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Rap battle part 2

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Started: 4/7/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 1,013 times Debate No: 51761
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Rap battle. Conduct doesn't apply to this battle. Anything can be said.. Don't accept if your scared. And don't give me that BS that you refuse to fight a child. Cuz your just afraid which is fine.


The funny thing was I was just about to apologize for everything I said that may have been insulting. But you pushed it past that. Write your verse kid, let's finish this.
Debate Round No. 1


Let me just finish so this problem will be complete
You have no chance, you can't compete
My raps will hit you like reinforced concrete
You suck so bad I don't even had to look at my own rap sheet

Your gonna lose so put the raps back on the shelf
There so bad your that your insulting yourself
After this you'll rethink your life and be back at square one
This was the battle of your life
But for me it's just for fun

One vote for you and it's like your super confident
I'm a dope rapper but your the complete opposite
Don't even try cuz you ain't competent
Even calling you a amateur would be a complement


I have to admit,
That's the first time,
Your rap wasn't shitt,
And it wasn't your worst rhyme.

But don't take this,
As a form of flattery.
It's not even a diss,
It's assault and battery.

You think I beat you,
Because of just one vote?
I wish I could meet you,
And hold you by your throat.

Smack you twice,
Upside your fat head,
grab a bag of ice
And beat you with it, instead

And show you at last,
It was my rhyme style
That kicked your a$$
And made you a crying child.

But You're right, goodnight.
You're up past your bedtime.
I don't know why we fight,
Nothing you said rhymes

It's the middle of the night,
And I'll stop now, to be considerate.
Because there's little you can write,
When your opponent's illiterate.
Debate Round No. 2


You think your so mean
Call me a child but your only sixteen
Beating chumps like you is my routine
So your a child too cuz were both teens
You can't beat me cuz I'm like a rap producing machine

You say would hold me by the throat
But in a fight you would be beaten
Cuz your nothing but a pathetic cretin
I'll break you to pieces
Each rap I say my skill increases
And with each blow you confidence decreases

I'm in your head , might as well say I have telepathy
Your helplessly trying to compete with a godly entity
Presently you can't compete with my raps complexity
Restlessly you trying to say something but your raps are so bad there felonies
Pleasantly I'm beating so bad I am scaring you mentally
Eventually the intensity will potentially shorten your life expectancy

Your bad raps are nothing but contamination
My raps are so powerful ill shaken your whole foundation
You can quit cuz there still a chance for cancellation
But if you don't I will leave you in eternal isolation


You're just one of many,
Who might like to fight me.
Probably because I can't
Say "fuckk you" politely.

I'd give you my ten cents,
My styles too intense.
Hence, there's no defence,
From the rhymes I dispense.

Light up an incense,
I see that you're still tense,
And it makes sense,
'cause I left you in suspense.

You say I like to jerkoff,
See you at church on Sunday,
So I can announce to a crowd:
When you get layed, it's a one way.

You hide with your Christian alliance,
Worship a story of incest and violence,
You use god as a source of reliance.
Confide in these lies,
because you're too stupid for science.

In this battle, I'm fuckin' excellent
Don't look surprised,
You should've expected it,
You're a chump, in my eyes.

I can't believe,
You called yourself eminem,
You should just leave,
Your raps are weak and feminine.

I'll stop right here,
Give a last chance to quit.
Because you're pushing me near
Actually trying at this.
Debate Round No. 3


You think I jerk off and that your raps are dope?
Man your a homosexual just like the new pope
With those lame raps you'll never have any hope
Your raps are so sh!itty they need a bar of soap

Dude just stick to your talent which is jerking
Cuz your crappy raps just ain't working
And you say that your not trying?
Man you and me both know your lying

And don't you dare talk sh!t about Jesus
Cuz even he wished you were aborted as a fetus
Your so stupid lil Wayne compared to you is a genius
And I know that failure is your weakness

But you gotta face the fact you can't compete with my uniqueness
Cuz I'm barely trying and my raps are leaving you speechless
With all of my raps and my flows sleekness
I'll leave you having to face your weakness

Cuz you never had a chance and you never will
My raps will burn you like a foremen grill
They'll leave hurt and mentally ill
Making you want to take that suicide pill

So you should seriously think about quitting
Cuz after you read this you'll start tripping
You can't compare to the raps I'm spitting
Cuz when it comes to raps your just plain out unfitting


You'll be sleepless,
Not knowin' my secrets,
needless to say, my flowin' is ceaseless.
Try to piece this, into a sequence,
expose your weakness. Now who's speechless?

My lyrics are projectile, come try and beat this.
You're a little pedophile, just like a priest is.
I adapted a new style, and a new beat list.
You can try for a while, but there's no way to keep this.

When my rhymes collide, I'll make you cry from 5 lines,
I don't know why I'd try to grind you down with my mind.
But it's time to fry your pride, you can't hide, just say 'bye bye'
I'm your guide, hi! At least you tried, at least you have god to try and confide.
I'll be kind, and bide my time while you try to get by.

I feel that fire in my heart, I aspire to try hard,
To inspire with my art, prespire on my part,
Rewire to sound smart, I'm too tired so why start?

(Basically, I'm going to a party tonight, so that's all I'm writing. Hope you have something worth responding to tomorrow)
Debate Round No. 4


Well that's it, I'm done
And I have to say I'm impressed
But I'm not worried or stressed
You raps were not total scum
But your raps are still as dumb as Souija Boy's and then some

Cuz I'm not hurt or dented
You shouldn't have attempted and repented
Your beating would've stopped and been prevented
Man you raps should've never been written or presented
Cuz there so bad they make people wish rap wasn't invented

Why would you say your intellectual?
That's like saying to girls your delectable
And obviously your not cuz to them your doo doo
Who would date the male version of honey boo boo

So I guess I have to be aggressive
It's the only way to get to you which is my main objective
Dude your the opposite of successive
Your such a failure it's actually impressive

After reading this you must be in pain
Your brain is about to make you go insane
I beat you so bad its not even considered humane
I am now a slayer cuz you got slade
Making you wish battling me was a decision you never made


I'll break right through, to fight you.
I'm quite new, but I'll tell you what I might do,
I'd make the right moves, just to spite you.

Alright, you might Not like the lines I write,
Since you're up all night, trying to recite,
After you rewrite, to my delight, you're up all night.
Just sit tight, I invite you to test my might.
On the Mic I'll insure you're fright.

You say I'm doo doo?
We both know I get layed more then you do.
But who knew? Here's a clue: Everyone, 'Cause it's true.
In this battle you deserve less then my minimum,
weakness and your name is a form of a synonym.

Anyways, That's all I'll write.
I'm sick of dealing with a spoiled little brat.
You took my challenge twice,
and both times I crushed you flat.

(Not my best, I know. But I just realized I had 20 mins to write this before I forfeit. Anyways, props, since you're still the only contender who actually battled back)
Debate Round No. 5
5 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 5 records.
Posted by Blade-of-Truth 6 years ago
@SONOFGOD2013, your skill is improving. The way you set up your bars and punchlines, overall you are getting better with every battle.
Posted by SONOFGOD2013 7 years ago
If I don't post today it's because it went to bed. Cuz I'm tired and I have school tomorrow .
Posted by SONOFGOD2013 7 years ago
Posted by RayPtheRapp 7 years ago
Go ahead and call me scared to boost up your ego, but if I didn't trash you so hard in our last battle, then people might actually believe it.
Posted by RayPtheRapp 7 years ago
Look kid, I told you I wanted to find a real opponent. I feel embarrassed for challenging you in the first place. I'm not accepting this, I refuse to fight a child.
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