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Rape is love

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Started: 7/30/2018 Category: Economics
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Good old times

You were only four years old
When I molested you
Those were the good old times
When nothing could stop me
from doing crimes
I took off your panties and licked your cunnie
It felt good and your juices tasted like honey

I am a criminal of love
My only crime is my love
People keep thinking if there is anything above
While I focus on this world, On the Earthly pleasure
In a 4 year old girl, I have found the real treasure
I have found a friend, I have found myself
This is the purpose of life, This is the end
This is the dream, This is my role
This is the majestic realisation of my goal

In this life, I have never asked for much
Some food on the plate, And your gentle touch
I am a criminal, They say, Of the worst kind
Because love flows through my mind
I never thought for a second that what I do is wrong
Even if it is wrong, I want it to last long
Let my words be my journal, Let these memories be eternal


Okay well pedophilia is a controversial topic, However your points don't justify what you do as right, Literally no evidence you just state how you enjoy the things you do.

1. " my only crime is love" actually no it's not. Your other crimes would include at least for CA. Penal code 288: sex crimes against children, 278 child stealing which im assuming you did becuase doing this in public would have gotten you in trouble and well 261 felony rape charge so yeah you actually have more crimes then just love.

2. My next point, A 4 year old girl can't really give consent on something as impactful as intercourse, So. . . Yeah that's not right also just becuase you like it doesnt mean the 4 year old likes it. Molesting a 4 year old would have traumamtizing effects on the persons life.

3. What you like and want to do in the American Pediatric Association in the DSM-5 pedophilia is a mental illness. You are considered again in the CA penal code as a 5150 and therefore you cannot take of yourself and are an endangerment to others and yourself, Basically your whole poem is just illogical and wrong.
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