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Reasons for accepting atheism and not the god of the bible

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Started: 7/21/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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"Hate will never win" the Pulse

Reasons for accepting atheism and not the god according to the bible in which nobody can prove even exists...

Counteract what is posted in this round and prove that god is worthy of worship, and atheism is NOT a correct ideal.

First for all who don't know what "atheism" is. in which nearly 100% of the population on planet earth doesn't, it is simply by the very definition of the dictionary "1. the doctrine or belief that there is no God. 2. disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings." DO NOT TURN IT INTO ANYTHING ELSE.
Now here's why you should NOT ACCEPT GOD and instead accept atheism. And if you have even the slightest inkling of doubt as to your belief in god(s), then you ARE an atheist.
* You will have free will. If you believe in god you have NO FREE WILL. NONE. PERIOD. These videos will prove it. But christians are absolutely famous for completely ignoring rock solid evidence. - All Knowing god versus Free Will: The Greatest Religious Contradiction - Free Will With god - god Favors Evil - god allows Free Will?
Also you show me anywhere in the bible where it says something to the effect of "I the lord thy god grants man free will" Its doesn"t say it anywhere. Also threatening people with death such as a couple of the 10 commandments, adultery, breaking the sabbath, blaspheme, that"s taking free will away. And if god is god, he knows exactly what you will be doing trillions of years before you will be doing it. You are a programmed robot. That"s not free will. You have no free will believing in god. NONE.
* Suffering, horrific pain and torture exists occurs throughout the bible. god is the absolute 100% cause of it otherwise god is not god. And even worse is he gives this knowing suffering horrific pain to children which can only mean two things that god is pure evil and hate as proved in the verses and quotes below. Now the thing about children is, is WHY? Other than god must love it and is a pure sadist otherwise he would not create it. Even worse is children do not understand suffering at all. They can only say unto themselves as a horrific example when daddy is sticking his you know what inside of them while punching them at age 4 all the way up until 17 in the face sometime twice per week, "why me"? god is an a$$ who gives the benefit of the so-called power of the free will to that of the person committing the evil acts as compared to those who suffer, in this case millions of children who cannot escape from their tormentors. .
"Could god have made the world and not suffering? And if they say "no" then he"s not all powerful. If they say "yes", then why didn"t he? Its a constant thing. There"s multiple ways to come at it." Phil Ferguson

* You won"t have to worry god issuing a death warrant on you if you are gay which is 100% wrong and gives no reason why and is pure evil and hate LV 20:13
* You won"t have to worry about god issuing you a death warrant on you of you work on the sabbath which is a stupid law and is pure evil and hate EX 31:14, NU 15: 32-36
* You won"t have to worry about god issuing you a death warrant if you commit adultery which is a stupid law LV 20:10

* You won"t have to worry about god issuing you a death warrant if you say something like "god damn it" or "f god"/ blasphemy which is truly a stupid ignorant law LV: 24:16
* You won"t have to worry about god sending his henchmen to kill you simply because you believe in a different god or gods which is pure evil and hate DT 13: 9-10, DT 17 2-5, 2 CHR 15: 12-13,

* You won"t have to worry about being a slave unto god as is endorsed throughout the bible (OT was never taken away or revamped and yes jesus did it too but we are not concerned with a false prophet) EX 21 the entire chapter especially 20-21 which is truly sick and disgusting, LV 25:39, LV 25:42, LV 25: 44-46, DT 15: 12-15, DT 23: 14-16, MT 18:25,

* You won"t have to worry about god torturing, brutalizing, knowingly causing the suffering of yours or other children and babies LM4: 9-11, MT 10:37, MT 2:16, JG 21:10, 2 SAM 12:11-14 which is truly sick and disgusting, DT 2:34, NU 31: 17-18, LV 26: 21-22, 1 SAM 15:3, HS 13:16, 2 KS 15:16, EZ 9: 5-7, HS 9: 11-16, EX 12: 29-30, IS 13: 15-18, MT 2:16, (EX 21:17, LV 20:9, MK 7:10, MT 15:4, MT 10:21), JG 11: 30-33, PS 137: 8-9, 2 KS 6: 28-29, DT 21: 18-21, DT 32:25, DT 2: 32-34, DT 3: 3-6, JG 19: 24-29, EX 12:29, 2 HS 2: 23-24, LV 26:29, JM 11: 22-23, JM 19: 7-9, JM 51: 22-26, 2 KS 8: 9-15,LM 2: 20-22, RV 2: 18-23

