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Rap battle

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Started: 7/10/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 2,182 times Debate No: 58800
Debate Rounds (4)
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First round acceptance, no rules


Let's get this ablaze.
Debate Round No. 1


From lookin at your picture, you see yourself with 2 glocks, Tu Pac
While i rap so destructively, you get shot non-stop, a G is what you not!
Shadowkingstudios? As if you have your own record label...
Your name in and of itself is just a mere folklore, a fable

Typical black man wit saggin' pants n' weed smokin'
An end to your stereotype is what i'm dearly hopin!
You look Martin Luther King bad with your whack tries
Cuz everybody can see right through your lies
You only wrap sandwiches, flip burgers n' pass fries
Get out of my sight before another fool dies

so say your prayer of fate i'ma end you like the undertaker
Put a streak through your name, take your mom, dissect her
To see what in the world brought you into this world
Your words shall be used against you, leave you unfurled
Your finished, diminished, leave your rap name whirled


Dear God what have we got here? Not another flawed fraud livin' a facade
On this maraud, I hook ya like cod, terminate ya with my verbal firing squad
Nevertheless, you lack lyrical finesse with that discombobulated mess you protest
Blaspheme my noblesse, get bench pressed by my repress you 90 lb. princess

Listen nut sac, you can't flow on wax, you lack the knack to audibly strategically rap
Let's check the facts, I, your King, can stack a track with a lethal lyrical attack
You'd sound like a duck quack, a whack piece of crap yackin' like a Tibetan yak
You got jacked last bar by draw back, Round 3 will prevent you a bounce back

You can't think with brain cells clogged with zinc, now out with the kitchen sink
A kinky Black Chink who lip sync songs of N'Sync, Lickin' on Lance's hot link
You an Al Sharpton, I'm a Malcolm, niggas like you I "X," to be smoked away like hash
Dash gas on you & flame you to ash, sell you for cash to Mikal to be raped in the @$$

I spit bars on you like a llama, bend you like a comma, anal yo mama in porn-style drama
Have her worship me like a Dalai Lama, and pledge allegiance to me as her Obama
Round 3, you Geek I crank up the heat, compel you to Tweet this prophetic defeat
That Rhetoric predicted offbeat that you will be forced to eat like raw diseased meat

He said "default" meaning my fleshly presence is a divine essence of transcendence
It is hindrance of my incandescence predestined to cause you to evanescence
Truth so bold, I know that's cold your own debating mode won't allow you to claim the gold
Don't blame me, bro, that's what the dice rolled, for me to be Prince, you to remain the toad

Tupac? Nigga, they will compare you & me, to me being Jay-Z you being Memphis Bleek (who?)
Maybe you can tag team against me with Lea Michele, then Glee me cause yo shitt is cheap
At least she has a keen gleam with her sting, you have no zing in your batting swing
Now bow down, kiss my royal ring, because your debate mistake have crowned me King

draw back- "use a surgical instrument to hold open the edges of a wound"
Lance Bass-
Debate Round No. 2


Noticed how con used "back" twice
You tryna too hard to roll the dice
What are the chances that you'll beat me?
Not 1, not 2, shoot, not even three

is this how you disrespect the laws of physics?
yap yap yappity yap running yo mouth like a gymnast
I don't need a firing squad, I prefer to work alone
cause when I'm by myself, you all in the danger zone
forget doing a ranger wrong, I'm singing a deathly song
I'll have you nailed to a cross everybody will say the king is gone

forgive me Lord I didn't mean to commit blasphemy
but using slant rhymes for me has become a masterpiece
after you n your personality is disintegrated, you shall be integrated, your brain refrigerated
on second thought, I shall throw it out to the crows so that it can be mutilated
Click Clack clickety clack, get you whacked as you away from the pack
let state facts, me versus you is like a cat chasing a hoodrat
my belly gets fat from eating that, you stink from crack
your brain is so wasted, God shouldn't a made it sick
if I were you I'd use a stick shift and just wasted it

so take the punishment that runneth in it
psychic vs. psychotic and hypnotic will make this dude turn into a necrotic
you listen to too much Chris Brown, so you go erotic, a porno you bought it
ran our money to buy more, so now he Robbin it
oh what a catastrophe,you get your songs from Rhapsody
can't get past me, still recording your stuff using Audacity
then when the truth hits, you be like I must rap, my dream has to be

