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Rap battle

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Started: 1/6/2019 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I'm looking back at how many rap battles I have forfeited in the past and I intend to finish at least one since I've come back. My previous rules still apply, My opponent can choose to either let me start or they can rap first. However if they do, They have to pass per rules in the final round for fairness sake. Good luck to my opponent, And go hard!


I will let this be my acceptance round. That way we both will have 3 rounds and it will be fair that way. It'd be better than forfeiting in the last round so yeah. You go first. The floor is on you. Bring your best bars, You're gonna need them
Debate Round No. 1


You've won your share of rap battles, This one will be your loss quick
I'll make you scream like a lady, That should leave you nostalgic
Try bragging when 75% of your wins were off forfeits
Call those people the minions for I am the boss, Chick

My rhymes are toxic, I'll make you fall sick
I'm a star in this game, You should call me cosmic
Your love taps will prove nothing when it comes to my horse kicks
I murder a court with my words, You look like you've caused it

I come in with a shotgun, Blow your head out of proportion
Leave it twisted and tear it off it's neck, Call it torsion
It's a crime scene, Don't ignore the signs screaming caution
I'll take the kindergarten letters you call rhymes and squash them

Your bio is absolute garbage, A failed ghetto-rapper parody
And I'll look down on it, Spit on it, Holy shjt, It's a tragedy
I'll give you some time to recover and deliver your rhapsody
This may not be my best, But it'll leave your head messed up like Kennedy


My punchlines are too heavy it'll knock you off sight
I'll flame you up like an stove, So watch me ignite
You're nothing compared to me because you're bars are too light
Know why? Cause you dance around the punch that's prom night

You seem like a good kid though, You remind me of a Huxtable
Reflection of your dad so I throw shots and blow pop cause he a sucker too
And by the looks of things, I can tell I'm making you uncomfortable
Cause you candy, If we meet (meat) I'll crack you for the cheese cause I got the juice now, That's a Lunchable

You think I can't fvck with you? I ain't come to play, I ain't had to rehearse for you
Freestyles or written I can rock it both ways I'm reversible
I check who don't pay dues you do what works for you
I'll google a b-tch, In other words I'll put your type in a box they gone have to search for you

I pull your card and get you scratched off for that loose change
I sit, Wait and sneak him on the late night like I wanted them new J's
I'm on fire, Bitch you getting souffle'd you taking 2 L's, Cool J
I'll start busting at your crew they gone be doing that dance like they 2 Chainz

Lightest round
Debate Round No. 2


(Note that this rap was only for lyrical purposes. I do not condone some things I say in my writings and I do not intend to act unfriendly outside this battle)

Trying to rhyme 'Huxtable' with 'sucker too' is just lyrical suicide
You were doing so well until the 7th line when you lied
I'll knock you out faster than the lyrics spit by Crucified
The world mourned for Tupac but when you pass they be like "Who died? "

Like food puns? They ain't good ones, I'll come to the cafeteria with two guns
Blast the meaning of rap into their faces, See who else in your school runs
I spit the next level of fire, Bjtch I'll look like blue suns
When I finally point the barrel at you hoodlums

I've come to claim the title as king on this unknown remote server
I'm the one rapper you bow too because you know this goes further
I'm the detective that solved and closed his own murder
You're nothing but useless like a gas stove with no burner

You're using single rhymes like a pathetic beginner
Yet you're trying to fight the man, The mesmeric, The winner
Watch as the behavior of your girlfriends change around you
As they're admiring the rapper that has taken round two


Since this dude's full of rage, He's getting fvcked no homo
BossChick stay in the streets I'm pulling strings like yo-yo
Think you can beat me? Please, You must be loco
My rhymes are too fast to keep up and yours are slow-mo

Masked up, Shots fired, You ain't gone know who to blame
If hit you then I come back around like a boomerang
Your city got them hustlers? Is that where them shooters hang?
Well your circle is full of pvssies I call y'all the Nuvaring

You better get your girlfriend before I palm her, Keke
I'm respected in the streets, They salute when they see me
This dude is entertainment, Refrain from the TV
Cause of he want that action I'll make a movie when I see D (CD)

Peep that? CD is in your name my wordplay crazy
If that gun rose, It's won't be all fun and daisy
I could end you right right here but I'm too lazy
Think you can see your win? Well you're vision is hazy
Debate Round No. 3


Referencing random objects don't get you points for lyrics
Reading your rap was more boring than my class of physics
That last line was corny as hell, A desperate cringy @$$ remix
That mimics Iggy's LAZY bars and sticky-pad critics

You're like a past version of me when my bars were @$$ wack
The only difference is, You're the one tryna act black
Take you back through a flashback, "I got bars in my backpack"
Bjtch what the fvck? You want a movie? You can have that

The biggest movie you've made had a empty cinema
I've spent more effort writing than a crafter makes Balsamic vinegar
"My rhymes are too fast" holy shjt you call that authentic?
You use my previous style, You depend on me like I'm auxenic

Now this will be a loss to your elo, I'm the boss and the hero
BossChick hasn't had a real battle, Now a loss, What does she know?
Now chicken out of this fight, Throwing out corny name jokes
You belong in the street, Straight up with these straight folks

(Personal references [just because it was called out])
Round 1:
Line 2
Line 4
Line 13
Line 14

Round 2:
Line 15

Round 3:
Line 6
Line 13
Line 15
Line 16


I am black you dumb h0e
Get ready to die in this last round though
It's the final round, That means ima take off
Don't think I'm tryna fvck I lay this pvssy down and lick off
Get tossed, Sky high eyes filipino
Break a bird down I ain't tryna flip a key doe

I'm in a different lane, While you lames like pedestrians
I'm always down to ride like Boss Chick's an equestrian
This battle is the answer for the people who been questionin'
If I could pass the test and make a mess out of bestin em'
But I love eating these pvssies thats why Boss Chick's lesbian
My life real deal, You a movie type thespian

You're dead now, Don't come for me cause I'm too hot
You done lost your mind, Why you take shots?
2 guns cum on your way, That"s a face shot
You can get the whole cartridge, This when the game stop

Have you ever felt the hollow? What you gone do when hammers squeezing
If I hold it close to your heart like a family secret, Family grieving
They'll be falling out here like cancer treatment
So many pounds in the air, Would've thought it was a Panther meeting

I don't like you, How you gone protect yourself behind bars without a shank?
Give him cuts, No waist trainer, Get his body shaped
I'll show his true colors when I brush him, That's body paint
I'm A1 when it come to beef, Cause it"s a lot at steak (stake)
Debate Round No. 4
8 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
By all means!
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
Ok all done thanks for the battle maybe we can do a Part 2 in the future
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
I honestly tried to give it my all. It's been a while since I've battled so I'm a little rusty, But it was a great battle! You've improved dramatically in your second round, I await to see your third!
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
Thanks and you too.

Btw (Note that this rap was only for lyrical purposes. I do not condone some things I say in my writings and I do not intend to act unfriendly outside this battle) - this applies to me too for everyone viewing
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
Good first round so far! It's your turn to write!
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
sorry didnt mean to say that in a rude way i wasnt aware you were in other debates and ok cool ty
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
First off, Ouch. Second off, I'm juggling between different things at the moment, But I'm halfway through writing. I won't be forfeiting this one.
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
please don't ignore this and forfeit every round like you did with flakypie i really want to battle you
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Vote Placed by dsjpk5 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro had better flow and wordplay.

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