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Religion is for the mentally ill, or weak minded

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Started: 1/22/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Religion is for the mentally ill, weak minded, or people who have no coping skills. With the knowledge we have today about evolution, space life, DNA, genetics, big bang theory, other science, etc etc. It shocks me to believe that approximately 70% of the whole world population still believes in some type of religion with all the knowledge we have about our planet and the universe.

This is like believing in Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and or Harry Potter being real. I believe religion is a state of mind of the mentally ill, people who can't cope with every day stress, death, everyday life. They need something greater than them because they have no coping skills and need someone or something to follow.

Science has shown us that the Universe is gigantic, the time of an average human life is 75 years on average, in the grand scheme of the universe that is a mere speck in time of a world and universe that is billions of years old, yet people would rather chant to a wall or believe in some invisible being that when they die and their body breaks down with chemical disposition of amino acids in it they will be transported to some other universe. That sounds pretty insane to me.

Therefore I say religion is for the unstable, mentally ill, weak minded people with no coping skills so they rely on mystical beings to get them through the day. How else can religion be explained??


God said anybody who searches for me with ALL of their heart, mind, and strength, WILL find me.. That will work for you too Pro, just try it.

The biggest religion of today coincidentally, is science LoL.. Science has many Santa Clauses, tooth fairies, and Easter bunnies, just under different names.. Global warming, evolution, space, big bang.. You are right, believing these things is like believing in Santa Clause etc..

However I do not think this makes you mentally ill, be easy on yourself.

The religion of science has preached to you about the universe, and what a tiny little insignificant spec you are, but that is a lie because you are not a tiny insignificant spec. The religion of science teaches what it is told by those who are financing the scientists. There is big money to be made in the global warming lie by selling carbon emission permission slips.. LoL

I can not relate to the Jews praying at the wall, but don't forget, the Jews crucified Jesus, so I wouldn't put much emphasis on their spiritual example.

Invisible being? Is that because you cant see that you don't believe? Here let me show you...

The wind? We cant see the wind but we know it exists because of its effects on the things around it.
You drive by a construction site and see a framed house but nobody is there, but you know just because you cant see the people, they are there somewhere or there would be no framing or foundation. You know this because the framing requires design, you see the design and recognize intelligence.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see intelligence? The frame of skeleton of your body renews around 7 times in your life, can you imagine changing out the framing of a house even once? You recognize intelligent design observing a simple wooden frame but do not make the same observation in the mirror of the most incredible design known to man? You do not recognize design or you refuse to recognize design?

To practice the religion of science is the worst of them all. It truly is for the unstable, mentally ill, too weak minded to do any independent research relying on mystical beings (unknown scientists might as well be a ghost) to get one through their day, how else can the religion of science be explained?
Debate Round No. 1


First off I would like to thank my opponent in accepting this debate. So lets continue round 2 now.

You say that a person is not a spec in the universe, well the earth it self is 4.5 billion years old. Now religion is what 8 million years old approximately? That is a mere fraction of the life of earth. Now we an discuss Gods and the bible and other religious beliefs but that is a mere spec in the life of earth or for that matter the Universe which is even older. The sun is what sustains life on this planet. Compared to the distances of other planets in our solar system we have life on this planet because of the sun, not God. The earth is the perfect distance from the sun to have water, oxygen, carbon and life. Venus is too hot for life and Mars is too cold, they also do not have oxygen like on earth. Now we can assume all these things but we have sent men to space and we have documented the planets, we have telescopes that can see the other planets, we have satellites we have sent into space to document all the plants and this knowledge goes back to the time of Galileo and Copernicus which incidentally were shunned by the religious people who tried to suppress the knowledge as they tried to control the population through religion brainwashing. We have scientific data on everything in our solar system. What does religion base their information on? A Bible, a bunch of fairy tales written by man 2000 years ago? How do you explain fossils and dinosaurs then?? No mention of them in the bible, just that God created Man and Woman. And if we want to follow that premise then are we all inbred because there was Adam and Eve and then they had Cain and Able and Cain killed Able so did Cain sleep with his mother Eve to populate the world. FAIL, that makes no sense.

There is absolutely no scientific proof of some imaginary God in the sky, where does he live? Hiding behind Saturn's rings, or maybe on Uranus?? With wind we can document it's force and we know the ocean tides create it. Who created God, I will tell you, the weak minded people who needed to believe in something that was greater then them because they were mentally weak and imbalanced, than as society always does, they follow leaders as sheep. We see it everyday, with Presidents and Prime Ministers, people follow them, well religion created temples and churches and had people called Priests spread the fairy tale of religion and the general masses ate it right up without questioning it or they would be persecuted as witches or killed if they didn't follow it.

When I look in the mirror, I see a human being, a skeleton covered with muscle and organs with an outer layer of skin, eyes that look at the mirror and a brain that interprets that information. There is no design, there is evolution from ape to man. Darwin's theory, there is also evolution of other plants and species from the ice ages to now. These changes take millions of years in evolution and the human life is what? maybe 50 thousand years old?? That is nothing compared to the time of this planet. We are merely an ant on the sidewalk that is crushed by a boot of a greater being, well humans are just that ant in the universe, that can be squashed by an asteroid like the dinosaurs were. And incidentally there is proof of that in fossils and the crater off the coast of Mexico. This was not some work of some human made up God. This was the work of the universe. In 10,000 BC we had shamans who would draw painting in caves and chant about beings in the sky, now we have priests and other crazy people who talk about fictional beings and religions. Your whole religion is based on one book written by man.

