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Raping, Looting, Pillaging, Plundering, Are all basic needs of conquest

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Started: 10/5/2018 Category: Society
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Raping, Looting, Pillaging, Plundering are all basic rules of conquest and I'm ok with them. From the earliest conquests of empires raping, Looting, Pillaging and plundering have always been there.

From the Romans conquests,
Attila the hun
Napoleon's conquests
Alexander the Great
The Vikings
The Ottoman Empire
The Nazi's
The Soviets in 1945 Berlin
Pirates in the 1700's
Spanish Conquistador of the Incas

Raping, Looting, Plundering and pillaging are basic needs of armies when they conquer foreign lands and nations. As the invading army moves in raping, Looting, Plundering and pillaging are the most basic and common techniques of conquering new territories and taking over the land. Nations and Empires were built on the basic foundations of Raping, Looting, Pillaging, And Plundering.

These 4 characteristics will never go away as they are the basis of human nature during expansion and conquest of land on earth. So if the USA was ever invaded people here would be looted, Women would be raped, Cities would be plundered and pillaged.

That is human nature


Raping, Looting, Pillaging, And plundering are not necessary. While I do agree that is human nature, I do not think in any way, Shape, Or form that it is ethically right, And humans have laid the foundation of ethics. Let's say Town A is a large, Well-developed town, Whereas town B is a small, Underdeveloped town. If Town A can conquer town B, Why would they take their new land, Rape everyone, And impoverish the already fragile land? The best solution would be to have new families move in and take unused land to increase the economic status of Country A, Or offer citizens of Country B better lives in exchange for their land. This is a peaceful way to transition back to a peaceful and prosperous state of plenty, And the citizens of country B and A will most likely be happier. There is no reason to burn your newly-acquired farms to the ground and move the contents across the country. How does that make sense? A more fitting solution was achieved with a few simple requests, No pillaging, Plundering, Or looting, And certainly no raping. Why would raping make anything better, Especially in a state of overpopulation? If you're underpopulated, Accept more immigrants or something to that effect. In this modern day and age, There are better, More efficient ways, That make everyone happier, And are just better in general.

In other words: Keep your dick in your pants and your hands off my gold, Thank you very much.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank my opponent in taking this debate, So lets continue to round 2

My opponents states that Town A does not need to rape, Pillage, Plunder and loot Town B but make it more of an assimilation. Although this sounds good in theory, It's never works in real life. And I will explain why. No country or town for this matter wants to be taken over whether it's by hostile takeover or not. By Town A overtaking Town B, There will be major resentment, Distrust and hatred towards town A from B. Also assimilation does not work, Immigration does not work. People are all different and forcing them to take on new cultures does not work. Just look at immigration, People com to new countries but they keep their old traditions and language.

During town/country/territory conquest there is no friendly resolution, Nobody comes into your backyard and just says, This backyard is mine now or how about it's ours now, We will share it. Conquest involves hard takeovers and the country/town being conquered will hate the invaders, They are stepping on their territory.

Therefore when you are the invading country, You do it by force. You rape, You pillage, You loot and you plunder the new territory for it's resources. I mean what is the point of invasion? It's to steal resources for the mother country, It's for global expansion, And it's for global domination. This is why Christopher Columbus was funded by the Queen to explore new worlds, For their resources, This is why Hitler started WWII to expand Germany. This is why the Vikings enlarged their lands all the way to Newfoundland Canada. Including Greenland and Iceland.

Unfortunately the local natives have to be taken care of when you are stealing their resources and land. And that is why the new lands need to be looted, Plundered, The locals will be raped by eager power hungry young men and the land will be plundered. There is no such thing as a friendly takeover. It has never happened in the past 50 thousand years on earth and it never will.

When Russia decided to take over Crimea, It wasn't just a friendly takeover, The locals in Crimea were raped, The shops were looted and plundered and all of Crimea was pillaged. And now Crimea is Russian.

The only way for a successful conquest is through raping, Pillaging, Plundering and looting.

