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Rap battle practice 2

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Started: 10/25/2017 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello. As a rapper in training, I would like to start rap battles as practice to help me boost my battling skills. Simple rules are don't forfeit, us as much of the character limit as you want and go hard. Viewers please vote and good luck. As to avoid forfeiture, only those who match my elo (and have actually completed debates) can accept.


NDECD1441 is just a kid in training, his Justin Beeber hairdo
he is still looking for his rap breakthrough
hey kid I think mommy just called your curfew
looks like this battle will fall through
and he is worried that his competitor always withdrew
because his rhymes are just pathetic
walking around in his calf-length pants, hoping his friends are sympathetic
but in reality his rap and rhymes are unenergetic
head out to your ballet class and put on some cosmetic
with your skinny jeans and your cappuccino
go back to your grass roots you latino
Debate Round No. 1


Hello McTroll. It's been quite a long time
I see you've studied trying to improve your lines
But I am sure we all know who's got the better rhymes
These rhymes like mine are mimes like I am laying mines

McTroll called latinos out, what's so so wrong 'bout them?
If stupidity was a flower, you would be the stem
Your discriminatory views get chewed up and form as phlegm
You don't have an idol to love, I have Eminem

You claim my friends ain't sympathetic, at least I have friends
McTroll is squashed and mashed to pieces, his talent spark ends
Called the police on JimShady, not knowing rap trends
Cowering begging for mercy as my wrath sends

Want to know who is better? Lets count the numbers
57% to 11% win ratio an enternal slumber
You know how I gave you one loss, I will give you another
By the end of this round you will cry screaming for your mother


Rapping against a child who is trying so hard
to fit in this debate, as he is texting from the schoolyard
he is drowning in his sad rhymes and needs a lifeguard
hey kid go do some chores in your backyard
and get an education so you're not a retard
otherwise you will end up in a gang and then a graveyard
Don't hang out with Masterful and his douche bag gang
listening to their racist slang
as I laugh driving by in my mustang
seeing Masterful in the chain gang
Debate Round No. 2


I don't need an education to know I'm smarter than you
You can't be 12 to graduate from high school
At your level of knowledge, you have a PHD???
I see you running down the alley screaming "She hates me!"

Knife in one hand, gun in another
I shoot you down, one leg to the other
As you fall I mercilessly stab you with the knife
Over again, in your eyes out fades the life

I would be damned if you were the lifeguard of rhymes
You think you're the best? Just look at your lines
If you think threats were a problem in rap
Stop rapping then, all you spit is crap

Masterful ain't as much of a racist now
But this is about me, not him anyhow
In this battle voters, who is the retard?
It won't be my grave I'm digging in the graveyard

2 more rounds to go, your shjt still flying about
I'll put you out, don't you dare to complain cry or even pout
You claim no racists but you criticize my age?
Well fvck you, compared to you I'm the head mage


You have no education and your claims have no foundation
Because I'm clever like MacGyver, while your skill level is like a cab driver
I'm a law advisor, while your grade 9 text book you are trying to decipher
People don't change on a whim, and you are losing and being grim
Your pathetic vulgar language, is giving you a sad disadvantage
Go do some LARPING head mage, with your pathetic foam wand
because your rhymes are gay and they just bombed
You stand no chance you little pathetic child
The FBI said you will be a serial killer once you are profiled
Your rhymes are for children from the projects
where swear words and stupidity are not objects
You will never compare to me MC Fanboy
so why don't you go back to playing your Nintendo Gameboy
My rhymes are funny and contagious
while your rap and filthy mouth are outrageous
Education = language
Your trailer park behavior, reflects in your post
and you are trying to fool people with your grandiose boast
Trying to sound all cool and mighty
but your rap is sad and untidy
You will never beat me or compare to me
so why don't you just give me an apology

(mic slammed) APOLOGY ACCEPTED,
Debate Round No. 3


Whose claims have no foundation? You got no proof!
You can only prod the mic but I collapse the roof
You are a law advisor? No wonder it ain't doing so well
Your points I understand but the delivery won't sell

You don't like Masterful? Fine you have a right
But you want to start a war? You ain't strong enough to fight
You lost a rap battle to me and the brotherhood
Yet you still want to fight you ain't any good

You really want an apology? Fine
I'm sorry your rap lost to mine
It's getting late look at the time
You just got burned, my turn to shine

You wanna anger me? I have already drawn the line
The entry fees will cost more than just a dime
For now it's a mountain too tall for you to climb
I'm a god you are a troll yeah you ought to build a shrine

I got no education? You can't even count to nine
You say you do 't like religion or racism, I like it it's fine
But you judge me with age and call my rhymes gay
Look at you, contradict yourself everyday

Take a look at the link, evidence is hear [1]
People can change, it's all so clear
I look in your mind I see the fear
Unless you prove your stance, death is very near



