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Rap battle

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Started: 6/30/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Debate Rounds (4)
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This is just a standard rap battle between two contenders. The winner is the person that performs better.


- First round for acceptance only.

- Rounds: 4.

- Time to argue: 72 hours.

- Character Limit: 3000. (To keep it readable).

The best of luck.


I accept. Let the games begin, Rou.
Debate Round No. 1


I ask for a challenge but ain't no grantin for my wishin
I hook the fishing line for fish but its only seaweed that I'm fishin
I worry I'd get sorry for all the sweat I'd be spillin
To a trout not worth the snout I put out for its killin.

I send them lines one by one and watch them fly with devotion
My hook clings to the sun and pulls it jaw-dropped down the ocean
The b!tch bleeds on the surface exhausted from extortion
I get bored and fling her upwards have her burnin from emotion.

I ain't myself that impressed I've wasted all those bars on you
When to finish you off it won't be takin more than two
To what purpose are we waitin when we know your death is due
Hold your breath as I speak in this round we'll get it through.

If you're impressed by Danielle and where she sits in ELO
I'm the needle of big names and this show is my show
When I lift the string she's up, when I pull the string she's low
The higher up the board she is, the farther up I'm gonna go.

Have your eyes wide open and wipe that blur on your glass
This schoolin ain't for free we charge ELO in this class
Enough of your name keep it livin in the past
Friend who made you win before won't be here to save your a55.

I'll be your surgeon here and show you some martial art
Put my fingers round your brain and split the right and left apart
Then stick my rifle in the crack right down the gooey tart
Squeeze your right and left together and blow the trigger with the fart.

Each line's chain-reaction blows my opponent's heart contraction
Lines spit in a second's fraction from my throat's pump-action
But my poetic abstraction doesn't fall for distraction
My finger on the trigger not letting go to satisfaction.

I've read my contender and smelled the stench of egoism
Between her technique and physique lies a rather odd schism
Her technique's skinned milk and to put it more bluntly
The fat and substance compensated for her flow and rhythm.

Those who heard me when I blasted with kafkaesque technique
When they faced me with their plain they lost the battle to unique
As in those who spoke after were always trailin after
And those who spoke before me had no before to speak.

And here's another instant where I bleed my reserve
To an asymptote way beneath my intelligence curve
I always work up brilliance but what the hell am even doing
I haven't seen an opponent such great efforts deserve.



I don't see how my opponent can fight it
Drop bombs in my verse like I'm working for ISIS
My enemy's cheap and my venom is priceless
Spit fire that burns so you might have to ice it
You're losing yourself like an identity crisis
You're weak as arthritis, call me your highness
Cuz I'm up high up above and you are beneath me
They love that I'm cool - that's why they call me breezy
You make me queasy, macaroni and cheesy
Winning this will be like your mama is --- Easy
Oh no, here I go, it's about to get started
Accepting this battle with me was retarded
Almost as stupid as a Donald Trump fan
A squabble with me is always a dumb plan
You just a bum man, your failure stands no chance
I'll end you for fun like a Taylor Swift romance

Publish my covenant so you know I'm running it
I'm so far ahead that you'll need a mulligan
Troubling punishment for this battle in public kid
You're failing like government run by Republicans
I'm puzzled why you'd wanna rumble, get bludgeoned
And pummeled by this not-so humble curmudgeon
Tried pushing my buttons but I say I'm smashing him
I'm Beyonce in this b!tch and he is Kim Kardashian
I'll always be in fash-i-on, rapping is my pass-i-on
Frankly I'm a Yankee and that's why I'm gonna batter him
He don't even matter, kinda sad he's insignificant
I'm omnipotent here and this battle's no diff-er-ent
I always stay vigilant, my dominance militant
Unlimited wit - why'd you choose this predicament?
Someone go and get this dude a certificate
The pity trophy given to every losing participant

Now I got more to add cuz I don't do subtraction
You've got half of my talent - hope you're good at fractions
Going to Europe's my next course of action
Got girls coming for me like a tourist attraction
See I don't hate you but I gotta speak of my slyness
Mutilate you, you're weak and I'm Zika Virus
Dangerous and predictable: I can kill you
For fun cuz your rap's typical fungus like mildew
And you keep speaking about how high that I'm ranked
Who cares? I'm more proud of what I have in the bank
Than how many losers on DDO that I've spanked
Use my words as ammo and you're shooting blanks
Think your sh!t is brilliance? You must have low standards
Drop out cuz you've already lost, Bernie Sanders
I'll answer your slander, destroy you like cancer
You know it gets me off like a rapist from Stamford...
Debate Round No. 2


When I was speakin of "skimmed milk" I knew the point would pervade

By those tasteless insults and references you have made
And it's because of your failure in the background you now fade
People readin this just to read me they can tell you're low grade.