I will give you one more example, If we ever saw aliens from another planet arrive on earth, We would have to take immediate military attack action against them, Because the only reason they would travel billions of miles to earth is to take our resources and enslave our people. If they are that modern that they have the technology to leave their planet, Than that means that they are running out of resources or their planet is uninhabitable to live on so they need our planet, And what would happen? , They would rape, Pillage, Plunder and loot our plant upon arrival here. This is why we are looking into space travel, Because in 4. 5 billion years earth will be uninhabitable and we will be forced to move to another planet that might have their own inhabitants, And they will not be welcoming us with open arms, We will have to rape, Loot, Pillage and plunder that planet than.


Okay, First of all, Technically aliens could come to earth purely for peaceful and scientific reasons, Aka to connect with a new civilization, And may not even be interested in resources. I will grant that it is a possibility, But are you going to go to mars just for some rock? No, You're going to do some scientific whatnot to the rock, And find alien micro-organisms or whatever.

Aside from that, I agree with you. The human race sucks. We are territorial and over-patriotic, And most of us are stubborn and illogical, Myself included. Stating what I hope was obvious, The question was if they were basic needs of conquest, And they are not. You did not ask if it was human conquest, You did not specify lasting conquest, And you made these arguments straying from the general topic. In other words, Your scenarios may be common but are completely up to circumstance. Not all conquest ends in triumph. In fact, Most countries shift and change. You can have a short reign over an area, But the matter-of-fact is that you're not going to be holding onto it indefinitely. There are also some people who may want to join the country so they can get richer, In which case there won't be any problems. You did not say the majority of conquests, Or even half of the conquests, You said ARE ALL BASIC NEEDS OF CONQUEST. Therefore, Your argument is based simply on a grammatical misconception. Conquest can happen without raping, Looting, Pillaging, Or plundering, However commonplace they may be. That is my argument. You did not ask if it was practical, You asked if it was plausible, And those are two different things entirely.
Debate Round No. 2


Look we can split hairs on this debate about whether majority of conquests require looting, Pillaging, Raping and plundering and I have to agree majority do. Like in a democratic society, Majority wins, You will never have 100% approval/agreement on anything in life, But for me majority might as well mean all or at least most. Just like Trump becoming President, Sure many people didn't vote for him, But bottom line is he IS the President.

Well the same can be said for MOST conquests. Conquests will always have the invading army take land by force, Which will include looting, Pillaging, Raping and plundering. Those are basic behaviors of conquest. And I'm sure there are few exceptions but for the most part that is the behavior of conquest.

Just like for example if North Korea sent their 1 million soldiers to invade the USA, The first thing they would do in America is loot because they have nothing in North Korea, They would plunder, Pillage and rape all women here as an act of war aggression. Chances are during an invasion that is what would happen. So I say all conquests but you can argue for the 5% that would have peaceful conquests, (maybe by the Vatican) but for the most part those are the basic needs of humans

Good debate my friend


flakypie forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by flakypie 3 years ago
Thx for trying but it won't let me for some reason.
I appreciate you giving me a second chance.
Posted by flakypie 3 years ago
Yea something is wrong with this debate
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
flaky forfeited so I win automatically.

This ideology has been around for thousands of years, What are you new?
Posted by Eris2005 3 years ago
Where did this ideology begin in your life fanboy? That's just crazy. Also don't just declare urself champion until the debate is won.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
Ladies and Gentlemen, My point that Raping, Looting, Pillaging, Plundering, Are all basic needs of conquest stands a being correct, As my opponent has given up and acknowledged that I am right

Thank you everyone, I will now accept my DDO DEBATING CHAMPION TROPHY
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
You lost, No need to be bitter, But a forfeit from you = ME BEING THE CHAMPION OF THIS DEBATE

case closed
apology accepted!
Posted by flakypie 3 years ago
And you're not the champion of debating, This site is just sh*t.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
I know it sucks, But looking at the evidence of no third round debate from CON, I AM THE WINNER!
Posted by flakypie 3 years ago
Posted by flakypie 3 years ago
Aw shucks it didn't f*cking save my argument! ? I wrote a whole f*cking essay!
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