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Rap battle

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Started: 6/20/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 1,664 times Debate No: 56905
Debate Rounds (4)
Comments (18)
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First round is acceptance only.

People (except debaters) will post words in comments which they want debaters to use.

Voters will distribute points like this:
Made more sense and his lyrics are more intelligent. 3/7
More times used word from comments for first time. 2/7
Offended opponent less. 1/7
Sounded better when rapped/his words rhyme better. 1/7
Each forfeit is -2 points.


Alright, let's do this.
Debate Round No. 1


Ray is into antidisestablishmentarianism,
I'll let him keep Anglican status while he prays in the prison
I never meant to lock him there, he went as a volunteer
When I started to rhyme, he had no gut to stay here
My flow is banned, it's illegal, but I've never been busted
Three hours passed and my opponent is still flabbergasted

I don't need fossil fuel, I work on solar and blow steam
Even if Ray had a drone, he couldn't escape my regime
I am smarter then Einstein and stronger then Barbarian
I am like an all-powerful God, except I am humanitarian
I show mercy to every one of bitches that praise my cock
Which is bigger then the mountain and harder then any rock


Keep me in prison? Bitch, you can't afford dashiki, so listen.
I'll push you out of the way like I'm a piston,
my rhymes shine though me like a prism.
Your flow is outlawed because it's noise pollution.
Mix some lil Wayne with one D, you're the solution.
Think you stand out like a purple circle,
But you're done already, you never lasted.
And by the way, "busted" doesn't rhyme with flabbergasted!

My mind is intricate as my lines are infinite.
As for intricacy, I have no sympathy for my enemy,
You can try your best and act like a friend of me ,
You're definitely not a rapper, you just pretend to be.
You know me, I'm smooth as the trail of a zamboni.
You look like you live in a motorhome,
When it comes to weakness, you are an epitome.
Debate Round No. 2


I listened to your verse because you made a request
You sound like a baby bird then fell from the nest
But you ain't that big, you are a small-sized pest

You are trying to rhyme two words standing together
Your flow is as fly as bird with not a single feather
My armor is from steel, and yours is from leather

You are not my friend, because I don't hang with scum
Get some balls, you are so soft, I linger you like a gum
It's okay - you can't rap, but you can't even make a girl cum

Throw all your rhymes on pile and make them burn
Before you can battle me, you have a lot to learn
I'll spare you for a while; Go on, your turn!


Listen again cold mind, you sound old, blind,
Unaware of what's going on around you,
it's only round 2, and failure surrounds you!
You're saying you're as fly as a bird with plate-male?
You're just gonna fall hard and end up with hate mail.

And yes motherfuckker, my rhymes collide side-by-side
Challenge my mind, after 5 lines, you'll commit suicide
You and I were meant to be enemies, who am I?
My name is Ray P. I'll make you hate me, cause you aint me!
you'll suffer greatly, you're 18, but rap like you're 8, geez.

And the only thing I let linger is when I toss up my middle finger,
Declare myself the winner and leave it pointing at every singer.
Including the guy who's rhymes I'm facing
Since he cant rap, look at all the time I'm wasting
Debate Round No. 3


First of all, my sight is outstanding
I closed my eyes not to see your ugly face
You can't rap, but you keep pretending
So I am boarding you into the outer space

It is good that you told me your name
Because I have never heard of you before
You have no money, power or fame
I am the guy that all the beautiful girls adore

As for the fame, you even knew my age
I have money neither, I ain't gotta pay *hit
I am both absolute monarch and sage
Kingdoms I rule, and deepest wisdom I spit

What I feel for you is not hate, its pity
Give me ya finger and I'll bite of entire hand
You try hard, but your rhymes are *hitty
You take orders in your house, I rule entire land

Your bars were really lame
Sorry for burying you, but that's point of the game.


You're pissed man, look kinda soar,
left you twisted up like a wind-up doll,
After I crack apart your spinal-cord
Til it ain't a straight line no more,
shitt stickin' out of your back like a dinosaur!