My contender comes here thinkin she's the better competition
To be reminded that satisfaction is an unfavourable condition
The jackrabbit would be sleepin with her mouth widely grinnin
Till she wakes up to ambition past the finish line and winnin.

If attacking left and right is the scheme you're here to do
You build your wall of hatred here and your wall will fall on you
Your monotonous one-line insults every one of us knew
To have a chance to win here you need to give us something new.

If there's a pity trophy here I'll give it to miss generic
The same swagger and dominance this sh!t gettin hysteretic
Same old traditional rap but didn't say your own lyric
Your rap can't be taken serious it almost sounds satiric.

Forgive me your highness but your attacks to no avail
You're racist against others and this racism we can trail
You went to Mecca once and got your panties in a twist
When they thought you were a man and left you standin without a veil.

Your rank is high not because of the losers that you smack
It's noob-forfeiture debates that made your winning track
You started like me but got your head in the clouds...
And I only came here to pull you all the way back.

Yes when I took you the challenger it seemed so retarded
Only because your lion never saw a badger when it guarded
You ran to your cave while your cave I bombarded
Your soul was so afraid it hung to my leg while it parted
I stepped on your soul and your pain I disregarded
I was Mufasa's revenge to what his brother Scar did.

And although I'm up my game but my heart's feeling steep
The worst part about this is a feeling that hits me deep
I've known you for a while and when this sh!t is over
It's gonna feel like I'm putting my old dog to sleep.

I'm sorry to tell you now but it's definite you gonna lose
But don't worry about the views you're considered old news
In this final snooze you'll be only hearing blues
But won't be counting any Baaaaahs you'd be only counting Booooos.

And before you start building lengthy walls of rhymes
That are empty of meaning and might impress sometimes
Think of something that is not overused and shows brilliance
As again next round there'll be punishment for your crimes.



Thank God there's no music - Pro has no rhythm
He just made every one of his readers a victim
I'm in the position for lyrical circumcision
So I'll have at him like I'm his daddy in prison

Yo, we've all seen better rapping from children
You're acting a crack head by saying you will win
I'm straight up embarrassed for you at this point
Gonna Rock You All Night like I am a Kiss joint

I KILLED you last round, now you got this vendetta
You're disgusting that's something like your crusting smegma
Insulting and baseless that you think you're near me
You're revolting and basic like Creationist theory

You're not making it clearly - dude check the statistics
Think you're beating me fool? You must be autistic
Didn't want to go off on ya here but I will though
You're such a cvnt I wanna fvck you with my dildo

See my similies, metaphors and synonyms drill
How silly of me to think this would be a thrill
I'm burying you now like some kind of grim kill
You sound stupid as hell rapping about some skim milk

So incoherent when you talk about my appearance
I'm a luxury brand - this little man is on clearance
I mean everything about his manhood is little
Put a girl's hand on his wood and she thought it was a riddle

Think I have an ego? Sure of course and why wouldn't I?
I'm running you over like an Asian who couldn't drive
See I've got more prosperity than business in China
High in popularity for those with vaginas

You know how I do, now you're hating me cuz I'm feisty
Rou's confused like he is Caitlyn Jenner in the 90s
He sounds like a D-list Dr. Seuss low on IQ points
I could throw him a bone and still spit him out like a chew toy

You know this ain't news boy, I'm so much better than you
I'm filet mignon and you are on the Dollar Menu
Even got ingenue Jews on my "holla" menu
Wanted in every venue again by all the men too

You attempt and you'll lose, you're a vegetable dude
Even your testicles are in a detestable mood
Even your friends know I'm a ten, you're a two
It's incredible you went down this preventable route

You challenged me and now look where it's gotten us
You're rotten, that's why you think I'm monotonous
I mean you really suck so this race will be a struggle
A blank face stares at me while I portray the Queen of the Jungle

Now you're in trouble and you're not gonna beat me
How fun it will be to destroy you completely
Take you down, put you to sleep til you wanna weep too
This battle's the biggest mistake since your mom chose to keep you

Debate Round No. 3


Pity pity pity pity what a damn damn pity
If you call hers rap you call worms spaghetti
Witty witty witty it's cute she thinks she's witty
I'm cringing so much my teeth keep gettin gritty
Ouch my wood is small and my mama better abort me
This so edgy and creative I can't believe you got me
You have less chances of winning this than Dr. Dre got with Bonney
I wouldn’t even bet on you with any bitcoin money.

