hand raised to block, I think I feel sick,
The crowd waiting on baited breath, you can hear the clock tick.
I see the punch before I feel the blow,
And knew I blocked high when I should have blocked low.
I guess I'll give up, this ain't my type of fight,
I prefer brains over brawns, mind over might.
I close my eyes, waiting for the pain to come about,
Just listening for the ref to call the knockout.

Wait a second, this can't be right,
I signed up for a rap battle, not a god d"mn fist fight.
We ain't here to size up who's skull is thicker,
Nor to establish if you're white trash or a n"gger.
I'm sure you're both, let's be honest who cares?
I'm just here to show the crowd I'm a better rapper with flair.
So stuff it loser or come at me bro,
Your wit's as slow as it takes you to find a lawn to mow.
Please be stoic and try not to cry,
As I kick your "ss out of the door goodbye.
I've accepted your challenge, get ready to lose.
Since I've already ordered all the champagne and booze.

This is the beginning, get ready for the thunder,
I'll sit back and relax as I watch you blunder.
You think you're good at rapping from your prior debates?
Do you really think your raps are of high quality rates?
I'll crush you, I'll destroy you, I'll wreck you like a ship,
And you'll stand there helpless as the middle finger to you, I flip.
So go ahead and wear your diaper,
You're a two year-old kid who apparently still needs a butt wiper.
And when I burn you like a third degree,
Just remember who humiliated you, that person was me.
Winners have always won, and losers have always lost,
And you NDEC will frequently taste what losing costs.
Debate Round No. 1


Oh gee, I'm so scared of this tiny little brain
Come along little kid I'll give your frail body brutal pain
You got the NDEC but not the D in my name
D is for Dissing you and setting fire till you go insane
I used to do with sixteen, now I will settle for thrity-two
But I think even that isn't even enough to be through with you
6 bars done already 26 more to go
So many words so little time and you are relying on flow
Could you really get so low smacked around by a kid in a diaper
Man I am stealthy as a tiger, strike fast like a viper
Then you are kneeling on the ground, begging me to stop
This is your head and your body, POP
I relax and spit raps they call me a winner
I gotta finish this fast just in time right for dinner
You wanna see noobs, I'ma show you a sinner
I fighting a panda? This is an obvious fight
We all know who is gonna win, the more experienced like
"BIM-BADABOOM" while all you do is "pop"
Watch ASDF movies? Break your face with the flop
My grave may be there, but my body is not
Summon the sun, it's burning hot
You wanna give me the third degree? I'ma give a billion
But my power is equivilant to more than a trillion
You should have battled me when I was a youth
However now beating me is beyond the truth
Hurt you like a cavity in your tooth
My rhymezone is now your torture booth
Goo-goo-ga-ga baby? Shady ain't maybe
Take your champagne and down it you're crazy
Your rhymes are weak slurred and lazy
4 more rounds to prove your worth sight hazy


A shot of tequila, a sip of wine,
A triple style ale, brewed from Scots pine,
Burning down your throat yet tasting divine.
Man my lyrics look d-mn fine.
These are the drinks that I'm going to party with,
You say you have skill, I say that's pure myth.
And when I make that last shot, you're all gonna be amazed,
It's like that last second three pointer swish, and I won't even be fazed.
Hold your dignity together, don't fall apart,
My words are lethal, like a poisonous dart.
So buckle down or take a hike,
As I beat you to death, with my words and my mic.

Your vocab I must say is illegible trash,
It's a wonder you had enough words to formulate a bash.
Your lyrics are formless, like you wrote this in a dash,
You wrote this while drugged? Go vape some more hash.
"I fighting a panda? This is an obvious fight",
Your noobish overconfidence only adds to my might.
"BIM-BADABOOM" What's this cr-p?
This is fake filler words from sh-t that can't rap.
If I'm a new fidget spinner, then you're my punching bag,
I'd beat you black and blue, if you weren't a filthy f-g.
"My grave may be there, but my body is not",
Cause you're a f-g, your family disowned you, they left you to rot.

