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Rap battle (rematch) NDECD1441 vs Cakerman

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Started: 8/21/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hello Cakerman, it's been a while. Im thinking of finishing our last rap battle. Let's have a go at it again. Im going to change the rules a little bit. You can start in the first round or second round and you can do as many bars as you like. This is not a freestyle rap so you don't have to ad-lib your rap. Give me you best shot. Good luck!


I don't have to ad-lib but that's my style
accidental forfeiture last time got me wild
I'm Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking's brainchild
if I were to have your good bars all compiled
the pile would only be about a quarter millimile
after the savagery i hope we reconcile
your Eminem impression is worse than your profile

Rap battlin' is your speciality?
i'm comin' out amply with bigger bombs than ACME
words burrow in your brain you stare blankly
then all of the sudden you get a little cranky
but you don't turn green or anything
you just stay lanky
but that's partly due
to the fact that I just screwed the bitch that just screwed you
my switching of rhyme schemes seems slightly taboo
i'll hit you like Tyson and leave you stiff like a statue
but beware I just hit the switcheroo
your main b-tch is my ranked #32
hit you with the flare and the changes everywhere
whip you through and through make you sh-t your underwear
but don't be discouraged or filled with despair
because half of your life you were malnourished
you'll wake up the next morning entire house unfurnished
your rhymes shitty like buying a phone that's refurbished
Debate Round No. 1


Cakerman was bold to accept
However he doesn't know what to expect
I destroyed you in our last fight
After that I have all but improved my might
I have fought a master and the most powerful panda
Your bars are so cringy the admins should ban ya
If mine were a minimile yours would be the size of an atom
However I have the explosive force you recieve the ultimatum
Switchcheroo because you are a coward
I pull you back but I progress forward
My profile got nothing wrong and I am just a fan
Not eminem's b*tch but you're the soda can
Put a mentos in you and you self-implode
I am a high security computer you need to decode
You are a nineties PC no style at all
Throw you off a cliff and cheer as you fall
You can bring your bombs with you I really don't care
You throw them over here but I am already over there
You scream "ALLAHU AK-" but you miss the bar
Get it? You took the joke too far
Stopped listening after hearing your first verse
Not having enough rhymes is clearly your curse
I can't believe Jim actually called you competish
I won already before you even fininshed
I'm as clear as a crystal, pricey as gold
Look at the man, the story's been told
I'm going to show you some mercy, stop in a bit
But remember Im a hero, you are the git.


You're making up for your sex life by going hard now
like Paulie Malignaggi we sparred and then you skip town
you need to go harder because I just scored a free touchdown

you advertise free candy in your van
we goin' to war like we were in Afghanistan
you battlin' me is like Lex Luthor fighting Superman
you already wanna escape but the battle just began
get the f-ck outta here dude you're older than Can-Can
the only dudes you have for support are from the Ku Klux Klan
I gotta warrior mindset straight from Medieval Japan
I'd give up if I were you, you got dealt a sh-tty hand
but what you don't get is you drop right into my plan
like I said last battle we can play chess man

You got me ten hours left with a psychotic twitch
you can't match my rhymes don't be a b-tch
you act real but you're faker than a McDonalds sandwich
so follow your new leader and don't dare be a snitch
or i'll gobble up your career and leave you in a ditch
words hit you like an assault, throttle
stangle your whole 20 man ensemble
and then pound a bottle of my favorite Vodka
I don't understand why you dodge me like the plague
you claim you've gotten better but i'm not seeing it, be a little less vague
i'm a 10 figure bread winner, self made
got so much money I make sure the bank gets paid
then i'll roll by your house and drop a hand grenade
and ruin your Grandmothers serenade
if it isn't apparent now I don't give a flying f-ck how i'm portrayed
I'll slip right between your ribs with a switchblade Miss
now get the f-ck out of my face you've overstayed your welcome
Debate Round No. 2


You wanna play chess? Fine I'ma beat
You wanna beat me? HA take a seat
You wanna eat my candy? Naww no more treats
You wanna shoot a gun? WOW what a feat -_-

You have a warrior mindset, I have the brain
Flush you down the toilet, straight down the drain
I watch as you fall, incapitated with pain
By the time this war is over, you will have been slain

I'm older, but age is just a number
I could sing you a lullaby to enternal slumber
Guess what happens when a cucumber meets a peach
You are a perfect example of "those who can't do teach"

You are a bread winner? You just got eaten
Just like this battle in which you get beaten
I'm too good to beat, this battle ain't even
It's give or take, the blow you're recievin

Bars 6-9, was that a joke?
I think you meant it as a smack but I only felt a poke
My bars energize and are fizzy like a coke
Watch me as I smack this little bloke

I don't dodge you, I'm only playing tag
It's a game to me and you're a f*g
Straighten your back, don't let your shoulders sag
Then actually fight and don't nag, nag, nag

You have a switchblade??? Can I try :3
You don't know how to use one, I can't die
I am a dragon, I am able to fly
Weave through the clouds, breathe fire to the sky

Now let's get to your plan, you want to lie?
Kiss your life and @$$ bye bye
Then treat you as a baby, lullaby
I'm so good that your momma wanna cry

You have a grenade? I have an army
I win the raps can't get arrested you can't even "bar" me
You make sure the bank gets paid? It must be broke!
First you are superman banker soldier, of which are you the one you spoke?