* You won"t have to worry about god hating women in which he most certainly does to your wife, girlfriend, mother, grandmother, great grandmother or any woman you know LM 4: 9-11 sick and disgusting, HS 13:16 sick and disgusting, JD 21:10, 2 SAM 12 11-14 sick and disgusting, DT 2:34, NU 31 17:18, LV 26 21:22, 1 SAM 15:3, HS 13:16 sick and disgusting, DT 2 32-34, 2 KS 8: 9-15, 2 KS 15:16 sick and disgusting, EZ 9: 5-7, HS 9: 11-16, 2 KS 6: 28-29 sick and disgusting, JD 19: 24-29, LM 2 20-22 sick and disgusting, 1 COR 14:34,1 TMY 2:12

* You won"t have to be terrified if you are a woman as god loves rape NU 31: 17-18, 2 SAM 12: 11-18 sick and disgusting, JD 19:24-29, JD 21: 10-24, DT 20: 10-14, DT 22: 28-29, DT 21: 10-14, JD 5:30, EX 21 7-11, ZE 14: 1-2 proving that he is evil, pure evil and nothing but,
Tracie Harris: "Your question was regarding free will as an argument for allowing suffering. That's when you get into the problem of evil. Now the problem of evil as we all know is not an argument that demonstrates that no god exists or that god exists. What it demonstrates is that god is your god is an a$#. What she's telling you is she believes in a god, and I assume she worships this god? Its like is she 'happy' about her god?" Caller: "Oh oh yeah everything except for the old testament." Tracie "In other words what she is saying is 'I love this god who believes that the free will of the rapist is more important than the free will of the child being raped. That I think that its worth it to have a child be raped because I really really put a high value on a rapist's free will.""

"When she dies does she get to go to heaven? If she gets to go to heaven will she be happy? And she"ll probably say "yes". And you say "Will you be able to choose and do anything you want while you are in heaven?" And she"ll say "yes." And so you are basically saying "you"ll have free will in heaven?" So you have free will in heaven and no one is being hurt, raped, so you can do anything you want and no one gets hurt. If god has that power in heaven, he must have that power on earth. So he"s chose not to set that condition/ toggle switch which means he"s a dick." Phil Ferguson

* You won"t have to be ridden with grief with your "christian" religion anymore if you think an abortion is the right thing to do as god commits abortions HS 13:16 sick and disgusting, 2 KS 8: 9-15 sick and disgusting, 2 HS 15:16 sick and disgusting, HS 9: 11-16, and perhaps the biggest acts of abortions were committed in the great flood according to this so-called god of the bible in the great flood (which never happened btw) so who knows how many pregnant mothers died there in which religious people solidly believe in (without proof)?

* You won"t have to go to war and perhaps die or perhaps lose a few limbs along with your sanity (PTSD) all in the supposed "good" name of god in which you cannot even prove even exists as this god has committed countless atrocities/ genocides for absolutely no reason... the great flood according to the bible (which never happened btw) so who knows what the body count was there? 3,000 EX 32:27-28, 14,700 NU 16:49, 24,002 NU 25: 1-11, 12,000 JOS 8: 1-25, 10,000 JG 1:4, 120,000 JG 8:7-10, 42,000 JG 12:3-6, 1,000 JD 15:14-15, 3,000 JD 16:27-30, 25,101 JD 16:27-30, 1 SAM 4 34,002, 1 SAM 6:19 50,070, 2 SAM 8 65,850, 1 KI 20: 28-29 100,000, 1 KI 20: 30 27,000, KI 19 35 -37 185,000, 2 CHR 13 17-18 500,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 2 CHR 28:6 120,000, Esther 9:5-18 75,813 etc etc etc The body count in the bible that god killed is 2,821,364 when it should have been 0. After all if god is god he can do anything and especially not have the need, want and much needed desire for deliberate genocides proving him to be far worse than Stalin, Pol Pot, Hong Xiuquan, Mao, Hitler combined. After all this unproved god knowingly created them knowing especially what they would do.

***** If you do not see the horrific details behind YOUR christian god, religion and bible and its fatalistic flaws and how absurdly valuless they are, and WHY you should NOT become/ be an atheist (and remember, even the slightest doubt in the belief in a god(s) means that you are an atheist) then you are completely gone into another non existent universe.

***** We'll get into other things in other rounds such as why god would never use text as a source of communication the worst form of communication possible, the bible is not evidence, faith is not evidence, super massive hypocritical contradictions and inconsistencies in the bible thus proving the bible to be unreadable, god is an idiot, god is imperfect etc.

dsjpk5 will not be allowed to vote in the voting process.


