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Rap battle

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Started: 5/4/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Come on boy lets go. If your up to it then start.


Man, look at yo' profile pic, what'd you use photoshop?
Funny how you call me a boy, seein' i'm older than you..kid stop

Talk about you focused on God, but you rappin' with an older so called holy man?
Everyone online will probably call me a pedophile, lock me in the pedo files, i'ma be banned
You chose the wrong person to mess with, cuz i'm like hannibal lector
Chose the wrong vector to inject this injector, i'ma cannibal
I ate a whole bunch of rappers back in the day, boy your raps whack

My lyrics are so sick, if i stepped on you, you'd break like a tooth-pick
You had to steal other rappers styles like blood being sucked by a tick
In case you didn't notice, in the past, had girls fall for me, adults n' pre-teens, so i lean
I hold my head up so high, look around, oh and btw, where the heck is SONOFGOD2013?!?

Alright, let me call you out for a minute, this is what i heard in words
you n' softball_32's are in the tree, like 2 ragin' love birds
Boy thinks he's in love, he don't even know the 1st thing about love
He'd think he'd get butterflies in his stomach, purity like a dove

I laugh at how crazy your hormones are goin', this kid's goin' through puberty
I'ma animal, you are too (if u know what i mean lol) if i dissed you, it'd be animal cruelty
This dude bouncin' in, tryna rap battle me, like he's enthusiastic
Boy you better off rappin' in a dream-world so fantastic

You like a rat in a maze chasin' that chedder
You don't know that i'ma predator n' i'm better
Step your intelligence up, learn how to rap in high school, i'm in college
Where the knowledge is advanced in your own time, better make a collage
You so soft, if you hit me as hard as possible, i'd think it was Nicki Manaj
Debate Round No. 1


Oh um did you expect me to be rattled
How can you think that, when you haven't even won a battle
Let's be honest, your a guy that I don't like
I just wanna let you know that I would beat you here and on a mic

How would you know anything about love if to women your disgusting
What really gets me is that you think your actually something
Man your nothing but a thing that takes up space
If I was you I wouldn't even show my face

You and me will never be equivalent
We are two people who are completely different
I'm sorry to say but in the rap world your ignorant
But what should I expect from someone who's illiterate

I can actually understand why your a hater
Cuz nothing but a sad disgraceful failure
You probably some guy who gets paid minimum wage as a waiter
So just quit because I'm on a whole different degree
It's like I'm eminem while you some f@ggot from glee


I might not have won a battle, yes i admit to it
My rap flow might not be as fluid as you think it is
But at least i write complex lyrics, you rap like you in a sing a-long
E'erything that you do is so wrong, so i ball up your stuff, go long
You rap like a lil' kid, never been an Eminem, copied this from a friend
I just wanted to let you know that you had a career, but lost it to the end

Beat me on a mic? Sike! i could beat you without one, there's no fight
Get on your knees and pray to God for him to make everything right

how the heck can you call yourself Eminem? You can't even rap 6-bars
Take back your 2 lined rhymes, your a-typical, i'm somethin' from mars
Thinkin' you livin' in the 26th century, i'm rappin' like i'm breakin' clay jars
I'm rappin' online, typin' this up, while you out there in the streets, stealin' cars
to pay for your rent cuz i think you stole my line then expect to be among the stars
Before callin' me illiterate, make sure you punctuate right, sound like someone behind barbs
Debate Round No. 2


Using the way I live against me: Man that's pathetic
But u guess I can't blame you since it's genetic
And saying that your raps are complicated
Dude I'm sorry but you will be dominated

Man you never stood a chance
You were lucky to get a glance
At my raps which to you are much to advanced
Quit now or raps will be enhanced

I have many raps in my brilliant mind
In the rap world all I do is shine
Me and my raps as so bright they'll leave you blind
You can't step to this because I'm a higher kind

You better be worried because time is racing
And when time runs out I gonna get you and do some proper placing
You already feeling defeat so you might as well start embracing
I don't think you now what your facing
Man just quit rapping and stick to debating


I will be dominated? I never knew that you were a homosexual
You couldn't rape me even if you were a police officer or a correctional
Man that's such a clique get back away, move your mind back a day
Don't be laugh, you wrote to, didn't even write "too"
LOL! boy don't swallow more than you can chew

If all you can do is shine, how come you based your rap off of my rhymes?
Learn how to lyrically be sound n' create a set of musical chimes

How many times have i heard this crap about being the best? it's gettin' old
I am the wolf, predator stalkin' the prey, you the sheep who slipped away from the sheepfold
You talk about my defeat, never actually went through with it, so improvise
walk that walk, talk that talk, draw that outline of chalk, change your plan, revise
Talkin' a bunch of gibberish, claimin' that it's absolute truth, but it's all lies

