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Rap battle

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Started: 7/8/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Debate Rounds (4)
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1st round is acceptance


Challenge accepted
Debate Round No. 1


Suryayan, that name sounds like a wanna-be Mayan
Your such a stranger even to a Filipino or Hawaiian
If you were black you couldn't even blend in with darkness
If you were white, you couldn't shine n cause blindness

I can tell you unsocialable, cuz everytime i scroll thru, i read "not saying.."
If you tryna get in this rap battle with me, pffft you playin!
Better get on your knees n' start prayin!
You a lil squirt among wolves, better start payin!
I'ma pulverize you to a crisp like a supersayan

I'ma flip you around jus like a hoola hop
You'd be better off flippin buns n' eatin' soup
at a homeless shelter where home is sweet home
That lil purple circle is all you have for a dome
you'd be better off callin yourself a tweenie
I'ma eat this 14-year old just like a twinkie
You still love to fantasize about Binkie
Wimps like you get punished by my pinkie


Tera nam hai truth seeker teri buddhi kharab karte ho bas buddhu wali baat. Dete ho din bhar kudiyo ko gali,phir bhi log tere jaise chuhtiye ke liye bajate hai tali. Tu hai frustrated karta mujhko blame tujhko to chutke lena hai fame. Tujhko vote milega nahin agar chala jay gurgaon, kis chodu kaha tujhe'yaha ake gaon'. Pehli bat to ye jo tu itna bak bak karte ho beech raste mein ladki ko chudte ho. Zada bola to tera muh toot jayga cha cha karke sabse jute khayga.
Debate Round No. 2


Blah blah blah all you do is ramble on, you love to babble
You lost your speech when you were at the tower of Babel
This dude ain't even rappin, more like he's fulla mumbo jumbo
I'd serve him like i served a hamburger n' 400 combos

E'erytime i look at you, i think i'm in the Americas
After splittin' your personality, you'll become a few replicas
This dude thinks he speaks another language, he speaks only gibberish
Your momma so stupid, when she hears this, she'd think you speak Yiddish


You think this language is funny, but the truth is you look like a bunny. You talk like swin but your as is not just fine. I am going to make you feel screwd and then make you neud. You dont rap just get from ur mommy a big big slap. You are gonna pay for what u have done make that count as you are gonna mount, on an object where there are two mountain, from the middle comes out the fountain. Dont sleep as you will need mommy, i will make you sound like your assy tommy.
Debate Round No. 3


woooah there slow down chucky!
Your skin is so fake, it's just yucky!
Your tongue is twisted, your mind is crooked
Time for your rest inside a coffin

It feels like your in Kindergarten writin' chicken scratch
Weakling raps, you is a lil baby bird that just hatched
You a parasite, to anything you can wrap to, you'll latch
This dude is as twisted as an anti-socialist

But i'm done playin' with ya, time to unleash the beauty of poetry
I'm like Jigsaw from saw lockin' in your jaw till the knowledge seeped in
Like a boiling water, morals are what i falter when i make you learn
Alot of tools i got in my disposal, my arousal is too much to burn
Take this rap brutality n' learn that you can't rap battle again
Nothin' bout you can save you from me e'en if i was in the pen

Screw a friend, if you killed me, i'd come back a ghost
As if that'll e'er happen, I rip your ego from coast to coast
How shall i compare myself? A Zion warrior with no guns
You couldn't defeat me if you were a warlord with all the funds
All you got is no style, no punchlines, no ammunition
So burn in this hellfire i made, begin ignition
Slashin' you up will leave my hands stained, no remission
It's all about my own perception, your inside an inception
Got no deep connection as i can't even establish a connection!
What happened man?!, i can't even send a message!
Blood curtlin', i disintegrated all of your cartilage
Cuz i'm sendin' a message now!
Robbin' your freedom like Chairman Mao


Suryayan forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by DakotaHemmel 7 years ago
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Vote Placed by Strycora 7 years ago
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