Your rhymes of death and threats and anger really show your character
those pathetic lines of rap stand no chance with your competitor
You are just a low budge trashy kid of welfare
who will end up in a trailer park and not a millionaire
One punch to the head and you would be down for the count
because you don't even own a bank account
Go back to class and get an education
before a cop gives you another citation
Moonshining, recycling plant, or jail are your damnation
after you serve your time in juvi and go on probation
Only dead beat trailer trash and juvenile punks
dressed in their ketchup stained wife beater and trunks
with the stolen air Jordan pumps
talk like you do, without a higher education and a broken home upbringing
your vulgar language and anger fists swinging
have no chance to touch me, because I'm like Tyson
these rhymes just make me more enticing
to school you in my rap and leave you realizing
that your lame rhymes are unsurprising
Now go back to low budge momma
and go and put your Ben 10 pyjama
and stop with your gay closet drama

(mic drop)
Debate Round No. 4


(Lemme just change my style a little bit)

How ignorant this fool is
Has not made a single sound
Now listen to this cool diss
As we approach the final round

You contradict yourself once more
Are you so blind you cannot see?
Once again wondering what you're here for

The SOS is really calling for help
Ruled by a liar
Dragging heavy things call me Linkin Park
As I spit the fire

But with you still on DDO
Situations remain dire
You call me a kid who will never grow
But it's me you should admire

The fact a kid can beat a law advisor
Tells me alot about you
Your raps are completely satire
And I ain't even through

McTroll thinks he is the best
Boy I wish he knew
When it was his time to shine, he had to rest
And then he missed his cue

Your manifesto has fallen
You gone against it yourself
You were always feeling small and
In and of itself

You said you would quit a month ago
Would you like to change your story?
Abducted like Nemo
Oh wait it's Finding Dory

Tread cautiously as I rap
Things may get a little gory
But because all that you spit that is crap
I'm not inclined to say sorry

You try to destroy me
By telling a lie
Well then I am sorry
These ways never fly

Your patched up beggar clothes
Your hand-me-down jeans
Your messy and scruffled hair
Your life has no means

You need the education
But you can't afford the fees
Every rhyme that I spit attacks
Like a swarm of bees

You have no wife, no one loves you
You live your life in shame
You say those aren't true
But two can play that game

Your bars ain't artistic
Yet you call my stuff lame
Boy you should know my dragon
NDECD is my name

I destroyed you time and time again
When are you going to quit
You tried to call me a dunce
Because of a glitch forfeit

But lemme tell you something
Your rhymes are trash
Don't say lies all around
Don't be too hash

So welcome class
Our final rap session
Let's review the battle
Teach McTroll a lesson

Round one, round two, round three, shjt
Trash that belongs in the rubbish pit
I doubt you could ever really remember
I would be surprised you could ever survive 'till December

I'm a kid in reality
But he is a kid in mind
But excluding all the knowledge see
That one he'd never find

Im going against him
And he just got dissed
When he went against Jim
He called the police

I gave no threat
I merely painted a scence
But that may have been the best place
That I've ever been (to)

McTroll keeps dropping the mic
Onto his own feet
Smashed it in his own face
Even he got himself beat

Mic lengthened into a full word
Would form "microscope"
That's what is needed to see Troll's brain
It's like he's choked

I shoot for the moon,
You set fire to ants with glass
Don't worry
I bet you can do the same with your @$$

So hand me the win
Hand me all that cash
The next time you bet
Don't be so brash

We could do another battle
If you want
But if you want to win

(Mic left on the stand because smashing or dropping it would look dumb and "McTroll-ish")
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 5
26 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by frankfurter50 2 years ago
Pretty good. Have you seen my new debate? On your rap battle practice 3?
Posted by frankfurter50 2 years ago
Pretty good. Have you seen my new debate? On your rap battle practice 3?
Posted by NDECD1441 2 years ago
You're welcome :D
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
Alright thanks for the advice
Posted by NDECD1441 2 years ago
However try not to be too interactive as well. Sometimes, it's better to keep your thoughts to yourself. For example, a thug will not take you too kindly no matter how polite you sound.
Posted by NDECD1441 2 years ago
Glad you are more open. So just one view does not represent the entire person. For example just because you read a page of a book doesn't mean you represent the ENTIRE book right? Same concept lies here. You can and are allowed to say they are wrong in that particular way but that doesn't mean you can say it ever so openly and bluntly showing you despise them. Such as if you caught your best friend cheating in say, a test. Would you call him a bad friend and shame him so openly out there? No I don't think so. You actually have every right to say he is wrong, only just in a more polite manner. Only when he triggered you into the war first, you can strike back like I did. You can't just hate him for a minor detail in is personality. You would have no friends left that way! Everyone has their own faults. You, me, heck even the president has faults! If we were to hate people only because of a minor detail, I doubt surviving would be possible.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
Ok fine I get your, but I don't understand how you don't like Masterfuls racist ways but you are still friends, how does that work
Posted by NDECD1441 2 years ago
@FanboyMcTroll. We wouldn't even be fighting now if you hadn't called me out. Masterful and I have different views yet we still can be friends. You, you go postal and I don't think the post service got the right mailbox. Remember, I dislike the sins, not the sinner.
Posted by NDECD1441 2 years ago
Thanks What50. I'll work on it.
Posted by What50 2 years ago
NDECD I feel that your wordplay is improving. However I feel that the flow was inconsistent and slow. Try to improve your flow.
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