Hello, so I see your points, but respectively I must disagree with you. I don't know where you got your stats on everyone in the world not knowing what atheism is, but I highly challenge that Phil Zuckerman PH.D his article from Psychology today claims "7% of the population is atheist which surmounts to 450-500 million non-believers." though it's a small population that doesn't mean the rest of the percentage is all christian faith and that some people may know what it means, but simply ignore it's nature.

I don't exactly get your other point either," if you have the slightest inkling God isn't real you're an anthiest" that point is not true either, in fact people of Christian faith lose faith in God all the time over prayers not being answered or a catastrophic event that happens to them however it is human nature to lose faith in God over selfish things. The earliest records of the Bible show that people lose faith or doubt God all the time, but the Israelites who disobeyed God were still his children. Once you are baptized or believe in God the religion itself at least fundamentally is still a part of you and people who have doubts can get their questions answered by a pastor. Is it not possible for someone to doubt God then regain full faith and lose doubt?

On third point of having no free will in believing in God that's just ridiculous. I also like the ad hominems you use for people of faith, but anyway back to our professional debate. Freedom is actually a huge part of Christian faith. The bible says you must obey the commandments and listen to God, however you have the free will to disobey these orders and if you do God still loves you. God actually recognizes that we are sinners already so the rules he created he knew would be broke already actually showing that he gave us freedom and knew of our actual choices. Adam and Eve had freedom and people EVE naturally disobeyed God. Maybe in God's eyes having the freedom to do whatever you want is anarchy and can lead to the ruin of cities and governments as it had historically. We have laws in place now do you call the government evil and not giving us free will? Laws have been a part of history since the Doctrine of Lex from the Greeks and just because there's rules in a religion doesn't mean that you are constrained.

I think in part of your argument you talk about us being robots? If he knows what were doing, but were consciously not aware of him interacting with us then how would we even know that we're being controlled. If it feels like we have freedom, we choose to do what we want at a moments notice then you're basically advocating that God knew we would want and have freedom so are daily lives aren't effected by him, so in turn actually helped my point. I believe in God and I've committed sins and I chose to do those sins, maybe he made me do it, but I have no actual way of showing he effected my decision.

There's actually been proof of Jesus existing as well. Dr. Dwight Longnecker in his article describes how the bones were found" News reports from Jerusalem are just breaking about an astounding discovery outside the city. In an ancient tomb an ossuary has been uncovered with the inscription "Rabbi Jeshua Nazarene". The bones seem to indicate marks of a crucifixion"with the skull having holes caused by the crown of thorns."

Here are bible versus about free will Galatians 5:13
13 You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh ; rather, serve one another humbly in love.

1 Corinthians 10:13
/ / / / /
13 No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.
1 Corinthians 10:13 NIV

John 7:17
17 Anyone who chooses to do the will of God will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own.

God even gave his own son the free will to speak on the teachings of the Christian faith. God gave the Romans and Jews the freedom to execute his son.

Lastly God being evil. I think it's fair to say that God did some Evil things, but ins't evil within himself. Let me Explain; A man who curses at a bear for being in his own plane curses himself. What the take away is this... when you do something bad or provoke someone there is a consequence to follow. A man goes into the woods finds a bear, provokes the bear and the bear eats him, the man is angry at the bear for eating him. Can you call the bear evil? no. When God saved the Israelites from slavery, promised them land and gave them an invincible army against the neighbors of Jerusalem at the trade of just unyielding faith; to which he warned them of what would happen if they broke the covenant. Did they not take what God gave them and broke the promise? how many generations of kings in Jerusalem broke covenant with God? Did God not give them warnings after warnings? How many times did God save Jerusalem from the Canaanites and benjamites? Did God not send his son down to peacefully tell his creations that we were living wrong and with free will they killed him on a cross.