You wanna bring the sun, well I don't need a star,
It takes little effort to burn you from afar.
You see that new Porsche, that's my new car,
It reflects my sense of style that you'll never been on par.
My suit is so slick, Armani's costs a ton,
If you continued in your rapping career, you'll never afford one.
And you see that skyscraper, the tallest one there,
I bought that and the city, money's not my care.
I'm richer, more slick, and better than you,
You wouldn't even be able to afford picking up my dogs poo.
Get outta my way, you filth, you trash,
I could buy your whole life with my wallet cash.

I'm graceful as a fawn, light like the breeze,
My lyrics flow out of me with unparallel ease.
And when I'm finally done, my opponents will freeze,
Unable to drive the beat so I'll take back the keys.
I'm sharp as an eagle, swift as a hawk,
When I drop the mic, I'm all that the people talk.
I'm fierce like a wolf, vicious like a lynx,
People say that my riddles are better than the Sphinx.
I'm majestic as a lion, lethal as a shark,
There ain't no better rapper when I'm in the park.
So who am I? Who's this prodigy?
It's HellishPanda on the mic, yup that's me.
Debate Round No. 2


Holding my dignity, your words are darts?
Well mine is a bullet, aimed straight to your heart
My skill is a myth? Im a mythbuster
And I watch you as your cheeks start to fluster
Hell is a place for the dead, I hope you know that
Pandas are endangered and that is a known fact
You beat me to death? This ain't a fist-fight
Contradicting yourself, on the battle this might-
Be your final stand, just like your last shot
Sip your tea while I make it fast hot
I'm your punching bag? You can't even hit
I still don't understand why you want to continue this shjt
I don't need a family in order to be great
Your rap is trash it only earns you free hate
You have a Porsche? No that's mine your words are too hash
You dont have enough money to buy that trash
I've got ten times your money, the world is my own
And if you piss me off you might as well get owned
Drinking and party? That got my attention
Your rhymes are trash, not even worth to mention
I will slit your throat by the time you get drunk
Then I will put you in your pail of drinks and watch you get sunk
I don't need then sun, I just want to show a BIT of my power
You get stomped and then kicked, I blossom as a flower
No better rappers in the park, but what about the city
I hear you from over here, begging for pity
You can hunt a wolf, but I fly sky high
You can shoot an eagle down, but I am armoured, can't die
You can trap a lion, fish a shark
But I leave all these posibilities in the dark
You can block out the wind, kill a fawn
But I survive all day, from night till dawn
Unparallel ease, because others are better
You were already low on self-esteem but this fight will leave you sadder
Finally for the killer attraction
You are just a panda, not ready for action
But I soar high in the skies, the one that everybody mentions
NDECD, D for dragon
This final verse will settle the score
Are you that eager to die? Fine come back for more.


What's this cr-p that I read back there?
It's like you lost and now you just don't care.
I'll play it back a little, just to make it fair,
But really? Quitting already? Dude grow a pair.
Your bars are lazy, of low quality style,
You may read books but this is dictionary bile.
Your verses are sh-t, they make no sense,
They seem strained and unnatural, like they're a little too tense.
You're trying too hard yet you're not trying enough,
Is this what you do when the goings get rough?
You're reputations being shredded, forever a mar,
If you continue going through the motions you won't get far.

At least I can see that you took my suggestion,
Ignoring my tips was out of the question.
With me mentoring you, we'll see some progression,
Cause reading your last rap gave me indigestion.
Now let's start off with the line in bar 5,
The quality of your rap just took a huge dive.
Let's continue to bar 18,
That's the worst rhyme that I've ever seen.
Two year olds know better then to do that,
If you think that rhymed, you're as blind as a bat.
I could continue to point out your flaws,
But for now, I'm going to put this on pause.

We're going to establish what your name truly means,
Cause you NDEC flip flop like a girl in her tweens.
Since your unable, I'll spill the beans,
Your name must be embarrassing, like people who wear Keens.
First it was dissing, now it's Dragon,
Fine I'll aid you by jumping this bandwagon.
D stands for douche, you're probably a pr-ck,
D stands for you get f-cked by your bf's d-ck.
D stands for dirt, the amount that you're worth,
You're parents must've been ashamed of you, even at birth.
Guess you can choose between the words that I chose,
But to be totally honest, you're every one of those.

