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Started: 7/16/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Context: One may be susceptible to the ideological prongs of misfortune for he is unable to grasp the fire which bequeaths the mind. There is nothing so uncertain or certain than death itself. However, to feel ones glory is to know one"s past, present and future and to receive each machination of truth in an eye of the storm or in the glory of god.
What then becomes of us, humans which are so indistinctly defined and untethered from our past glory and misfortunes. We are not just a product of our time but product of many ages of hardship and regrets. For what is born from within leads us to fight our victorious battle towards the kingdom which we call home. We are divided by loyalty, fear and anguish, but what keeps us all together is our belief in the truth. There is nothing which can stop the encroachment of the force of darkness. However if there is a greater truth that is beyond this, we are to find it willingly.

The question is- Should humans pro-actively seek out the truth behind existence?


In a word, no.

Assuming pragmatism as an underpinning, ignorance is truly bliss. For those who are truth-seekers, in a post-modern world, where what one feels is more important than cogent truth, you set yourself up only for frustration.

If you peel back the incoherent nature of religion and find god truly is dead, you set yourself up for nihilism or if you will: realizing there are questions to which no answers can objectively be assigned, such as personal meaning.

I like Jordan Peterson's stance on truth, in the first podcast that he had with Sam Harris(even though it was technically flawed) where in which he asserts and I am paraphrasing: truth is that which is useful to the survival of the species. The closest one can reach to an objective meaning of life is in the basest biological terms i.e asking: what is the utilitarian purpose of this flesh?

If you follow truth too carefully, you realize that all the societal devices that underpin our existence, are pretty much fluid (if you exempt the mob from the equation). What counts in this day age is your willingness to submit yourself to the mob. You can try carve out existence on your terms but you will only end up being ostracized and unappreciated, sometimes to the point of an all-out-crucifixion. The examples of great men and women; completely dismissed in their own times; left to greatness and solitude, is voluminous.

I believe that attending bible school (whatever flavor is convenient) and following the path of evolutionary biology, within the context of current popular norms and standards, is the best one can aspire to. Illusions are useful and I believe they should be maintained where ever they can. Nihilism and determinism will never make the best sellers list. Those of us who have peered behind the curtain would do well to shut up and get on with it and allow others the comfort of their beliefs, even if they do not conform to facts.
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Posted by clingard86 3 years ago
Only if you should disagree with said billion.
Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
Does it matter what a billion people believe?
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