In conclusion videos are too long and I don't wanna watch people make points for you, I want your take on it not some random guy from you-tube i'm debating you not them. We have free will, people are atheist and people can have doubts and still be religious.
Debate Round No. 1


OK I'm not even going to bother with you AT ALL until you take a look at the videos. They flatly prove unto you that if you believe in YOUR god that you do in absolutely no way shape or form have Free Will of any kind. I really hate it when supposed christians like you skip rock solid evidence especially when its slapped right in your face. And speaking of "time"? Wow. Only someone as tepid as you would state something like that. How long did it take you to type out your argument? I 100% guarantee you that its longer than 2 of the videos entire length. And I also don't have the "time" to type up 500,000 characters or more to get a wingspan of what they were talking about in which you would NEVER read or comprehend. It is also so-called christians (don't worry there is no such a thing as a christian) that have, as a whole, a serious hard time is READING, from what is put right in from of them. You are rock solid proof of that. See, I unlike you can back up what I say with something called "evidence". The videos are evidence. Wow and you being the contradictory hypocrite, you use YOUR bible to speak for YOU? Jeez. So if you are not going to look at the videos, there's 0% of a chance I'm going to look at the verses you posted. Oh and to slam the door shut, and you deserve it, YOUR god, in which you cannot even prove even exists, would NEVER use text as a form of communication, the worst form of communication possible.


Everybody in the comment section I want you guys to pay attention to what this kid is doing.

1. He literally said he wont argue, becuase I wont watch his videos. I wont watch them, becuase they are making your point for you. You have no evidence on your own accord anybody can just play a video and sit back and use no brain power. Look at all 3 of my videos of god is fake or else you're a supposed christian, what kind of debate is this? Im actually laughing

2. Secondly making accusations that im a supposed Christian. Dude your evidence and arguements are just ad hominems and insults. Literally you dont know me, but you know my religious faith, becuase I wont watch a video what sense is that?

3. The body of your counter is just you making fun of how much time it took me to wright a response, in fact since I took the time and proved my points and spent a lenghty amount of time actually shows I put more effort and energy into my arguement.

4. No where in my counter have I thrown insults at you or have called what you belive in stupid. The fact that you have to insult to get your point across is just hilarious.

5. You call me a hypocrite for using the bible that literally explains the existence and philosophy of God and the milestone of the Christian faith. That doesn't make any sense on why im hypocrite. I even used articles by other sources that prove jesus was real. Thats like me calling you a hypocrite for using videos on atheism that doesnt make any sense and again all you do is throw in insults and label Christain people into one group.

6. The versus were quoted in my arguement. It wasn't a video that someone made. They were literal answers to your questions or accusations that I found. The thing is I can back my sources up and explain the circumstance of the versus that flatly prove God gave us freedom. You literally wont explain, talk about or highlight any key points or use them in this debate. Its a debate not a youtube film festival.

7. Not only did I prove that Christian excavaters found the bones of jesus which I qouted and cited earlier and you ignored that fact but im not insulting you about it, becuase we should be civil.

Everybody viewing this or my people in the comment section, is it just me or is all of his claims in his counter argument just accusation with insults. Literally you just keep saying watch the videos, watch the videos, but buddy no where did you cite that factually writing is the worst form of communication, never explained how im a hypocrite, do Christians statistically struggle with reading as you claim, is there no such thing as a christian even though you never claimed how that is made up? No cites or qoutes just insults and youtube videos.

8. Texts as the worst form of cummincation. Guess what? I disagree, heres why; back when God was actually speaking to his deciphals they all can't just remember what he said every day that's impossible and writing things down actually keeps record of data or memos, so when God spoke they wrote it down for future generations to adhere to God's rules and actually according to Ashley D. maker a busniess instructor on written communication is one of tue best forms of communication for bussniesses. Also God did speak to his people through his voice and son so he actually did the best two methods of communication.
Debate Round No. 2


I read Your 1. of the second RD. That's enough, kid who supports Donald Trump, the worst president of all time who has a lot of things in common with your god, kid. For more on that you can go to and and
Oh and oh yeah, everything is backed upped in the first RD in which you cannot refute, kid and made absolutely no attempts to refute, kid because you can't kid. Bye kid. You lose, kid.


Um... I don't know where you're getting the kid comment from im 22, secondly you're literally attacking my personal beliefs as a person that isn't even related to my religion, thus what you're saying isn't even related to the topic anymore, in fact you are straw man falacy comparing trump and God. We aren't even talking about Trump.

Secondly Trump wasn't an all knowning being who made the world and led the isrealites to jerusalem or had a son who was nailed to a cross and God never ran for president and just like your other points to try and counter you're gunna insult me and say watch the youtube video, but we already knew that; it'swhat you've been saying the whole debate.

