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Reforming the Racially-biased Criminal Justice System will Imprison More Caucasians

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Started: 11/7/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Since most statistics tend to show that people of color (Latino, Black, Asian, American-Indian, etc.) are more likely to be jailed than whites, wouldn't reforming the justice system only mean arresting more white people to even it out, and making the prison population more diverse?

As a white person I cannot support reforming racially-biased CJS, because it will not lead to less arrests overall, but instead to more arrests of non-ethnic minorities.


Although reforming the justice system, like making punishments for drug offenses, which impact black communities extremely harshly and proverbially disproportionately, less severe would increase the proportion of punishment dished out to whites, it wouldn't increase the amount. Think about it this way: you and I are both in prison, and my sentence is 1 year, yours is 2. Then your sentence is commuted by 1 year, and we both have equal jail time. Your logic suggests that I have been punished more, when in truth only my proportion of the total punishment went up. I used to have 1/3 of the total punishment, now I have 1/2.

Your logic also suggests that the Justice department has some sort of quota(why else would it have to compensate for a drop in punishment), which isn't true.
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Posted by arugula278 2 years ago
Pro, is the first round only for acceptance or should I post an argument?
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