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Rap battle

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Started: 5/4/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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You said anytime. I've been off this site, but I just won a freestyle tournament in real life, so I figured I'd embarrass someone over the internet too. 3 rounds, first round is for for acceptance.


Oh, I said anytime. I'll be your huckleberry day or night, kid. Take your shot, and make it good. If you're a real daddy mack, put that on wax. And, if you want this to be as close as possible your little tourney, youtube it.

A text battle would definitely be the most boring of our available options, but however you swing, I'll respond in kind.
Debate Round No. 1


so you wanna talk words and verses?
You wanna duel with profanities and curses?
that's like jumping into a working furnace
And drinking gasoline while your burning
How dare you challenge me to a lyrical skirmish
You mirthless clown, you're worthless
get back to the circus
You nervous?
Of course you are;
I shine bright as a quasar
I got that that viagra flow,
My rhymes just stay hard
You're Quasimodo
ugly @ss retard
So no living happily ever after
It'll be a disaster
Last thing you hear would be my laughter.
I'm gonna end it short, consider this a warning shot.
You can't harm me Nigga, I'm the fuckin juggernaut!


I don't want to talk, kid, I'm ready to spit acid

That will burn through your baby bib

Like the sun through a glass lid

In fact, I fasted so no matter how tragic

Your insecure raps is, I can outlast it

So, no more warnings, it's time for the Gamma Burst

Because, I'm impervious to your failure verse

In fact, I won't even curse, just cleanly disperse

You tell me if I seem nervous as I snatch your purse

In the first out of three -- and it only gets worse

And even if you were juggernaut (and, btw you're not)

You can just call me Cyclops --

as soon as your spotted, your heart stops, your chest shot

So beat me? Clearly, I think not

Debate Round No. 2


microphone check
1, 2 check
MarquisX check beef like a meat inspector
the best of the best
not to mention the sex
the reason why
you and your ex
are now exes
I hate to brag but
killed my patience, hating
so now I rub it into your face like acne medication
The only one that's real regarding rapping
because way before I spit it
Somebody done seen it happen
So my words is confirmed
and they reaffirm
the fact that I burn rappers.
Quick! Get him an urn!
Testing the great
many have took they turn
I'm like "The school system failed"
cause these kids ain't learned
It's only one great
why would you debate?
plus I got your chick covered like Shake N bake
She ain't gonna get turned down
she gonna get turned out
like blunts when I'm done smoking
her butt burnt out
My minds a menace
my pen got powers
spit at kids early
call it the baby shower
You're nothing like me
Women really like me
pillowcase sex life
I get head nightly
your threats don't excite me
your sh*t is humor
And my crotch bulge like my
thigh has a tumor
Dog, it's not a rumor
My d*ck is really like that
the reason why she tell you
"Baby I'll be right back"
I know you want to fight that,
but you know better
cause I rip rappers up like rejection letters
tell me who's more clever
and I'll lay my crown down
but for now I'll come from everywhere
like I flow in surround sound
Come, calm down
you read it now hush
or I'll put your butt on ice like Anheuser-Busch
Wheres the copyright fee?
He's trying to sound just like me
but the flow is beef jerky
so tough to bite me


You inspect beef? Well, that's a relief
Check your self quick while I sharpen my teeth
Cuz, you see, I'm a carnivore, and I'm ready to eat
Saucy and sweet, beans and rice will make it complete
Come take a seat, prepare yourself quite the treat
See how a real emcee releases on a beat
Feel the beauty of knowledge granted from defeat
Like heavy elements from a quasar released
Destruction begets creation, like the sensation
Of stubbing your little toe while you're cumming in an Asian
And I'm never raging, always even in my tone
So, even if I'm tipsy, or even completely blown
It'll be like a geeky teen throwing punches at pure stone
This bacon bit needs to awaken, I'm seriously just waiting
For him to mistake three hundred pounds for intimidating
Talking about sex, when he knows that he's still waiting,
And if it ever happens, you know that you'll be paying
And you versus me, kid, it's really not fair
I was something like shocked when you ventured to dare
My glock is now cocked and I'm watching you stare
Down the tunnel of eternity, this moment is rare
And there's sweat on your brow, you can feel erect hairs
On the nape of your neck as you heave more air
You can't breathe when your near me, we'll call it respect
Perhaps it's the intellect, or just the dialect
Just be graceful when you notice that your match has been met
And bow to the Ren, and then make you never forget
Debate Round No. 3


MarquisX forfeited this round.


Ren forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by MarquisX 6 years ago
Cant do any debates. Family emergency. My Father has been shot twice.
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