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Rap battle

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Started: 5/30/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Good luck to the one who accepts. You can start straight away.


I don't think you realize what you've done i'm just using this first round for fun and to see the bounds of which you can spit s-it sweeter than a honeybun left your girls bum sticky i'm sorry if you found out from me, honestly it don't bother me i'll out rhyme you and then fight you for free i'm a freak of nature with a bleak and narrow mindset you corny as a minecraft horse tamer, woo!

you never specified how long i can rhyme for, therefore i'll be obliged to write a verse that's longer than time itself with every line you read you get weaker and then my voice plays by itself through your speaker i'm ethereal, you barely have enough money to get yourself a meal, bummin' off the wheels, i make your b-tch squeel as i peel off her bikini top i'm poppin' off you blow your top strokin' yourself with a hollowed out zucchini i'm foul rhymes make you think i'm prematurely senile you let me go first? I feel it, but since you act so cocky everything i say i really mean it you made a phoenix rise from the ashes to bash you and baptize people with truth, my dude, you look like Toothless i'm bitter ruthless and a switch hitter you're just a quitter so hit me with those bars doomed this battle is over i'll let you rhyme now.

get 'em rover
Debate Round No. 1


I can see you are just using fun
Because the quality of your rhymes are done.
And why does everyone think that i have a girl
You are swishing and swirling in a fake world
Your opinions are just the opinions of minions
Like a blind sheep, the opinion of billions
Gettin mad at me because I know what I'm thinkin
I know that Im right when you dont want to listen
Buyin dumb sh*t like you don't make decisions
Followin people like a spy is your mission
Act like a victim
A slave to the system
Items are listed
Buy without wisdom
You're led by tradition
Statistic existence
Think that your custom, but listen you're twisted
I am a crystal A crystal that glistens
A brain made of pistons
Immune to ballistics
A wisdom that"s instant
Bars artistic
Like cynic linguistics
I"m cataclysmic
I can't be predicted
Ill own my own business
Where sickness is lifted
And fitness aint gifted
Im Viscious Saint Wicked With bars smooth like liquid
Im youth but still vivid
The truth is restricted
But I'm still committed
Too drill till you've quitted
The clock is done ticking
In your heart I know you"re freaking
That"s it I"m done
Admit that I"m winning


Like i said before this is a chess game and it's mate why the f-ck do you rap like you sniffed up an entire can of paint i aint a savior, I roll up a spliff and then diss you I can't fake you need to take your corny a-s back to Nebraska, you a little a-s boy, name probably Tate i'll rip on you faster then a handprint drying in plaster so when it comes to this chess game i'm the grand master

master, you masturbate all day can't get a date can't find a way to get laid, can't find a way to get paid for his s-itty raps that he claimed that he slayed, on the top I have stayed all yesterday and continues today motherf-cker you got me spraying i'm not playing i'll hop out a plane at 600 miles an hour and still be aflame welcome to the bowery this isn't a f-cking game my dude you a lame, and your dumba-s is so young your mom still feeds you like an airplane

I bet you steal raps like Dane Cook steals punchlines, throw Carlos Mencia in the mix and I still wouldn't give them a dime just like i didn't join this rap battle to sit here while you whine and cry to yourself because you don't understand the words you found in the dictionary on the shelf in your living room, that's right, personal roasts, zoom, they'll call your house Nagasaki when it goes BOOM i'm sloppy like the toppy your mom gives to me while we pop bottles and if you aint careful i'll pop a hollow point blaow straight into your joints man I never disappoint
Debate Round No. 2


You never disappoint? You just disappointed me
Cause I know you can do better, you so blind you cannot see
And you go with a knight I go with a rook
If you were a food, you'd be overcooked
You so nasty I can't even look
You bet on me? All your money I took
Your insults fly into one ear and come out of the other
Personal roasts? Ima get my revenge for you insulting my mother
Did you ever know that yours was a prostitute
Just like your sister, your aunts and all your other female relatives too
I ain't gonna hold back you got me enraged
Trash the whole party as soon as you get engaged
Slaughter the staff, oops dinner delayed
School performance? Massacre backstage!
I cry over the dictionary? I drop it on your head
From the third floor and ima do what I said!
The authorities come, you and others be dead
No witnesses, other rappers be afraid
The only punchline you will ever see is my fist
Launching at you. Pretty sure you get the gist
All you are is a shipwreck flowing adrift
That is all you need to learn CLASS DISMISSED!
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 4
3 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 3 records.
Posted by NDECD1441 3 years ago
Also, everyone who sees this, if you want to kniw the full story of what happened then take a look at the comments at JimShady's and cakerman's freestyle rap battle and Jim's and my rap battle.
Posted by NDECD1441 3 years ago
No its ok. This is open to everyone.
Posted by SuperSith89 3 years ago
I suck at rapping sorry.
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