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Rap battle

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Started: 3/24/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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No rules apply, do you agree?


I accept and because this is a 4 round debate, I will spit my rhymes next round.
Debate Round No. 1


Hahaha, look at who stepped in wit me, biggest mistake, it couldn't be any worse
With a name like that, your the unfortunate one who missed the chance to spit first
Don't know what's more terrible, battlin' the law or battlin' a momma
Who has a poor kid who unfortunately has to have been Osama
This kid claims he's from Asia, but he's really from Pakistan
You better off hidin in tha caves protected by the Taliban

I had to take a step back n' breath for a minute, this dude is so lost
He better off convertin' to Christianity n' receive God on the day a Pentecost

I just woke up don't really feel like rappin' so i want to watch an instant replay
On my HDTV flat screen watchin' Osama gettin' killed each n' every day
This kid said that he's going to spit his lines next round, but after this 1, he'll run back to his cave
I'll bet you five hunna, the U.S military will bust in, shoot up the whole place, make that his grave

Remember that time when they came in bang bang on yo brain?
This kid is gon' light up like a grenade, bang bang, lose his mind like angry German kid, insane
This fool thinks he is fit for a soldier, he can't commit sepuku to reclaim fallen honor like Mulan
He's better off not readin' anything about religion, cuz he'll lose faith so quick in the book of the Koran

On his profile, it says he's a Scientologist
Neva said anything about being a realist
He committed a logical fallacy, proven by a neurologist
Thought i would let him win, but i'm a reverse psychologist

Enough games, i will throw you into a gutter, bomb you, leave your face defaced
I'll be in America's most wanted when the world sees you, you'll look like waste
Splittin' your rap flow piece by piece, crushin you in this battle, a lot of time, i will face
On your funeral, i can't get a soprano, alto, but i can surely get a singer who is a bass

It's no surprise this kids name is "Iwillalwayslosedebates"
I can bet you 50 grand he won't be losin' his fruit cakes


OK, let me start

First off your rhymes ain't catchy, Your argument style is only real sketchy.
You have bad grammar because you misspelled my name, My rhymes are so wild that they are not considered tame, Now looking back your lyrics were just a pitty shame.
So you brought up religion? your verses are so bad you are not what god envisioned. As i'm sitting here typing these letters, I'm rappin up a storm better bring a knitted sweater.
You say that you watch Osama die all times throughout all of your days, I got one question for ya, where did you get this tape anyways?
You say that you will leave me defaced? well that entire verse was such a disgrace.I seems you're freaking out, did you get sprayed by some mace? After this rap battle I will sit you in your place.
I have never had a fruit cake in my life, some things you will never have is a win or a life, i'm bringing you so much lyrical pain its like you are getting stabbed by a knife. Doubled edged dagger, i'm not much of a bragger, but once you read this it will make you walk with a stagger.
As we both know, got a couple more rounds to go, although after I post this you will most likely be a no show.
Debate Round No. 2


Lol, i see you tryna spit like a real pro, with rhymes within rhymes
I'm not sure whether to set you off to get several meal or bed times

Your name doesn't deserve a proper spellin'
I'm squintin' my eyes to try to see that facial swellin

If i had to conquer a city, i'd conquer yours, make you into a pastor
Then when everybody hears your preaching like an old man, it's a disaster
Don't go any faster, bow down on your knees like a good muslim before the master
Notice how i didn't exactly establish your duty as a muslim
I shove this rum into your esophagus, you be like yum-yum

I swear when i saw Osama get murked in his own rich house
Take his spouse, i bring his peoples to America, make em' live like Strauss

Funny how you changed your profile pic to a Walrus
No matter, you still get sliced up n' sent to black Angus
First it was an old crumpled n' crippled ol' man
Now it's a flabber fat piece of meat served with some ham

I'm still takin' these words, makin' a new rap
Jus' erased my last freestyle, but i can still stay strapped
With a few couple of deliveries, i knock this dude out, i mean animal,look it's apart of animal discoveries
This guy's raps are whack, i send him into a pile of a thousand miseries

You copy my raps, must mean i'm so famous
I stand firm, you fall baseless
You show off, with a flow like brass knucles, i buss'