Now we have a problem cause I think you've been lying,
And if you've ever read the bible, it say lies lead to dying.
The ill wish of God, is that what you're vying?
You might as well finish the noose that you're tying.
You claim that you're richer, better than me,
Your lies are as intact as your dignity.
Liars go to hell, guess that's your fate,
Says it right in the bible, Revelations 21:8.
You'll see me there, don't worry about it,
I'll be sipping cocktails as you scream in sulphuric pits.
Look at my name, does it ring a bell?
I'm HellishPanda, I rule in hell.
Debate Round No. 3


To rule in hell you gotta die first -_-
You are contradicting yourself again from that lie burst
What if I told you I don't believe in god
You claim you are b@d@$$ shjt but you are just a fraud
Thanks for mentoring me, you're a djck at teaching
Even as a priest you suck at preaching
Let me return the favour today's lesson: Contradicting
Up next, english class your bars conflicting
Look back at round one, you spelt "immediatly" wrong
Immediately you knew you would suck your own song
Now look at bar 23, arguing against your first verse
30 too, contradiction is your curse
Now lets look at round two, bar number 5
"The quality of your rap just took a huge dive"
Next bar, number six, what was that cr@p I've seen
To think you commented bad rhymes on my bar 18
The fact you imagine stuff like I'm a f-g tells me alot about you
I don't think I have enough, got alot to diss you
I choose option two for I would be facing your pvssy
You don't need words to expose you are a wussy-wussy
And then I pick dirt, that i'm gonna throw
Guess who is the dirt, you, bet you didn't even know
And dirt isn't alive, it all makes sense
Who are you HellishPanda to say my bars are tense?
Yes my parents may have been ashamed, but yours were depressed
No wonder you have no knowledge you were opressed
Round two bars 29 and 30 what rubbish is that
If horrible rhymes were a thing, I would take off my hat
Round 3 grow a pair of what? 2 djcks equals nothing
Negative plus negative never ever means something
"When the going gets tough the tough get going" you know the saying?
This time the tough get rough and your skin I am flaying
Stop it with these monkey noise and failed waylaying
I'm sparing you 'till round 5 only for the ELO I'm gaining
Finally for only your house it's raining
And then your entrance, in it will be caving.


Ain't that some cr-p, some real fine sh-t,
You're copying me boy, I'm that much of a hit.
From the lines to my style, my bars that fit,
It's like you bought my 2.0 noob rapping kit.
Imitation they say, is flattery's sincerest form,
I don't blame you for doing it, noobs like you always swarm.
Try to be original, you can't ride on my coat tail,
Those that never try are the ones that always fail.
Don't live for the lime light, that looks really sad,
You end up looking desperate, the lack of attention'll drive you mad.
But before you take the cred, remember what's real,
You don't mess with the bear, or I'll make you my next meal.

I'll lay it on thick since you don't take a hint,
I'm tired of your lazy copying, quit it ya stupid bint.
You're old like garbage, I'm fresh like mint,
You're wreaking my style with your lousy ol' tint.
It's like watching the tone deaf trying to sing Adele,
They just can't do it, everyone can tell.
And it's just so embarrassing cause you don't even know,
You think you're so good yet you're quality's so low.
Please just leave, do yourself some good,
Walk away from the mic, return back to the hood.
Don't let reality get smothered in dreams,
You're not on the high bars, you're on the training beams.

You don't have beat, maybe you can rhyme,
But the most you'll ever earn of it is probably a dime.
How about practising? To make 'em really chime,
Almost like a chef with rosemary and thyme.
Practice makes perfect, there's no other way,
You're bound to realize that one of these days.
You're not incredible, nor are you amazing,
Stop trying to kid that it's you the people are gazing.
You live in a delusion, You're life's an illusion,
Your brains a mess like an old persons confusion.
You honestly belong to a mentals ward,
You'd have gotten treatment already if it were something you could afford.