In the first round I literally responded to all your points and even cited qoutes on how you're wrong. Everyone reading this go ahead and look at the other rounds, I had multiple sources, but his whole thesis or counter is "go watch a video, your God is stupid"

I made no attempts to refute your argument? I literally put in qoutes from the bible about freedom which you claim Christians dont have, I put in a qoute from a Dr. With a PH.D about how 7% of people are atheist, I put in a cite about Jesus's remains and much more and you say I cant refute you?
Debate Round No. 3


Awe well gee you dimwitted dullard snot meat sow, you don't believe for a single second that your beliefs should be attacked the way you treated me? ARE YOU SERIOUS? You absolutely attack me when you refuse to look at pure 100% evidence right at your fingertips and yet you expect me to look at something that you present from your horrific bible in which you clearly have not read? I HAVE READ YOUR BIBLE. And well gosh golly gee gosh darned it all there's 0% of a possibility that YOUR god would ---ever--- use text as a form of communication, the worst form of communication possible - a double whammy punchline. Oh but wait by gum, its perfectly OK for you to once again be the contradictory hypocrite that you are and attack atheism from something in which you clearly know absolutely nothing about. " I literally put in qoutes from the bible about freedom which you claim Christians dont have," DID---YOU---WATCH---THE---VIDEOS? Now you are really p**sing me off. Here's an example... What would you do if I were to come up to you and say "here's something for you to read that's pertaining to this subject" naturally you'd pass that up as well because it is known that so called christians (because there is no such a thing as a christian) as a whole simply cannot read nor comprehend what is in from of them as I have found out so so sooooooooo many times. In other words you and your kind are phenomenally lazy and you do not pay attention to evidence. So really, why did you accept this debate? And why bother accepting any other debates? And really, wow, one thing you attempted to counter. Gee, how many subjects do I have as to why accepting atheism is clearly the right path? See, that's what I mean. And even so, you don't even pay attention to your bible from the verses put right in front of you. Wow.


Firstly, when you debate someone, insulting them is not how you win, "dimwitted dullard snot meat sow" is what I am becuase I am defending my beliefs in a debate that challenged them in the first place.

Not only have you repeatedly grouped Christians as idiots who can't read and berated my God, but you went on my profile and attacked my beliefs outside of the topic of this debate, " okay kid who likes Trump, worst president ever who is just like your God" If you don't like Trump we can debate that a different time, but were talking about Religion not the president.

Also for every round you seem to use the same formula: insult+watch the video = Counter argument. Round 1 you post videos and just talk about how nobody knows what atheism is which I disputed with you from a cite, you just insult God and posted a bunch of random numbers and letters with random sentences and you claim those are verses. You don't even explain or support the videos, during this whole debate I haven't seen you explain or use any point from the videos you tell me to watch. With my qoutes and cites I have I explain and use them as factual support. You also insult me for putting time in my argument for a debate. Not only does that have nothing to do what were talking about, but if I'm trying to argue for my beliefs to be understood then im going to put time in my argument.

Round 2: Again you call me a supposed Christian and hate when I skip rock solid evidence when I gave you plenty of evidence for his existence about Jesus's bones being found and you never countered or even brought it up.

On your point of I how should be attacked for how I treated you. I have treated you with respect this whole debate. I have not insulted athiesm in any way, nor have I classified anyone who is an atheist as a lower. You literally; in this round called my bible "horrific" but I have said nothing about your belif system, in fact this whole debate has been me defending my religion and now my personal beliefs from you.

My next point your youtube videos, I have said this before and ill say it again. Your argument is just you insulting God, okay? You post videos and then you insult Christians and God then post random letters and numbers which I guess you claim are verses even though you won't tell me or expand on them. What im saying is aside from these videos you claim are your evidence which you havent explained or even used any point from them this whole debate, your own argument aside from the videos has no factual or understood foundation.
The only thing that is presented as gour own argument is the "God used writing which is the worst form of communication" Which again as I jave stated now multipke times God spoke to the children of Isreal which is the best form of communication, also his deciphals wrote it down which also according to business instructor Asbley D. Maker from her article explains that written communication is the best form of communication for work, bussiness: memos,books, journals and records. Written communication also keeps record of information for awhile se other people can see this information.
How else is the teaching of God supposed to be spread. Writing is literally the only way and again God didn't use written communication so again I don't get your point.
On my next point of your youtube videos, I have a question for you. If someones plug-in doesnt work for these videos and they physichally can't watch the videos do you think you could defend your point without the videos? I don't think you could for the simple fact that you haven't disputed anything i've said with qoutes or evidence. Here's where im going with this relying on a video and not expanding of how the video connects to your argument or actually making points on your own behalf isn't a debate, becuase someobe doesn't want to watch a video about other people making your points for you that makes me "phenomly lazy" occording to you. Thats like me just posting a bunch of videos from youtube about how atheist are evil or how god is real and I could just as easily sit back and let other people make my arguement for me and you not wanting to sit through 3 videos of the topic or not having a working plug-in and insulting you, but that's not how a debate works.
Again you haven't even gave an example or reason on how im a hypocrite and you say I don't pay attention to the bible when you just posted a ton of numbers and letters and just say "here's my evidence" without explaining how they connect or anything. I posted my verses with qoutes the whole sentence and then connected it to my topic.
Debate Round No. 4