This is only a warm up. You let me down
I expected better, what a clown
I'll be roasting you this week, wear your gown
And wipe that sh*tty smile to a frown


Rappin' on my name just means you're a bold one
You thought your sh-t was fire?
I thought it was a cold front
sorry for being blunt but that's how I pass it around no pun intended
got the gun locked on my game, clip's extended
shooting online players, my bullets are pretended
you need to listen to your priest on Church and read the biblical verses
you need to write your rap, and spit on take 2, you need 10 more rehearsing
I'm the devil so now it's time for the cursing


My raps are so advanced because I study linguistic
your rhymes are beyond simplistic
i manipulate the numbers like arithmetic
in here it's d-day and you have no medic
my rhymes are sick and wicked
if the rap game was a house I would own the attic
look at me totting this semi-automatic
just take a crack at it
you're shaking like a crack addict
after this battle i'll be more ill-matic

because regardless of the weather
I can be great or even greater
and you can be lover or a hater
we can do this right now and never later
serving up the truth like a 5 star waiter
you won't get lost because these hands will be your navigator
and after this battle if you've lost you won't be alone
now's your chance to be the bigger man because you're grown
I'm the ruler of this kingdom as I sit upon my thrown
look around and see all of the beautiful things I own
you're gonna need a superhero to save you from the fire
you think i'm nothing but in reality I inspire
there's no real reason for me to retire
you should break free from your prison
like a prophecy b-tch i've risen
my mind is like a gift that keeps on giving
life isn't that bad when you sit back livin

yo, life is so god damn confusing
people run around dying and shooting and here i sit just merely a human
but now is my final chance to be provin'
that since our last battle i've been doing nothin' but improvin'
this is your execution and i'm like the prison guard viewin'
I rap sh-tty purely for illusion
like Emil, Masterful and Shady you'll be the next hard a$$ I ruin

Big nose like Pinnochio grenade in hand keeping the pin, oh and the key low
last it was a party cause the kilo
talking about my life like Ceelow
grip tight on the handle
46 shots pop off like i'm aiming under the influence
Columbine without students
I'm flowin' straight on point I'm a nuisance
yo get the f-ck outta here rappin' small talk
crime scene going down bring the chalk
taking a knife to this pit's inner lip female dog

do you see how I called you a bitch?

I'm an experiment gone wrong, 626 A.K.A Stitch
so just call me project X
lookin' for another body after this like who the f-ck's next

Debate Round No. 3


So you're saying you screwed a b*tch who screwed a b*tch who screwed you
Tell me how this logic ain't even through
You took my advice and added more rhyme
Im thankful too because I died of laughter each and every time.

Stop talking bout others, talk about me
Not Emilrose, Masterful, or JimShady
Because they honestly have got more skill than you
And soon you will discover that I do too

You wanna know the illusion, thats your life
I shoot you with a gun you cut yourself with a knife
I don't need a medic, I'm an immortal
Blast half the goons away and go through the portal

You know the attic in the house is the most filthy
I own the living dining bathroom kitchen rhymes so silky
When I blast you off the roof things might get a little milky
They call me the snow king, my precense itself so chilly

You aren't allowed to hold a gun, you would shoot your own foot
Now sit by the campfire you little old coot
Push you into the fire, hands covered with soot
Let me introduce your face to my boot

If you forfeit again, I would laugh so hardly
Two in a row is a little "retardly"
Your bullets indeed pretended, mine are real
Because of my power that shjt's surreal

I admit i'm not a christian, and I feel great
I am the lord in terms between us, Psalm 34:8
In your "thrown" I would throw you off the king
Love your life? Pity you should have gave it a ring

You inspire? Yeah right to die of f@cking laughter
Your legacy of cringe will continue a thousand years after
You are obviously a failed experiment b*tch
Now at least you recognize your flaws you little snitch

Time to end this battle quick and fast
But to slaughter you, this would be your last
Your body would be wrapped in more than a cast
The moment they vote, you would feel the blast.


