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Rapists should experience the psychological and physical torture that they put their victims through

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Started: 1/16/2014 Category: People
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It is of my firm belief that rapists should be put through the same, if not more, psychological and physical pain, in comparison to what they put their victims through. "What goes around, comes around," and "an eye for an eye," have been preached throughout lifetimes. Why should we let these inhumane monsters run around, mocking society as they leave their victims in pain- physically and emotionally?

First round is acceptance and introduction,
2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds state three main points you will be arguing.
4th round- 3rd point AND rebuttal/solutions paragraph
5th- conclusions- no new points to be brought up here


Hello, I will be debating against your position because I firmly believe that two wrongs do not make a right: inflicting the same level of physical and psychological torture that rapists inflict in the name of justice makes us no better then the rapists themselves. The specifics of how such acts would be performed only further serve to complicate the scenario.
Debate Round No. 1


Throughout time, it is known that that whatever you do will come back to you. Some call it the law of the universe, others, 'Karma.' These rapists not only physically and sexually assault their victims, but also scar them for life. In some cases, the victim is seen as unfit for marriage and lose their chance of being a wife or husband! The feeling of helplessness and inferiority in those minutes are etched into their brain, forever replaying and the 'stop' button never works! The victim tries to forget and move on in life but some believe it was their fault that this happened to them, some believe that they shouldn't live after this! As a result of their situation, a lot of victims try to commit suicide! In some cases, the victims are ridiculed because people think they were willing to have sexual intercourse! These victims start to feel humiliated and embarrassed! Some people begin to immaturely avoid them like the plague! Their lives are ruined! Some women may now have to raise the child of the rapist, and their lives change. Some may have been in high school and have to leave to take care of the child! A lot of rape victims are afraid to come out and admit what happened to them because they want to live in denial: "If I pretend nothing happened, then maybe it was a bad dream..." Then, the truth hits them: they are living IN the bad dream. Can we as humans let the people that causes this just walk away unpunished? Wait, people! These rapists, how can they be people? They are more like monsters! Jail is like a hotel- food, shelter and friends. Should these people not be taught a lesson? Or should we just let them get away with what they have done, unpunished so we can clear a path for them to go repeat their sins with someone else?


Point 1: Such a system would be impossible to establish and would only cause more suffering in the end with nothing to gain

There is no doubt that rapists are terrible people who inflict immense amounts of suffering upon their victims; this is not the debate. What my opponent will need to prove in this debate is that the only fair punishment for rapists is to inflict the exact same terrible things upon them that they have inflicted upon their victims. Putting the morality aspect of such a proposition aside for a second, I seriously doubt my opponent has considered all the complications that would arise by implementing such a policy.
a. People get falsely accused and convicted of rape more then any other crime in the United States; is my opponent honestly suggesting that we inflict torture equivalent to rape upon innocent men, which would inevitably happen?
b. Who would be carrying out this torture? Would "torturer" have to become a legitimate occupation in 21st century America? Such a proposition is absurd.
c. Any sentence that would include this kind of torture would certainly result in reduced jail time (i.e, a 3 year sentence + torture as opposed to a 20+ year sentence), meaning that there would be more rapists on the streets who could repeat their past crimes. The purpose of our prison system is to reform, not to get revenge, and your proposed system is nothing more then a form of revenge.
I will get into more of these complications as the debate progresses. Now for the moral aspect...
Debate Round No. 2


A California legislator stated that, "What we"re up against is the kind of criminal who, just as soon as he gets out of jail, will immediately commit this crime again at least 90 percent of the time." When younger and you made a mistake more than once, you were corrected by any means necessary, not so? Why is it that these sex offenders not taught a lesson? They should feel the same pain that they put their victims through. That is the only way to deter them from hurting others and committing their heinous crimes again. Of course, my deluded opponent has not considered that plans will have to be established to ensure innocent people are not convicted, but that is where forensic evidence comes in, to ensure we are putting away the right people. The purpose of such an establishment will be to prevent people from ever wanting to commit such a crime. If people see there are serious repercussions to their actions, they will thread more carefully, not so?


2nd point: Torture is immoral
The primary reason that my opponent's assertion is immoral is because torture is always wrong and always unethical. In fact, the very idea that our government should condone torture is absolutely repulsive.

When a human being is tortured, they are being completely dehumanized. It treats human beings as merely pawns to be manipulated by their pain and suffering. It violates the very fundamental philosophies of human rights on which our entire justice system is built, making the act of torture not only inhumane, but undermining.

Additionally, the person who is actually carrying out this torture will become completely dehumanized. All the history, research and statistics we have indicate that torturing another human being completely dismantles that individual's sense of humanity. The torturer never says, "I go home at 4"; he lives constantly with the knowledge that he has inflicted the horrible mix of fear, humiliation, abandonment, and open-ended sadism that the practice connotes on another human being, and that stigma lasts forever.

There are also other crimes besides rape; so does my opponent also suggest that someone in jail for assault should be assaulted? That someone in jail for robbery should be robbed? That someone in jail for shooting someone should be shot? My opponent has not drawn a line and is treating rapists as if they are some sort of special case.
Debate Round No. 3


In addition, "an eye for an eye," a commonly used phrase, alludes that these victims deserve justice! My opponent may try to convince you that we have to "turn the other cheek" and be the better people. Unfortunately, he does not realise that turning the other cheek "makes the other side bloody as well." If we ignore the problem, it will continue to haunt us.