This night of disappointment extends this awful marriage
No insult specific to me it's just a lyrical miscarriage
She gives me teenager insults and says I can't manage
That's not the challenge I imagined when I imagined a challenge.

She's admitted she's skimmed milk but continued with her preaching
I'm schoolin her but my chalk got fed up of her screeching
My lines are wider than her and here lies a subtle statement
It's not because they're off it's because they're far-reaching.

I'm a sculptor of my words and your mosaic is just boring
There's no levels in your punches or a meaning worth exploring
I put statue after statue and you just put a patterned flooring
My hands tied to my back and you'd still see me scoring.

If you've trumped me in the rhythm I've trumped you in complex flow,
Advanced imagery, comebacks, punches, delivery, quality and more'
Let me play your filthy game and stoop down to your level
Not because it's interesting down there but cause I'm born a rebel.

This morning I snapped myself to your lover Charlene
She drooled so much she ruined her water-proof screen
And it wasn't her upper mouth if you know what I mean
She send me her snatch with the caption "yours" in between
But something went strange when it never said "seen"
It just pinned it the location where I have recently been.

And in all honesty you're obsessed with that fat dummy
When she took me for her daddy and abandoned you her as mummy
It could be that you lured her in her curious age
Before she realized for herself that suckin d!ck was more yummy.

Enough of this teenage sh!t I'm back to maturity
I'll leave Danielle to continue with her immaturity
I don't want to attack anyone by vulgar nonsense
Like Slim Shady let them mock my politeness and purity.

I made a DDO career that never stopped to any boulders
And great effort and ambition were my only trophy holders
Yet there was no challenge that satisfied my hunger
Or was worth the gold medals feelin heavy on my shoulders.

A rapper should stop rappin if he has no poetic inclination
Nothing driven to you from him if he's not driven by sensation
And to summarize a final difference between Danielle and myself
She wore the guise of masculinity and I wore the truth of revelation.

She hasn't absorbed the shock or saw the blood that she splatter
She thinks her puppets would win her but they're now with me going at her
Let me make a final bet in this final round
All the sh!t she'll say next like before won't even matter.



I'm more secure in this battle than Clinton's e-mail server
No contest - I destroyed this boy to any honest observer
He used the SAME disses for 3 rounds, then b!tches about the monotony
Somebody gotta call out this dipsh!t for all his hypocrisy

Heard him talking 'bout my curves again like it's gonna bother me
Not impressive turd - obscure words both now and then were mediocrity
Honestly repeating the same wack lines every time is his policy
He's repeatedly behind my a$s like he's mastered sodomy

This witless little twit don't even know what I look like
Jealous of me cuz every chick he likes turns into a bull dyke
Real talk: how many times have you jerked off to me since this has started?
Balked at what you've written, chicken, gonna call you Boston Market

He's probably a 23 year old, butt a$s, gross, ugly virgin
I'm allergic to this perverted, unfunny, dummy of a person
Fvck this waste of space and all of his baseless assertions
He's like a pu$sy a$s fake Wizard of Oz hiding behind the curtain

In his mom's basement on stained sheets with no stated purpose
It's all on the surface - lame, cheap, too worthless to make a purchase
I'm hotter than what this nervous person got in his thermos
It would be a disservice to pretend his verse's had purpose

I played and degrade him - cuz he's faker than a spray tan
No debating that I thew him so much shade he don't need Ray Bans
The prognosis for this dope's atrocious notes was clearly hopeless
He's a nobody - 2 years here? I sincerely never noticed him

I'm pretty sure that no one did - unwanted like an orphan is
He must be EVEN MORE invisible offline - oh how unfortunate
I killed this kid before it even began like an abortionist
Got so bored of reading his last round I swore he forfeited

And he would have if he had thought a bit more explicit
Like his dad wishing he pulled out of a whore before she had his kid
I slaughtered your a$s fast - it's softer than Motts applesauce
The boss when I rap cuz I'm like a much hotter Alex Vause

This homebody that nobody likes is always obsessed with my ranking
So I flogged him like Christian Grey on a quest for a spanking
This mo keeps talking about my ELO cuz he's desperate
Hello weak like Jello - so creep exit before I get aggressive

