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Recreational Marijuana

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Started: 4/2/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Recreational marijuana has recently become legal for recreational use in 8 states and the District of Columbia, under Proposition 64, of those 8 states being California. There is a great amount of controversy surrounding the passing of recreational marijuana. Legalized marijuana is regulated for customer safety. Before recreational marijuana was legalized and dispensaries started to be created people were buying it off of the street. This meant that it was being grown by the person selling it or they got it from someone who may have gotten it from another person. This meant that the consumer didn't know if there were harmful drugs or chemicals mixed in the product they were buying.

According to The American Public Health Association (APHA), who wrote and article called "Regulating Commercially Legalized Marijuana as a Public Health Priority" on November 18. 2014, with recreational marijuana being legalized it will allow the government to enforce laboratory testing and regulations to make sure that the marijuana being sold is free of toxins.

This means that the consumer will no longer have to buy off of the street but will be able to go into a dispensary where the marijuana has been tested for toxins in a laboratory.

On January 8th, 2018 a Washington State Legislator posted and article called "WAC 314-55-105: Packaging and Labeling Requirements" which by law requires Washington state to produce health warnings, quality assurance, THC content and concentration, as well as other important information for the consumer.

This allows the consumer to know exactly what is in their product its just like food labels that provide the consumer with information about what is inside weather is be vitamins, fat, or sugars. Legalizing marijuana allows for the consumer to read exactly what they are buying and know that it complies with the government regulations.

The Bureau of Cannabis Control states that with recreational marijuana being legalized it allows the government to set age restrictions and the people buying it as well as license and regulate the entire supply chain of marijuana including growers, distributors, retailers, and testing labs.

This means that the government will be able to control how much and who is selling the marijuana and it will decrease the amount of dealers on the streets selling and importing illegally.

Brooke Staggs, a reporter of cannabis, wrote in and article titled " "Here Are the Rules for Legal Marijuana in California Once Law Goes into Effect Jan. 1," in November of 2017, that in California alone the legalizing of recreational marijuana will requires regulations that include limitations on the serving sizes for edible marijuana products, seed-to-sale testing and tracking, and 24-hour video surveillance at retail stores.

The Government will now be able to monitor what is being sold to each consumer making shops close at 10 P.M every night. They will also be able to regulate where shops are located which requires them to be 600 ft away from any school according to The Bureau of Cannabis Control Regulations.


Why do we need recreational marijuana? Many people can understand why we have medicinal marijuana to help out people who have health conditions or disorder, physically or mentally but why recreational?
Cannabis is a plant that contains the mind-altering chemicals tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC which is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis is responsible for a euphoric high. Cannabis should not be legalized, however, it the most commonly used drug in the United States. According to Agata Blaszczak-Boxe, wrote the article "Potent Pot: Marijuana Is Stronger Now Than It was 20 Years ago" on February 8, 2016, stated the potency of cannabis has increased from 12 percent in 2014 as a supposed to 4 percent in 1995. With that being said CBD, cannabidiol- an ingredient that sometimes boosted its potential health benefit, has drastically changed from 0.28 percent in 2001 to less than 0.15 percent in 2014. The increase of THC potency will build people"s tolerance and have them dependent on cannabis which means people will soon become addicted to it.
People who are heavily dependent on cannabis and stop using will suffer withdrawal symptoms like depression, stomach pain, anxiety, and insomnia. According to Dr. Drew Pinsky, a board-certified internist and addiction medicine specialist said [He's] been treating cannabis addiction for 20 years. When people are addicted to cannabis, cocaine, and alcohol the drug they have the most difficult time giving up is the cannabis." This states cannabis is addicting, and legalizing cannabis will result in having a higher percentage of people using. On August 2, 2016 Journal of Drug Issues wrote an article called "Evolution of the United States Marijuana Market in the Decade of Liberalization Before Full Legalization" and found in their study that "the number of US daily marijuana users has risen dramatically since 2002 and now 68% of users report daily or near-daily use." This article was done in 2016 when it was still illegal now imagine how it is now, in 2018, that it has become legal. Before it was legalized, many people would make up excuses to use cannabis, now people don"t need an excuse and are provided quickly. Since Proposition 64 was passed, many people walk into the dispensaries without the proper knowledge of usage, therefore, would cause them to abuse it. In a journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence published a survey and reported that "22% of marijuana users experienced "acute anxiety or panic attacks following cannabis use," and 15% had psychotic symptoms following use." That being said legalizing cannabis will result in a negative outcome like drug addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and misuse.
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Posted by TKDB 3 years ago
I'm pro society.
Posted by Krystalalexis 3 years ago
I told you I was done with this debate lol comparing not washing hands to driving while high is really ridiculous. It"s obvious your against weed so much so that you didn"t understand that regardless of a law there are irresponsible individuals! Have a great day!
Posted by TKDB 3 years ago
Is it inaccurate to make the mentality comparison of some people who are maybe being lazy when it comes to ignoring basic cleanliness, to those who got drunk/ or drugged up on weed and then ignored basic respect or self respect for themselves and the others around them?