I know torture seems harsh and immoral, but some criminals don't mind going to jail! As I stated before, they get food, water, somewhere to sleep! In some countries, governments are even trying to get televisions installed for them! Why? Why would they need a television? Jail is a punishment! If they are as one parliament member stated, "bored" or "it would be good for education," they should have thought of that before they committed their actions.

A rapist is a criminal, like the others, but not only did that person violate his victim's personal space but also stole their sense of security, peace and some of their esteem. These people go to sleep at night, haunted with nightmares of what happened. No one can give them back their sense of security.

If you knew you were going to punished severely for doing something wrong, would you do it?

(A/N: I have little time during the week and don't know if I will be able to post out next round. I will try my very best but I am not sure.)


Point 3: Torture in this context accomplishes nothing and undermines the justice system

The prison system exists for a reason; to punish criminals in a an effective yet humane way. My opponent's entire argument rests on the need to punish rapists in a "proper" and "fair" way, which raises the question: What is so improper or unfair about a prison sentence?

The thing that my opponent fails to understand is that the majority of rapists are physiologically disturbed individuals with sociopathic patterns of behavior who, more often then not, can not control their actions. My opponent's statements thus far indicate that she is under the misconception that rapists take the time to think about the repercussions of their actions and weigh the risks they are taking logically before committing their crime; I can say with 100% percent certainty that this is not the case in the vast majority of rapes. You could make the punishment for rape whatever you wanted; death even, and the number of rapes would barely go down, if at all. This is because the criminal psychology is not a logical one, it is a "heat of the moment", uncontrollable impulse that mentally ill individuals succumb to on a regular basis.

Therefore, I assert that making the punishment for rape more severe not only sends the false message to the American citizens that prison does not work, it accomplishes absolutely nothing.

To recap: My opponent has demonstrated a clear disregard for human rights, a complete misunderstanding of the criminal psychology, and has made poorly thought-out and fundamentally flawed suggestions that are ethically incomprehensible. That is why I stand firmly against her position.
Debate Round No. 4


ESocialBookworm forfeited this round.


My opponet was unable to past rebuttal, so I won't either for the sake of fairness. I feel I have stated everything I needed to anyway.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by ESocialBookworm 5 years ago
@Wylted, Please don't take this comment as being rude, for I am just curious as to your opinion on rape.
Do you then believe that it is okay for them to get a way scot free? Do you then believe that it is okay for their victims to go through what they have?
Usually, victims are prone to low self-esteem and humiliation.

I am sorry if I come of as offensive but I don't mean to be. This debate grips me on a personal level because this is what my best friend had to go through and I was there to see it, knowing I could have done nothing. That feeling of helplessness, I would not wish on any innocent person.
I have seen cruel people make fun of innocent people who have been taken advantage of. I have heard of people who have committed suicide because they were raped. Luckily, my friends and her family are there to ensure she doesn't try to again.

I am sorry once again. But I don't think my opinions on this may ever change. That look in my friend's eyes the day she told me, the glistening of her tears, the look of sadness, emptiness, loneliness and nothing, scared me to death.

She wished she'd died so she wouldn't have to deal with the torturing dreams, with seeing him on the road sometimes because they never charged him, with knowing it was either her or her sister and if it happened again, she would've chosen herself.

I still remember and I don't think a hundred years will ever let me forget her cries of pain, of sorrow, of ... just screams and tears. And I could do nothing.

Her sister wishes it were her instead.

And as for me, I try to convince myself everyday that God will see to the fate of these wretched criminals and try to maintain my sanity and humanity by believing in the little hope that they will suffer in Hell.

Sorry for dropping this bombshell on you all. Votes really don't matter to me but I'd like to hear your opinions. Now you know why I am so cold and callous when it comes to justice.
Posted by Wylted 5 years ago
What if the rapists just gives their victim immense pleasure? It's still wrong, but you would still subject the rapist to immense pleasure.
Posted by ESocialBookworm 5 years ago
No. I am saying that they should be tortured and caused the same mental and physical pain that they put their victims through. Many victims become rejected form society and also, suffer from depression. There may be the ones that come out of a situation as such strongly but not all the time.
Posted by Swagmasterpoopoo 5 years ago
so ur saying a rapists should be raped too....
Posted by Swagmasterpoopoo 5 years ago
so ur saying a rapists should be raped too....
Posted by ESocialBookworm 5 years ago
This is my first debate, so I thought I would go against someone who would have now started out as well. However, it is fine. I edited the requirements so if you would still like, you can accept.
Also, thank you for considering in the first place! (Arrr! I have a possible debater!)
Posted by toamatt26 5 years ago
I would accept but I can't due to requirements.
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Reasons for voting decision: FF
Vote Placed by whiteflame 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I think Pro loses track of the debate for portions of it, and I'll explain why. First off, this isn't an argument about whether rapists should be punished or not, as she often states. She does eventually get to argumentation regarding why prison is not enough, but doesn't state why this specific action will make things better beyond asserting that rape will be deterred. Con gives a good response to that in R4. So what we're really left with in support of the resolution here is that vengeance is good. We never hear why, sadly. The argumentation goes like this: the victims are harmed badly, scarred for life even, so we should inflict the same harm on the rapists. There's a step missing there. How do we help the victims of rape by forcing further punishments on their rapists? How does vengeance benefit them? Who does vengeance benefit, for that matter, and how does it benefit them? Without this argumentation, Con wins the debate.