Three rounds later and STILL he has NO new material
Like every other person who battles me, HAD to get venereal
It was only a matter of time til he talked about sexing me
I'd rather burn myself alive than have this suspect undressing me

Expressedly unimpressed by his pathetic attempts to insult me
I obliterated this chump who wants to fvck me with no dif-fic-cul-ty
It's funny - his flow's not "complex," it's just a text of word vomit
My multi slant rhymes in each line are flawless as promised

Easy to hide behind a screen like an anus making up stories
Of course you don't wanna be seen - comes with the heinous territory
Now being pathetic is self-explanatory, you're busted
So take back your unpoetic hysterics to the lavatory and flush it
Debate Round No. 4
26 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Roukezian 2 years ago
Kudos to Udel for an excellent vote. This was fun. Thanks Danielle.
Posted by Udel 2 years ago
In round 1 I thought rou's rap was going great until the line with the fart which seemed out of place. The line "Her technique's skinned milk and to put it more bluntly" also came outta nowhere and didn't rhyme with anything else in the verse. For Con's round 1, from the lines from "Publish my covenant so you know I'm running it" to "And pummeled by this not-so humble curmudgeon" was good and had good flow. Overall both of them did good in the first round---creative raps and disses but honestly nothing really impressive. Con's stayed relevant to current events (bernie sanders, zika virus, etc.) but Pro went more after Danielle specifically so both were okay and tied.
Posted by Udel 2 years ago
Second round: the best lines from Rou were "I stepped on your soul and your pain I disregarded -- I was Mufasa's revenge to what his brother Scar did"...."I've known you for a while and when this sh!t is over -- It's gonna feel like I'm putting my old dog to sleep".....great lines, but then the last 2 verses were whack. For Con, her best lines were "Yo, we've all seen better rapping from children--You're acting a crack head by saying you will win" which has great flow...."Didn't want to go off on ya here but I will though --You're such a cvnt I wanna fvck you with my dildo"....."I mean everything about his manhood is little---Put a girl's hand on his wood and she thought it was a riddle"...The lines from "You know this ain't news boy, I'm so much better than you to It's incredible you went down this preventable route" was pure fire. So Con won round 2. The references to Caitlyn Jenner and Asians being shitty drivers was also clever.
Posted by Udel 2 years ago
Round 3: Rou was supposed to start off strong but his first 4 bars were weak. I liked his lines "That's not the challenge I imagined when I imagined a challenge"...."My lines are wider than her and here lies a subtle statement"....the middle of his verse was pretty decent in general... "Before she realized for herself that suckin d!ck was more yummy".... honestly his round 3 was really good so I thought Rou was gonna take it, and then it would be a tie. But then in Round 3 Danielle just went off from the get go. Best lines were "He's repeatedly behind my a$s like he's mastered sodomy"....."Jealous of me cuz every chick he likes turns into a bull dyke"....the ENTIRE mid section of the verse lol.... and once again references to current events like Clinton's email server and OITNB. So Danielle won round 3 and round 2, with a tie for Round 1. Rou did really good but Danielle won 2/3 rounds.
Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: lannan13// Mod action: Removed<

0 points awarded. Reasons for voting decision: =removed=

[*Reason for removal*] The voter appears to have removed his reasoning himself, and as such, the vote will also be removed.
Posted by Roukezian 2 years ago
Heh. Now I feel bad for being defensive.
Posted by Roukezian 2 years ago
This could pass as a subjective vote where you think that because you think that, but it seems shitty in my end after all my effort to have a vote like this that doesn't even bother going into details.
Posted by Roukezian 2 years ago
The other votes, one of which was from Rross and against me, explained her reasoning as to why Danielle won, that I compromised myself when I went into sexual stuff. And the one from Fire_Wings explained that he found mine easier to read but found them both equal in quality. Yours didn't. You just said, "she sweeped you in all rounds".
Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
You can't look me in the eye and tell me that all of these votes look like that. If mine gets removed then they all do. Maybe things wouldn't be that bad if all of these debates you did had to hinder on subjective votes and personal preference on who said what better.
Posted by Roukezian 2 years ago
And that is not to say that you shouldn't think she body-bagged me, this could be your honest conclusion but for such a strong claim one expects to see some reasoning.
3 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 3 records.
Vote Placed by Udel 2 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: comments section RFD
Vote Placed by fire_wings 2 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Both had good raps. But from the beginning I found Pro's raps easier to read. I could tap my foot. They are good, but the quality is the same, but because of the rhyme, I vote Pro.
Vote Placed by rross 2 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: See comments