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Rap battle

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Started: 3/1/2019 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I new to this, But I want to try it. Who wants to accept?
Must rhyme in each sentence
Must be from your mind not from anyone Else's
Must complete 3 rounds, The first is the accept
This limit will lat 72 hours
Also have fun with this. . . . Theres no limits in this rap battle :D
That's all for rules


I accept. Good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


Here it goes (rap fast, Its fast pace)

I heard ya think ya got the bars, Ya think you got the beat
But when ya hear my hard lyrics, Ya a** goanna retreat
Ya accept the challenge like it will be so easy
But when I finished this battle ya voice will lifted scratched up like weezy
Ya think you the boss I see how ya carry out your self
But I will slice ya beats in half with my skill and stealth

I got an advantage that is used very right
can access and find your kyrptonite
After that ya gonna be a pest
Put some acid on ya, Then my victory be a success
Ya think ya could destroy me easily and get me flamed
But douse ya with water, Ya a** will be ashamed

New but born with this fine rapping skill
with it I will humiliate ya and make ya face messed up like little bill
Cuz me and my homeys were raised in the new york street
We can find your flaws and make ya suffer from defeat
Ya think ya got the rhyme master
But let me tell ya, Ya just another o' dirty bast***

(your turn)


Ayo, I ain't never scared, B-ch I'm everywhere
Hoodie'd up, Gun, Vest, Gloves that's my metal gear
Address me correctly like I was never there
Its not a threat deposit the check, Lets get it clear

Take caution, The King is coming b*ch
I'm O. G status, Don't talk to me I'm running sh*t
I never ran I stay up on that field never fumble sh*t
My team gone hold me down incredible coverage

I pay my dues all my debts paid in full
If you eating, I run up in that restaurant and take your food
Step aside, Yes I'm high I'm hotter than Jamaican food
Yes I'm high eyes more chingy than an asian dude

Who you know that's f*cking with me, Name a few
Guarantee you name the fools and trust me I will flame them too
Put your money up I'm way too much for them
I will lay em all down flat like a comforter

When I come for them, You gone have to comfort them
Cause I bring it straight to the front of them
I done did the math on they a*ss that's a sum on them
I'm good with the knife, No gun on them
I'll slice on they left side to go numb on them
Who lyrically matches me, None of them
Word to Nicki, Man I'm sonnin' em
When it come to them bars I got a ton of em

I'm a new kind of sick, I ain't been diagnosed
And I do my own thing I aint d*ck riding most;
In fact I ain't d*ck riding none
You need to quit your sh-t wack my son;
I think I'm the hotter one

Hands down you need to stand down
You ain't in my class all you are is a class clown
The rap scene is like a playground I ran 'round
All comp' must die, Trust I'll lay em down

Your turn
Debate Round No. 2


Here I Go

Ya think ya the king, But your rein long pass
Cuz like Ceaser I kicked ya out and killed your crazy a**
Ya think ya can start and attack me with full on approach
But knowing your smarts, I can squash ya like f****** cock roach

yep Ya think ya the boss, But no one listens to you
Because your intelligence is the equilvilent to stinky dog poo
Ya think ya stand up to me, And wanna try my life
ya think can roll over me and stab me with a knife
Nice to know ya can dream, Because all that Sh** is make believe
Because I am an deadly python that can strike ya before u can try 2 make me bleed

My rhymes are like an atomic bomb on Hiroshima Japan
While your rhymes are like an crumble up paper in a trash can
Ya think ya defeat me unlimited ruling power
I defeat an enemies like u and leave them feeling sour

The classes you're referring to doesn't exist
It's made up in your head, Forming lies; what a twist
Ya think ya got everything in control like ya won't be retreating
But at the end, Everyone knows that who will get the finale beating

(your turn)

(your turn)


You a dusty a-ss trick, You ain't ever on fleek
I'll put a noose around your neck, You ain't never gone speak
It'll strangle you until every bone weak
I'll leave you hanging next to somebody on the other line like when the telephone beep

I'm going easy in this battle, This is just me being nice
The thought me of turning up on you, Sh-t ain't even right
You get out of line it's gone be a fight
For them Newports, I pull out the cig but I don't need a light

You should run from it, Hollow tips only come from it
Beam on the mac, That's a red eye; its dumb blunted
F-ck it, When I untuck it don't none want it
You'll get gun butted with two hammers I nunchuck it

You scaring nothing, You getting whooped and I'm barely punching
We packers like Green Bay, I get to airin' something
Roger that, I'm the type to break your jaw, Your eye get black
I ain't tryna rap; I'll give you a dose, Diamond tap

You cursed, You can't escape mine
Kvng, I'm in a great prime, You got a great mind
And you can hone it, It just takes time
Approach you with a great 9, It's hosted on waistline
The bullets fly you all the way to the sun, I'll let you shine
Debate Round No. 3


(Heres the finale rap)

Dude, Ya a** keep forgettting about something
That your bullets, Weapons, Or anything are nothing
even with those Compare to me, You a balloon that can be easilly inflated

You think you the real master I know you must be confused
Talking all this sh** about this and that, I must say Im very amused
I know what you need, You need some help form a hospital
Or psychiatric help if its even possible
Now Don't worry or don't be scared
Me the doctor, Flakeburg 6 will heal your mind cuz its almost far impaired

However it will take time so you need to rest
Because this healing will take about three or four years or at it's best
Your guns blazing and knife stabbing thoughts will be at a end
Because the inner peace and awesomeness will taken over by then
After when you haven been done with your recovering
U would see what over your head, What is hovering
An big fat red L goes above your head
And the only way you can get rid of if, If u take strong med
Or maybe do the Heath ledger instead
Any ways you gone, When I sound the horn
Back to the time before you were born

(thanks for rap battling, Its been fun! I hope you have fun too! )


Its my birthday today so ima turn up
I came with the W here, You're just runner up

I'm gone get it in, All day every day no playing
Eliminated the clowns from my circle, No lames
It's all about that money got my dollars right no change
To f-ck with me lyrically you gonna need the whole game

Wannabes tryna come for my position
But I'm quick on my toes I got running back precision
F-ck running, I'm gunning until they all victims
Until they start retrieving and getting a far distance

Realest dude out, I'm an honoree
You don't gotta accept it like an apology
But you gotta respect it once you mention or acknowledge me
I'm the sh-t and I'm in my bag, No colostomy

This dude candy sweet, Check the score (Skor)
My first round was on a Milky Way, That's what you made me do
My next PayDay should be 100k, Mounds of cash I mean crazy loot
The piece will carry the Almond Joy clappin', They Air Heads with Dots when that 380 shoot
So that crack will wake up that whole 5th Avenue and leave Dum Dums in your Baby Ruth
You wanna scrap Now or Later? You and your homies can come box
I be punching like Mike & Ike, These Jawbreakers hit your chicklets and then your gum drops

Thanks for the battle it was fun, Glad you had fun too!
Debate Round No. 4
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