Wow. I cannot even debate with you. Come back when you learn to spell. Good thing kid that you've never entered college, kid because if you have ALL of your professors, no exceptions would give you an F every single time. One word of caution, don't go to college. Wow. Its not my job to feather through your mishaps and interpret what you are saying. And you REALLY think you have a ghost of a chance at interpreting YOUR bible? ARE YOU SERIOUS? One word, just one word that was misspelled when I went to college back in college in 92 - 93 was an instant F. And we did not even have a spell-check back then. Now you have no excuses. Horrific. Tell you what. Don't even bother. Your English is truly atrocious that is to be left for pigeon droppings in black holes. So what's left? VIDEO in which you will not even look at. Crawl back from wherever it was you came. K? This it clearly not for you. And I mean that with the kindness of words.


Your point on me not going to college, I went to Sierra college in California where the we have some of the best UC Colleges in thecountry: UC Santa Cruz, Davis, Merced and Berkley and the western assoaciation of communitite colleges which California is a part of, So education in California is surprisingly one of the valued things in this state that being said I completed Sierra college with two degrees one in AS-T in Law Enforcement and a AS in Behavioural Sciences in a California College.

Secondly I did mispell words in college all the time and still passed so I don't know where you got your facts. Also states vary on education cirriculumns so your comparison is illogical, also there's a time variation from 92'- 2018, so again your comparison is flawed.

Which brings me to your next point, "you really think you have a ghost of a chance interpreting your bible?" Well I have been practicing my religion for 15 years, been baptized and avidly read the bible so yes I do think I can interpret it. Again you don't know me or know my credentials so I'm not sure why you think I can't read and analys the bible or as you stated earlier "Christians can't read" which you still haven't proven.

Another fallacy, your ad hominems. You're saying my points are weak, becuase I can't spell?! Just becuase you're rude to me doesn't mean my argument isn't any less sound.

Your whole side of the debate hasn't been anything, but accusations and insults, seriously you don't think people are gunna read your side and see that all you did was say watch the video and call me a stupid Christian? Not to mention how you red herring about my spelling and Donald Trump which this debate topic has nothing to do with.

Also you corrected my spelling and grammar yet you put "K?" And "soooooooo" not to mention you didn't even cite your sources for the videos or verses you put.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by logicalcat181 3 years ago
You are completely biased. I've looked at some of your other debates and they only show your opinion.
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
@primeministerJoshua812 - OK I set up a debate. Its the same as has been posted twice before minus 2 verses from the NT.
Posted by HaydenCR 3 years ago
Lets do it, the new testament, the old testament the future testament. We can debate anything im all in baby.
Posted by primeministerJoshua812 3 years ago

I would love to debate you on whether the God of the Old Testament is immoral.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Backwardseden, I know why you think free will and sovereignty are contradictory but they aren't. If we ever have another debate I will specify what I mean by this.
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
@hanson.aaron - I'm not crazy at all. I am really quite insane. Of that you can be assured of. As far as the child thing - goo goo ga ga WOOF? Just like Barkey the wonder smog. Oh and oh yeah I do have a diaper rash with pimples. Just think, that's extra special, especially me at 57 and you at being a tepid sheepish bore who doesn't know how to bite into his moist spicy burrito with creamed filling ready to shoot the moon on his own gravy train.
Posted by hanson.aaron 3 years ago
I'm tempted to accept the challenge, but, I think you're a little crazy. It'd be like taking candy from a small child.
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Reasons for voting decision: I have been an atheist all my life and think it would be quite difficult for someone to sway me in another direction, though I'd be open to it. That all said, Con clearly won this debate. - I don't think conduct is even a question, nor is spelling and grammar - Con makes far more convincing arguments, which is a shame because there are a nearly infinite number of great ways to defend atheism. I couldn't disagree more with Pro's characterization of free will - I agree with Con that it's rather lame, for lack of a better word, to just throw up videos based on other people's thoughts and research and ask someone to refute them.

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