N*gga look like Soulja Boy, hang with me I'll leave you a broken toy
ship you off to my enemies, trick them and win like the Battle of Troy
this isn't a battle, this is a deploy of an evil choice on one of God's boys
what in Gods name is wrong with your body structure?
your scrawny little body can't take a rupture


Damn dude, not again with the kiddie lines[1], 3rd Grade rhymes: deadpan[2] like Ben Stein
This time I'ma give you lessons of the eminent kind, like reading the mind of 3rd Eye Blind
First, nigga, you must devoid emotion & emerge yourself in noun-based devotion
Eliminate the flawed notion: that most voters will respect artistic self-promotion

That's why I lost to that hoe Jew, you know who: "the femboy" you let spoon you every Noon
Every Monday last June to ya'lls favorite Taylor Swift tunes, he had you barkin' at the Moon
I'm only gonna ether you with 10 bars, I see by far you can't go toe-to-toe, so let's spar
I scarred you last round to let you know you are, just a twinkle compared to this Alpha Centauri Star
My Alma Mater is a PhD in Lyrical Slaughter, don't bother to retaliate, lest I grow hotter
I issue orders like Godfathers, baptized in holy water. Nigga, daughter Adrianna[3] go harder (than you)

1- "yap yap yappity yap" & "Click Clack clickety clack"
Debate Round No. 3


lol, you couldn't teach us better, so you used sources
Flows a lil off coulda taken better courses

This dude just went soft like the Bernstein bears
Note the resemblance to his pic, it got alot of shares
Talkin' about my noun based devotion when i use verb notions to cut you like Moses split the ocean
I just took your rhyme what a commotion, your skin's a lil too ashy, you need some more lotion
This dude stole potions to create some more locomotions in his slogans n rap with no emotions
You claim to issue orders from Godfathers, but there's only one
I took my own orders, not commanded by the father, spirit, son
Your about to get baptized again in the same water your daughter was in
The color of your skin can never fully describe your deadliest sin

I'm not an aggressive rapper, cuz it's not worth unleashin' my anger
Look what i did now, fired thoughts like shots i ain't even a gangbanger


I got many fiery fluent flows filled with flare, I fling at you feminine flea bags
The first to flaunt fulgurous rapping fatality directly against you fruity f@gs
The truth, TruthSeeker: They turn you off like a terrible TV show with trivial teenage vocabulary
And tune in to me to be treated with terrific tales as they take a trip through the dictionary

Yo pukish lyrical pattern & pace is pathetically pointless with powerless punch, please harken:
Pray with ya pedophiliac Pentecostal priest for penance, perhaps then, I'll present you with pardon
Ninny-@ss nigga, are you takin' notes? Notice how I nimbly nudge nouns into natural position
Like a U.S. Navy Admiral navigatin' through nautical knots next to narcissistic Nazi attrition

My alias, "The Tactician" tactically takin' you out with thermonuclear triple targeted commands
Ya trichomania[1] teems you like a tricky tranny in tight tutus, I curse on you trichosis[2], man
If you can cleverly climb over my crazy crafted rhymes continuously cutting you into carcass gore
I'll cancel my calculated lyrics in challenges & cease my claim to rap competitions anymore

Deciding votes must deems you Dominant Dude to force me to denounce my declared supremacy
But the daffy dookie you spit is decadent, deficient of the dalliance I do through rhyming dichotomy
Shadow is the Shady on this site, not you or any sucker can seriously slice me to Second Place
Cause my slick skill in 16 bars surgical serrate you slow simpletons to simple disgrace