NCE is your name because you're missing the D, the other f-cks your cousin as I please.

hah, just kidding

your starving a$s gets blown away by the breeze
you're round 10 McGregor with weak knees
I punch you in the chest and you start to cough and wheeze
use original recipe on my style like KFC
boy you should shower you're lookin' like blue cheese
you should fill your cup to the top with some antifreeze
me, my dude and a couple machetes will wipe away your memories
killin' you faster than a fat man with heart disease
you play like your rhymes clean but they sound like mandarin chinese
you're dumber than our commander in chief
before you answer I stole all your sh-t I'm a thief
I swallow your career whole like a black hole
you're spittin' fire about as hot as the north pole
my sh-t requires more than simple fire control

seriously though, after this battle we should hit the sh-t on Come Hard With Your Bars V or VI since the one dude is just f-cking around, I also made a mistake by making it 3 instead of 5 rounds but I can fix that up next time around, PM me if you wanna do it

Back to the rap, watch your back before I bust your knee and you get a handicap
I live the life of a king every day fresh king crab
you're White & Nerdy, gettin' freaky with bubble wrap
i'll kidnap you and throw you in my burlap sack
I bet you won't try again you won't wanna do another lap
I'm slap happy and you're a f-ggot that's into traps
i'm unhappy and i'll gladly slap your cabby
your dirty a$s got 30 square feet of bacne
it's really a feat how you think you outshine a triathelete
rhyming, flow, and wordplay is the sh-t I do daily and then repeat
I'm the only dude that sounds good on and off beat
I go harder than a 2 ton slab of concrete
the lyrical grinder turn you into mince meat
so I really do suggest you sit down, take a seat
we need to talk because you're a deceitful cheat
you act grown but I'm pretty sure you still use a car seat
I don't even think you compete
every freestyle off the top of my dome is a lyrical acrobatic feat
the fact that I used the word twice is bittersweet
I'll hit you with the cross and sweep out your feet
you aren't ready to learn to drive sit in the back
your rhyme's are obsolete my sh-t's elite

ya' know, one thing I really don't dig about your raps is the word choices sometimes, I mean everyone has their flaws and all it's just that if i were in your position i'd write the rhymes differently. I mean, foot and coot, come on man you and I both know that phonetically it doesn't sound right, step it up next time man.

now back to dissin' this fool
i'm nailin' your girl in my indoor swimming pool
you're the perfect example of why you can't rap if you went to a boarding school
you're clarence with both parents
nah, I won't break the golden rule
I got more jewels than the money belt
you liberals are a cesspool of wannabe Teddy Roosevelts
i'm spittin' so hot you'd swear I could melt hell itself
box with me and I leave you with many welts
when you get dealt the wealth the rhymes written so fast sometimes I misspell
I may make mistakes but I always write what I felt was right.
but no amount of bad lines will take me out of flight
I had doubts about Masterful but I fought valiantly like a knight
and we had a mighty battle that took some might to complete
and then I thought

"alright, I lost this fight."

but I now sit the winner unanimously
everyone knows I beat Emil so the spotlight's on me
to prove I have what it takes so sit tight
I plan on writing round 4 from dawn until moonlight
not even close to being through but stay explosive as dynamite
they just come to me quicker than the speed of light
if your family asks I'll link them to this page, your burial site
you die of third degree burns at a thousand fahrenheit

damn man, I still got like 6,000 characters to use. I don't know if I REALLY want to use all that, I mean I'm feeling a little lazy today but I'm just tired, I don't know. I guess as the next verse drops I'll figure it out. I appreciate you reading my sh-t though. Good looks.

This is rebirth so I rap to make the Earth shake
I pressure you until your back aches
no need to compensate we already know you're a fruitcake
your rhyme style goes plain as a pancake
I'll make every bristle of hair stand up lke a stake
I stay baking you like a cake
I'm an Ohio OG meet at Steak And Shake
after I whack you you'll be barely awake

I sit shaking, with barely any time on the clock
I still walk down the street tottin' a glock
watch your mouth before I turn you to ham hocks
and put you in my cellar and throw away the key to the lock
I told you to come hard with the bars like bedrock
but you're comin' soft, maybe enroll at BLOC
got the 3 star bars like hotels in Plock
you can say whatever you want but you look like a Shaak
you got crumbling foundation like an elderly person with Troch
You've been knocked out like I was Ken Shamrock

Debate Round No. 4
4 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 4 records.
Posted by NDECD1441 2 years ago
Was that supposed to be an insult? Not sure but in case it was, I dont see this as competition. I see this as experience
Posted by Perussi 2 years ago
I don't have ANY competition in our rap battle lol
Posted by Perussi 2 years ago
I don't have ANY competition in our rap battle lol
Posted by Mharman 2 years ago
Cakerman, please accept my friend request. I need to be able to send you messages for the tournament.
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Vote Placed by JimShady 2 years ago
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Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
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Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: NDECD wins Round 1 and 3, cakerman wins. On this one I'm gonna be lazy and not give an explanation of my choice, but if you are interested just message me.
Vote Placed by Mharman 2 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: I liked cakerman's better

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