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Rap battle

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Started: 8/27/2015 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Its a just friendly rap battle.
Insults are allowed and slang are also allowed.
1st round is acceptance.

Thank you
Debate Round No. 1


Lets do it. . . . .
Hey you what the hell is ur name,
Rapping isnt a game. U cnt stnd in frnt of me,
Cause i will make u pee. Talking waffle does only fucckking gaffle,
U made a mistake accepting it, cause u didnt ever suckk tiitts.
Is ur name tommy cause u will run away to mommy,
Man give ur mouth a stitch cause ur jst a fucckkin bittch.
Dnt tke it seriously as it is a rap,
Not some biological cell sap. I dont know how to tell
Ok jst go to helll. Now u will start some mumbo jumbo, cause ur the biggest shitty dumbo.
I will whip ur asss with a wrench,
And u will become some old shititty french. Now now
Dont go too far, ur mom will be worried
But she doesnt know that u hv porrn completely studied
I assume i hv made u mute,
Man ur gf's buttt is really really cute
Now i will rap the rest in round two
Man i am telling it to u, Fuuucccckkkk yooouuuuuu.

Thnx ;)


What's my name? hold on I'll tell you
My waffles are tasty and yours are blue
Spitting rhymes is what I do
Have you ever heard of spell check?
I lied I don't spit I slit, your neck
You'll be dreaming and bleeding your rhymes are misleading
cause you say you'll win with immature little curse words
I'll cut off your nuts and fry them into cheese curds
I'm already in Hell and guess what I'm the devil
Even when you stand straight up you still ain't on my level
You can try to rap back in round three
but these debatees will still vote for me
And what's with all of these insults about my mommy?
Looks like someone has some issues
It also looks like you're all out of tissues
cause they are all crusty
sort of like how your rhymes are crusty
Debate Round No. 2


Well i got the shittty rap of yours,
Well thy were fucckking and immature.
I assume u hv never used as it does not allow slanng words,
I am not like u,- a fucckking nerd.
Man slow down there,
Lol ur buttt is a complete sphere.
I dnt hv mental issues
Cause people like you do sentimental misuse.
I said already insults can be given here
Or u were busy in fucckking there.
You think people are gonna vote u
Man,its not a single % true.
U aint no rap god
I m gonna wind ur asss with a rod.
Shittty old tale says that tit for tat
Man u are biggest braaat.
I am a straight forward man, yes i am
Helll u have a crore of internet scams.
You are roasted like popcorn
Shitt,you are even associated with pornn??!!!??!!!
I am gonna rap with you till my last drop of sweat of mine
You wouldnt last that long you swinee.
Well talking waffle I think you had enough
In round 3 its gonna get more shittty rough.



You just need to chill alright?
I didn't think anyone under 10 was allowed on this site
That whole last verse of yours was out of spite
Because you still think swine is spelled with two e's
How can you stand up when you're always on your knees?
You would probably vote for Kanye in 2020
I am the pinnacle of success I am better than the rest
Come on man here I'll put you to the test
If you still think you can win after this
the audience probably just feels bad for that lisp
A pinch of Copenhagen is too much for you to handle
Skoal Berry blend pouches go pretty good with those socks and sandals
What is this Scandal?
Are you trying to pull a fast one on me?
Well surely
I am simply one hell of a Butler
You're bleeding from your wrists cause you're a cutter
My verse might be short but its better than yours
sorry I'm a real man so I have to go do some farm chores
Debate Round No. 3
3 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 3 records.
Posted by Suryayan 3 years ago
Ok man. That would be better
Posted by TalkingWaffle69 3 years ago
Thanks man. Lets do it again sometime but make it more challenging. like a certain topic battle
Posted by Suryayan 3 years ago
Man swine is a profanity i thought so i gave 2 e 's. And nice rapping with u.
U r a good rapper.
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