Don't grass up my name, I'm not at blame,
When I look in the mirror, all I see is my fame.
You made the challenge and I brought the game,
It's not my fault if your bars are lame.
You're in too deep, way over your head,
Glad this ain't a gunfight or you'd be dead.
You're beat so badly, you can only stare,
As I shine so brightly line the sun's bright glares.
Moral of the story, you're dead meat,
When you issue a rapping challenge when you can't drop a beat.
It's almost like a meme, I swear it could be so,
It's the only direction that your rapping career could go.
Debate Round No. 4


2.0 is improved, 1.0 is not
You own the original it's getting hot
Im laughing hard is that all you got?
You cancel your "no fist-fight", baby go back to your cot

Smack the bear it will run away
You beat me? HA not today
You know my first thought on mint? Chewing gum
I'll spit it out you want hot bars? I'm spewing some

You need to train before you humiliate yourself on stage
But I'm destroying rappers while you are in your cage
All this fire i'm casting, am I some sort of mage?
I grow more powerful but you only start to age

I don't take hints, I use my brains
Not like you have any, hanging round in your chains
Memes are famous and funny, unlike you
You are merely describing me once I'm through

Your mirror must be dusty, you don't see fame
Here I wiped it for you, look! You see shame
NOW when I look in, shining in glory is my name
You need to go faster oh look the sloth came

If I earn a dime, you'd go home empty
Doesn't matter which hand, righty or lefty
You don't get it do you? You never do
Contradicting yourself is like your only shoe

If i'm wreaking your style, with the ball
I would throw a party to see you fall
You think you are so strong? So mighty and tall?
Well truth is you ain't nothing at all.

Practice doesn't make perfect. You are a prime example
If don't need to practice with my power already ample
I don't have to walk away from the mic if that is what I own
I'm already beating you in noob mode what about you have I just shown

I pity you for thinking that you are a pro rapper
You are facing a god here that will kill you after
Two more verses till this battle ends
Just like your life swinging round in bottles and cans

(Also, since you started first, you have to reply with "pass per rules.)


You're so full of sh-t, from the words that you spew,
From the fake plastic mic, to the feet in your shoes.
You wanna pull the rule book? Greenie that's new,
Never seen someone as desperate to win like you.
Stooping so low, your backbone might break,
Any bit furthur is all that it'll take.
Your little goody-two-shoes is so f-cking fake,
I bet the school bullies beat ya till you ached.
You can take your rule book and shove it up your @ss,
You're a preppy little prude who's really such a crass.
I bet all the girls looked at you and said "I'll pass.",
Cause your lack the intelligence to realize that your d-ck has 0 mass.
I don't give a f-ck about a non-existent rule,
I don't give into losers who thinks they're debating a fool.
You got your head out of the clouds and stuck it in a pool,
And now you're drowning in your own disgusting drool.
Go look at Masterful vs NDEC's debate, [1] (yeah, this is a link to YOUR debate)
Did Masterful pull the non-existent rule book bait?
Lying is a repulsive and ugly looking trait.
It's something that's distastful that I really badly hate.
So if that's your last desperate attempt finally done,
I guess it proves to say that you think I've already won.
And if you think you can stop me from having the final run,
You should've stated some rules back in Round 1.

"I read Percy Jackson, dictionaries and stuff.",
Well I'm reading your gravestone, it illiterate and rough.
Etching it out of that material must've been tough,
When you can only afford a grave stone made out of fluff.
"I have a debate coach." Are you really that proud?
That you need a coach to help you sway the crowd?
Well goodbye to you, you're voted off the Cloud,
You can snuff your torch as we burn your shroud.
You may think your god but you have no sense of style.
You apparently haven't looked in the mirror for a while,
You're sloppy and arrogant, skipped error and trial,
No practice equals mistakes. Ex. Your profile.
You sound like a child, not 22,
Like the kid in a verbal fight who's only comeback is, "Screw you.",
If you weren't such a green, I'd say you were blue,
Depressed like an addict who's addicted to sniffing glue.
You say you took a leap, most daring if not,
Yet here I find you bound in the webbing you wrought.
The roles are reversed since you're the one caught,
I am the spider and your struggle was all for naught.
"Yes I may lose..." Yes you may,
Was that even a doubt when you wrote it that day?
Don't even kid yourself, you're starting to decay,
The likelihood of you beating me was as high as your pay.