Look at all this gibber-gabber
All jumbled up like blabber
This ol' animal had to write so much, he hurt his bladder


dope rap, just let me very quickly tip-pity tap,
OK, You say you were squinting your eyes, and you called me out that I was Asian. Your so worn out its sadder than the flight with the Malaysians. Your spelling is so bad your an 18th century illiterate Cajun. This rap battle must be very important to you, If you were trying to dis me, well I never had a clue. You said that I would be a pastor, After this rhyme I'll be known as a hashing, thrashing, slasher. Then I will reclaim my city and everyone will call me master. Half your words don't rhyme, I guess that you were just nervous, I doubt that you ran out of time. I'm like the overshadowing coconut and you are just the puny lime. Your telling the viewers about all this gibber-gabber, Your lyrics are so bad we call them gibber-jabber, Your pace is so behind me, you are a hardcore lager. Kicking up my feet, going off the top of my mind, it probably took you 15 hours just to come up with your rhymes. They're so atrocious, while mine slide off the tongue like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Might as well stop while you are probably jaw-dropped.

extraordinarily good; wonderful.
"the only word to characterize Kepler's discoveries was "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious""
Debate Round No. 3


Wow, hearing this guy must be like hearing a broken tape recorder
All i hear is static, with tech. nowadays, people can't wait for a new world order

Reading your raps, it feels like i'm reading a kid's diary
If i took a job offered by your boss, he'd hurry up n' hire me
You can't rap, i'ma poet, i spit so many lines, it's a masterpiece
You still in a zoo, i pick you out, make your fur into a nice fleece

Monkey see, monkey do, after i rap, you copy my lines, hail me as guru
Your raps are so whack, if Satan cooked it, he wouldn't even chew the stew

Woah, for a sec, that last line made me think you were Mary Poppins
But with these stunts, you crapped em' out, they worse than bird droppins
You talk the talk, but couldn't walk the walk, even if you wore leg stockins
Your raps are far worse than Vanilla ice, mixed with puddin' n' rice
I can rip em' apart, slice n' dice, don't play nice, to be precise

It doesn't matter if you were Asian or an Afghan
If i hit you with a baseball bat, you'd think i was Batman
Your raps make you look like a kid who came out of private school
Tryna battle with a real lyricist who the real busiest physicist
rattlin' your body, back n' forth to n' fro, can't stop, must persist

I take my time to take what's mine, cross my path, you'll be turned to slime
cross the line n' there'll be more crime to push the fine, make you do the time
I feel like i'm talkin' to a chicken writin' chicken scratch
If i tossed you some seeds for you to eat, you'd ask "what's the catch?"


You obviously dont know what you are saying, you were not taking your time you were just delaying,
But I get what your saying, only if it was good, you would be the one that the viewers would be praising.
they are not though, I know you understand vato, you loco, thinking that you can beat me, but you can't though.
Why do you have to make verses towards my race, even if they were had the quality you'd still be in second place.
they must be replaced. but I guess its too late, you already lost this debate. for all you know I could be Australian, but you'll never know mate. Even know this was simply, at the same time it was great. Every single word you say I just mutilate. So make sure on your next rap battle, just try to remediate. Are my rhymes making you woozy? Its like i'm shooting through your verses with a violin shaped uzi. So excuse me, if i'm hurting your feelins' I've never heard of a batman defeating a villain with a base ball bat. So what does that say? When you started this rap battle, Obviously you want to play, so lets play. Just like a friendly game of croquet. Like I said unlike croquet you don't have to delay.
So may I finish this off. hopefully when your reading this make sure not to stutter or cough. Just to make sure that my lyrics would flutter, through your body. His raps are like a lexus while mine are like a bugatti.
Debate Round No. 4
4 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 4 records.
Posted by Jman0056 6 years ago
You guys both suck lol
Posted by Truth_seeker 7 years ago
This is ridiculous LOL
Posted by IAlwaysWinDebates 7 years ago
Its ok you'd have won if I could vote, I highly enjoyed your raps more thought Pro a did do more than you, which could be seen as a good thing.
Posted by IAlwaysLoseDebates 7 years ago
Wow, the number of times it was viewed and there wasn't one vote on it....
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