Listen, no one's a fan of a man in a bandana
who's styles been banned 'cause we all can't stand ya!
I demand that you stand, while I backhand ya.
You never planned to be as endangered as a panda!

You learned to rap, as soon as you read mine,
"The entire land"? b*tch, you still have a bed-time,
You can't rule shitt, 'cause nothing said rhymes!
This wasn't my flow, just an introduction.
You're not the first to taste my lyrical destruction.
Syllables react in my head like combustion,
Hard to battle you kid, when you need to be tucked in.
Debate Round No. 4
18 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago
This was like a street fight between brothers who, while punching & kicking each other don't seem like they really want to beat the other to a pulp, just hurt him a little.

Part 1.

Pro...1st verse started solid, established potency, but didn't completely annihilate Con. Like U jabbed a knife in Con's gut, twisted, but instead of leaving it in U pulled it out. Ex. The 1st 4 bars of 2nd Paragraph were hard, U had this Almighty Divine Invincibility about U till mentioned Ur dick. It didn't fit w/ the previous 4 bars.

Con...1st verse began weak. The word scheme was awkward even after 3 reads. From there U completely spiraled down. U actually defeated Ur'self with the bust/flabbergasted attempted correction. They do rhyme the rhyming is the "id" sound at the end them.
Pro won R2.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago
Part 2.

Pro...This time U left the gut alone & went for his jugular vein & sliced it. It is possible to rhyme 2 words side-by-side but Ur point was evident. Had he used a similar purple circle line earlier it would've worked. And for me, a lyricist, it spoken directly to me: "Ya'll see what the fhuck Con just did, right?" Ur last line was great, the way U dismissed him like he was mentally challenged.
Con...Ur 1st line..."Listen again cold mind, you sound old, blind," is a well done multi. And what most people don't understand about this single bar is it is a Triple Lyrical Bullet: its a multi, a simile, & metaphor. It's on a Nas level! Had U done more of these throughout U would've probably dominated. The last part of Ur 3nd Parag. was completely juvenile. Even though Pro cut Ur jugular vein & had U bleeding to death the whole round, U somehow found away to kick him in his nuts, blind him with some of Ur blood, & stab him a few times w/ his own knife. Ur 1st 2 bars of last paragraph was one of the best combinations I've ever seen of "braggadocio inside an insult" or "an insult covered in self bragging" (Pac & Eminem level) by telling someone "fhuck off" in imagery without literally saying FU in the bar.
Con won R3

Pro...Ur last verse was good "wordplay". But Ur wording was directed at Con, as if to explain Ur'self & explain the reasoning behind it to him, seemed like U were playing catch-up. This is the same thing Mikal did in our battle--he kept explaining things I said, as if to catch-up (tho he won). U had him in R2 before he shot himself in the foot. And only by Ur rules did my votes go Ur way, becuz Con made many silly flips.
Con...I believe U won the battle overall, despite all the "weak" word schemes & "catch up-type jabs" U made. U simply had more standalone uppercutting blows than Pro. And the ONLY 2 flawless (by themselves) paragraphs in this entire battle. So based on "overall potency" you won, but based on "overall logicality" Cold Mind won.
Posted by RayPtheRapp 7 years ago
I do agree with that, it really puts a whole different challenge to it. I like it
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago
I think the word limit actually helps define the better lyricist. 16 bars should be the maximum for each round.
Posted by RayPtheRapp 7 years ago
This 750 character limit really throws me off, just as I get into it, it cuts me off haha
Posted by Bullish 7 years ago
Posted by Cold-Mind 7 years ago
No new words for me to use :/
Posted by RayPtheRapp 7 years ago
I rhymed "dashiki" with "keep me", where I tried to capture the double syllable rhyme, and "purple" with "circle", I know it's not a direct rhyme, but it was the best I could think of. Sorry about the confusion though
Posted by Cold-Mind 7 years ago
Dashiki and purple. It is possible that I missed it because you pronounced differently, but I doubt it.
Posted by RayPtheRapp 7 years ago
What do you mean? Which ones didn't rhyme?
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