I've hung you like a dead man, set out to rot,
I made you write your note, even tied your own knot.
You thought you were the one, the guy so hot,
But now you've shown everyone how little you've got.
You aren't original, not even unique,
You can't even rap, your words are so bleak.
You're a third rate freak who's only a geek.
So go hang out with the losers, that's your true clique.
Your hobbies are reading, listening to Eminem,
You think your raps are good? Go look back at them.
They're dull and lifeless like a fake gem,
Sticking out and ugly like your mark back in Chem.
Bet you regret, issuing this debate,
But me beating you was practically written in fate.
I guess it was inevitable, due for some future date,
But to me it looks like you'll be losing a lot at this rate.
You practically lost the minute I agreed,
It was like you read the future mailed through your feed.
You signed over the winnings from a pre-made deed,
And slunk back into your hole to go smoke some more weed.
It was like a bite, that you just have to itch,
It hit you like a train and now your left in a ditch.
Like a car crash, spine broken, now you can only twitch,
What comes around goes around, karma's a real b-tch.

This last section is dedicated just to me,
Cause I don't have to use words to bend you over my knee.
Of course I wouldn't do that, don't want a STD,
Cause unlike you, when I f-ck, I don't pay fees.
I'm not going to say that I am the best,
You already know that, so I'll put it to rest.
If this site was a class and this was a test,
I'd have gotten 100 without being stressed.
If your a god then I'm the anti-christ,
I'll drag you down to hell where you can be sliced and diced.
Then we'll sing a song, and you'll be sacrificed,
As we drink merrily to our beers that are stone-cold iced.
The party's already started, loser can go home,
You can see the Insta pics tomorrow from your Chrome.
I can already see the champagne start to foam,
As the barista pours it, freshly imported from Rome.
I can hear the music vibrate, surrounding sound,
As I call the barista over for another round.
Three shots lined up, 9 more downed,
As my name is revered about and renowned.
So when you challenge someone, actually state a rule,
So you can bring it up next time, without being a tool.
That was like a cheap shot, but it added to my fuel,
But I'll admit, it was fun winding you like a spool.

Debate Round No. 5
21 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by NDECD1441 3 years ago
Wha..... you voted for..... wha.....
Posted by NDECD1441 3 years ago
No hard feelings right?
Posted by NDECD1441 3 years ago
Sorry bout that. I forgot to put that in the rules part so I admit it was a little cheap, however I didnt think that someone getting an extra rap would be fair so I had to put it in there. Sorry bout that though.
Posted by HellishPanda 3 years ago
Literally so pissed when I saw that little cheap shot that you tried to pull there. But thanks NDEC that gave me all the motivation i needed to do a little extra. I literally spewed that out onto the page so fast. Yeah i was that mad
Posted by HellishPanda 3 years ago
Sorry I was away, literally wrote that thing in that hour of the timer.
Posted by NDECD1441 3 years ago
HellishPanda its your turn. Dont keep me waiting :3
Posted by NDECD1441 3 years ago
HellishPanda its your turn. Dont keep me waiting :3
Posted by NDECD1441 3 years ago
You sure are good though, my odd of winning have just slanted a little :3
Posted by NDECD1441 3 years ago
HellishPanda its your turn
Posted by NDECD1441 3 years ago
Also, that was like... a month ago. Does this juggalo hold grudges? It's deadly you know.

A clown using a debate website.... AAHHHHHHAHAHAHHA
2 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 2 records.
Vote Placed by JimShady 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: HellishPanda's lines go very well together, I guess it's worth the sacrifice of only having single rhymes... Also, Round 3 and Round 4 of HellishPanda were absolutely brutal... I kinda felt bad for NDECD. NDECD did very good as well, but some of his insults were cheap, and Panda had a comparatively good verse every line. Final judging in my opinion: R1:Panda... R2: Tie... R3: Panda (barely) ... R4: Panda (by far). Round 5 rap for Panda don't count. Good job to both.
Vote Placed by dsjpk5 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro had better wordplay and flow.

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