1-Trichomania - a passion for hair (
2-Trichosis - Any diease of the hair (

"Lyrical Slaughter"
ShadowKing aka Regime
July 11th, 2014
Debate Round No. 4
12 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago
Thanks, Wolff. Before him, I want to crucify that Jew first. I'll be back to rap debating by Friday.
Posted by ChosenWolff 7 years ago
Ahh, that was pretty professional. Shadow, you should challenge BoT
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago
My apologies, wasn't sure which context you we're using it in. Yeah the vid was awesome.
Posted by TWG-Rorschach 7 years ago
Oh for the vid just go to 31:00
Posted by TWG-Rorschach 7 years ago
Oh then u misunderstood. Usually in battle rap when you say someone is about to spaz our spazzed out, you are saying they pretty much are fully immersed in their bars. The flow when someone is spazzing out usually amplifies their bars and results in legendary rounds. Here is a good example of what I mean And "* I liked the alliteration*" I missed the I. Oh and me getting tongue twisted always happens wasn't trying to discredit you. Sorry about that, ha.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago
Unless you meant "spazzed" to mean "more angry than what is warranted" and your use of "tongue twisted" not to mean "audibly incoherent" then your comment's first half seem to imply my audibly incoherent words were awkwardly clumsy. Which I digress, since all my lyrics are written to be understandable through a real vocal delivery of balance. However, I did recognize the salute at the end.
Posted by TWG-Rorschach 7 years ago
Did you just rebuttal my praise >.< and I'm used to rapping to a Self created rhythm rather than pauses. When I slowed it down a bit the alliteration looked really great. Oh and this line "I spit bars on you like a llama, bend you like a comma, anal yo mama in porn-style drama" I made the most sour face when I read that, while not as lyrically prevalent it has the certain rhythm that makes it powerful.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago
Shadow didn't spazz out. Alliteration & Consonance have been widely used rapping devices since the early 90s. 2pac was the 1st to popularize it. Cam'ron & Eminem use them often. If you read the lyrics & felt you got tongue twisted in the process, then that vindicates my previous use of the forward slash / to indicate where vocal delivery must "pause" to maintain cadence & rhythm. In my debate w/ Mikal voters vilified my use of / claiming it made my lyrics hard to understand. The weren't hard to comprehend, it just meant they don't know how to read rap lyrics properly. Had I used bar meters aka / then it would've been visually clear where to pause, to maintain flow & not become tongue twisted. Read the 1st one in normal reading mode. Read the 2nd one with balanced slight beats (pauses).

I got many fiery fluent flows filled with flare, I fling at you feminine flea bags
The first to flaunt fulgurous rapping fatality directly against you fruity f@gs
The truth, TruthSeeker: They turn you off like a terrible TV show with trivial teenage vocabulary
And tune in to me to be treated with terrific tales as they take a trip through the dictionary

I got many fiery fluent flows / filled with flare / I fling at you feminine flea bags
The first to flaunt / fulgurous rapping fatality / directly against you fruity f@gs
The truth, TruthSeeker: / They turn you off like a terrible TV show / with trivial teenage vocabulary
And tune in to me / to be treated with terrific tales / as they take a trip through the dictionary

Yes the first example is hard to vocally envision if you don't know sh!t about cadence. But as you can see the second establishes signaled pauses in order to reconcile rhythm. It is also a prime example why I denounced 20+ words in a bar I see from other debaters, esp. Mikal, because in vocal delivery--unless your Twista & Bone Thuggin' the song--you can't practically rap 2 bars that long in even breaths
Posted by TWG-Rorschach 7 years ago
Shadowking spazzed in that last round, like the alliteration got tongue twisted a lot of times. If I could vote I would give it to SKS but good battle on both ends.
Posted by Vinny12345 7 years ago
Hey there y'all. I'm notta hard core rapper. I think about my raps while I'm sitting on the crapper.
1 votes has been placed for this debate.
Vote Placed by bladerunner060 7 years ago
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Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: I found Con's rap to have better "flow", albeit a bit more complicated one. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.

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