Oh no, hypothetically speaking, making a law for people who don't know how to be responsible enough to wash their hands after using the bathroom, wasting law enforcement's time on such an endeavor would be trivial huh, but yeah, give the hospitals across the country, and the CDC plenty of catch up work to do when a new virus or an old virus mutates and gives hundred or thousands of human beings a run for their health in various stages or being sick?

Because some don't mind engaging the day around them with unkempt hands?

Here you go, the handles on shopping carts, the handles of a small shopping basket?
(Two basic examples of how some can get sick off of areas that some with unkempt hands can affect others?

Drugged drivers affect others by getting into their vehicles after getting high on weed, and have hurt others with their unkempt/ irresponsible ways?
Posted by Krystalalexis 3 years ago
This debate was for an assignment. I was given my position(PRO) I did not choose i!!!. Which I explained before. This was for students in my class.

I never said people that drive high were not irresponsible I said that no law will make them responsible and you compared that to people not washing their hands. As if they should require that to be a law and have police in every restroom arresting those people that don't because they spread germs and disease. really? Ok, lol!
Posted by TKDB 3 years ago
You started this debate, lol.

Drinking before going to work is just as ignorant as smoking weed prior to going to work is, isn't it?

Going to laugh out loud at that nonsense as well?
Posted by Krystalalexis 3 years ago
People also drink before work so your point on that? Exactly lol goodbye!
Posted by Krystalalexis 3 years ago
Wow you are comparing driving high to people not washing their hands? This debate is over I can"t help but laugh. Have a nice day. There are no perks for people who smoke weed they can only smoke it in their house because it is illegal under federal law and before it was legalized it didn"t matter if people were smoking in their home. Example my neighbor had the cops called for smoking and selling weed and the cop simple said she is in the privacy of her own home and this was before he law was passed. So again I"m done debating after you are trying to compare a weed law and the irresponsible actions to people not washing their hands. Have a great day!
Posted by TKDB 3 years ago
"Laws or no laws there are irresponsible people and it"s not anyone else"s job or law to make them responsible people they are adults they should know better. "

A prime example of how your opinion could be viewed:
When people go into a bathroom, some use parts os of the facility's, but not all use the sink to wash their hands afterwards?
And people wonder how some of the various viruses that get around, get transported around like they do?

That kind of laziness is purposeful laziness. And it's amazing how some can mentality wise wallow in their lazy attitudes and want or demand the public to cater, coddle, or pander tho their various forms of purposeful laziness?

Drugged driving is one of those forms of laziness?
Drunk driving is another form of that laziness?
I wonder, do the illegal weed users maybe not view their illegal weed use as a form of that purposeful laziness?
I wonder, when weed users go to their jobs and provide patient care or customer service, I wonder how the public might feel about an employee who is using weed while providing patient or customer care to them?
I wonder if the patients or the customer's at a facility might view the weed users drug use as responsible drug use, seeings how some are apparently going to be irresponsible regardless of whether a law is in place or not?

So pass a law to legalize weed and in a sense let the irresponsible weed user's actions affect the public as it may, maybe giving into the weed users right?
Pass that law and generate that taxation and revenue from, right?
Pass that law, and give the weed users their way outs from the weed offenses that they created for themselves, right? (In other words, amnesty, right?)
Fines instead of jail time?

Look at the perks that the weed users get via weed legalization?
Posted by Krystalalexis 3 years ago
I live in California where people have been smoking before the law was even thought of. Regardless it"s still illegal under federal law so just smoke at home plains and simple. Those people that don"t which there are always going to be people that break any law it"s 2018. Does it make it right no absolutely not but it"s common sense don"t drink and drive or drugged and high which by the way includes prescription drugs as well. People should be talking pain pills and driving. Those bottles say do not operate machinery yet they still prescribe them knowing people drive after taking medication.
Laws or no laws there are irresponsible people and it"s not anyone else"s job or law to make them responsible people they are adults they should know better. That is all I have to say on this matter!
Posted by TKDB 3 years ago
The individuals choosing to abuse the drugged driving and drunk driving laws, shows the failure of an individual respecting themselves or the others around them, especially when it comes to the failing individual who decide to drive drunk or drugged up on a drug.

The legalization of weed AMPLIFIES the irresponsible actions of the drug abusing individuals, talking around the word irresponsible with the word responsible. does not fix the daily actions of drugged drivers hurting people by abusing the drugged or drunk driving laws.
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