Quit rappin' n' stick to debatin"?
Stop hatin', you overratin'
Matter of fact, i take that back, whether i get in a rap battle or debate
I can burn you to a crisp like cake, even if i rapped as bad as Drake

I'm like Rasputin, i'm straight lootin', i start shootin'
Talkin' about you shine, well that's why i'm thuggin'
On second thought, these raps are as faker than some plastic, so i'm mean muggin'
drop this, cry out ba-humbug, but i leave you with one man's trash is another man's treasure
Your raps are so cheap n' trash, even Bill Gates wouldn't use it for leisure to rap battle me under pressure
Lil' boy, listen...

you couldn't beat me no matta' if you had intellect or alot of phylacteries
In fact, you couldn't even defeat me even if you made a thousands salaries
money don't buy lyrics, so stop the gimmicks, you better off doin' a set of jigs like the three lil pigs
Your raps are so laughable, i'm the big bad wolf, eatin' you alive, breakin' you into lil twigs

Ahaha, this guy said he was a higher kind
You are who you are within your own mind
Not tryin' to diss, i'm simply being truly kind
Debate Round No. 3


If we rapping on the mic I wouldn't need a beat
Because even if you cheat, you can't compare to my heat
You'd have more of a chance if you left your turn incomplete
Because for you I'm to elite , so I suggest you retreat
Your raps are to petite to even compete

Dude what does grammar have to do with rap?
At least my stuff isn't as bad as your cr@p
Because your raps are just weak, and that's you at your peak
So I guess that explains your never ending losing streak

And just like all your other battles, your fate will be repeated
Meaning that in this battle you will be defeated
But I don't get it, how can you be so conceited?
If in some battles you even retreated

I don't need to say much because your nothing
And even someone calling you that will leave you blushing
You say your the big bad wolf but I'm the one huffing
And puffing these raps which to you are crushing
I'm brushing off your sh!tty raps and then I'm flushing
But my raps to you are knives, your blood is gushing

Honestly to me your a big weenie, because beating you is to easy
Your raps are so sleazy that they actually make me feel queasy
So I better take it easy, to write another masterpiece
I don't even have to think because it's comes to me naturally
So quit because I have the capacity to make your life a catastrophe


Ahahaha, funny how you tryna be a big boy n' cuss'
I beat your pride down, no fuss, hit you with this clean flow like a bus
If you could come up with more words of such creativity, that'd be a plus
Nonetheless, i beat you with such a pure lyrical style to your brain til i see pus

You know what, i'm tired of playin' with Pinocchio
I'ma hitta like the italian mob, Godfather, Maurino
To win, you must resort to copy my raps, robbin' it like a bank
I got so much luxuries within this mindframe, blow you away like a tank
bust e'erything in fire, let hope sank, sip it til it drank
You come up with a masterpiece, i come up with a museum
Come up with an educational system educatin' your ppl, n' free em'
Teach them to rap battle a whole lot of haters, i create a whole army
If you brought a weapon, i'd disarm em' in case someone try to harm me
Could you do that? didn't think so, stop tryin' to beat the inevitable
Whether killin' you with my tongue of fire is ethical isn't sensible

I'm a big weenie? that sounds so homosexual
Maybe you should stop being so directional
Did you catch what i mean? Is it digestible?
It seems your sexuality is so obsessional
Debate Round No. 4


See I'm growing up in the hood, so at rapping Im very good
And I hope it's understood that if I could spare your life I would
But at least you stood your ground but I'm about to end you for good
I'm cutting you up worse than wood, I'm even making you lose your manhood

I'm sorry but for you I'm just to clever, and I'm man enough to battle whoever
After this you'll be in depression forever, and it's because of the pressure
You'll never battle another like me ever,but however you can still surrender
Because you just a pretender, who's not even worthy enough to be a contender
I blew you away in this battle, I'm like a air bender

Well I guess this is my last statement,
I actually tried a little to leave you in amazement
And I'm taking my time because I don't care about your patience
The greatness of my raps will leave you lying on the pavement
After I win I have an arraignment to put you in enslavement

In end I'll be standing over you victorious and posing
Then I'll be disposing of your body and leave it decomposing
I've been roasting you so bad, I even burned your clothing
This whole battle you've been choking, and with every rap I post my skill is growing
I bet after the beaten that your undergoing, rap to you isn't even worth knowing


Truth_seeker forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by SONOFGOD2013 7 years ago
I see my opponent forfeited because he couldn't beat me. I WIN.
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Reasons for voting decision: I thought both of yall did amazing! I can't decide who did better, cause bot put up great raps!
Vote Placed by Anonymous 7 years ago
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Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: F.

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