Science has documented proof of studies which were conducted by scientists, all data is researched and documented, what does religion have, one tome of made up Harry Potter fairy tales? Why is it there was no religion until humans created writing? Where was religion when man was evolving from the mitochondrial Eve in Africa, and the Neanderthal and Cromagnon. We have skeletons of them so they aren't made up, where was religion then?

Now that our brains are more developed we can include religion, we also recognize mental illness now like schizophrenia, bi-polar, delusional symptoms. And it seems like these type of people are the ones that believe in religion. The people who talk to themselves, the unstable people or people in dire need like in prison, on death row, or the poor that have nothing to live for, the more 3'rd world country is, the more religious it is. I don't think that is a coincidence, I believe that religion is a made up form of coping skills like therapy for the weak or mentally ill because there is no scientific proof of any God, Jesus or any other form of religion, where is Noah Ark then? If it could take all species on the planet then it would have to be gigantic, yet there is no proof of it. You are basing all your belief on one Lord Of The Rings book called the bible??

That's weak


Hey thanks Pro, you make some valid points and so do the others in the comments section. So before I get into the specific details about individual points, and there are many of them LoL, lets for a moment look at this from a slightly different perspective and just to be sure we are on the same page, because religion can go in many different directions..

We are discussing two different religions.
The religion of Christianity and the religion of science, aka sudo science (because most of science today is sudo science) and Christianity has some of that too, but there is the bible that can point out these problems, unlike science in which you have to take whatever you get..

So lets condense this subject down a little bit to its foundations.

You have two options. You can choose the religion (in this case, general belief system) that says you evolved by accident from the scum of the earth and a lightning bolt hitting just the right spot and here you are.. You are a mistake, you have no purpose, you have no destiny, you are an animal, you are a cancer to the earth, when you die you go back to dirt and nowhere else, you need to be managed like live stock for the government, the god of science. The only rights you have are those granted to you from the government because in science your god is the government because God is not out there according to science because the government wants to be god and has a giant well funded movie called science. You are serving science and the government right now in this debate.

Or you can choose Jesus, who says you are amazing, you have been intentionally created meaning you have purpose, and are NOT a mistake, you choose your own destiny, you are free, you are wonderfully made with paradise as one of your options to choose from as a destiny and a road map on how to get there. You are loved, you are wanted, you are invited to the feast party of all time.
Don't forget, Jesus is a real historical figure, he was here and your calendar points to his visit every day of your life to help you find your true destiny.. We are essentially 2018 years since he was here.

The bible foretold about his coming thousands of years before he came, and now the final prophesies are in sight. For example in the end people will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast.. All throughout history nobody could ever figure out how this could happen and many called the bible a farce because of that prophesy. And now enacting such a thing can be done, they are working out the details now.. The mark of the beast is a tracking system written in the bible around two thousand years ago, never possible until now.

So with the foundations of our topic of discussion revealed in the light, even if both were a lie, I am pretty sure I would lean toward the Christianity belief system because I would be a happier person everyday that I live and far more comfortable in dying, even if it was a lie.. LoL
********* Below this line I will address some specific points. **********
********** Pro Statement *** (I will respond in parenthesis)
The sun is what sustains life on this planet. Compared to the distances of other planets in our solar system we have life on this planet because of the sun, not God. The earth is the perfect distance from the sun to have water, oxygen, carbon and life.(Perfect by accident?) Venus is too hot for life and Mars is too cold, they also do not have oxygen like on earth. Now we can assume all these things but we have sent men to space and we have documented the planets, we have telescopes that can see the other planets, we have satellites we have sent into space to document all the planets and this knowledge goes back to the time of Galileo and Copernicus which incidentally were shunned by the religious people who tried to suppress the knowledge as they tried to control the population through religion brainwashing. (Well this is why I don't like going into history too much, so lets do a quick history lesson.. The Opposition you are referring to came from the Protestant (Christian at the time) theologians for biblical reasons) But the catholic church wanted to promote the Copernicus theory. This was promoted by the catholic church to put science ahead of scripture by promoting a universe so imaginably large that God was no where to be found and thereby allowing the Catholics to create alien stories for the purpose of, you are right, control of the populous through brain washing and Brain washing through science..)
(The Copernicus model centers around the sun, like sun worship does, but Copernicus did not want his THEORY made known until after he was dead, but the catholic church (which is NOT Christian) was so excited and to push this sudo science they created the Jesuit society which became the agents of change. Copernicus wrote the book, "revolutions of the heavenly bodies" dedicated to the pope, the Copernican revolution through the Jesuit order began changing the public perception of the scriptures the earth and the creator. The Jesuits became infamous for their skill at deception and subterfuge. Their ability to infiltrate governments and institutions of learning; their standing as advisers to kings, and new leaders in education; the very influence they wielded was tantamount to becoming humanly insurmountable. This is where what you believe in, came from)
We have scientific data on everything in our solar system. (Scientific data? Do you mean the sun worship Copernicus theory? Maybe you mean the data that the scientists got caught cooking up to make global warming look real? Hmmm, maybe it was the moon landing movie with shadows coming from different directions with one sun? I think I would call this 'blind faith'?)
What does religion base their information on? A Bible, a bunch of fairy tales written by man 2000 years ago? (Fairy tales? LoL, fairy tales that accurately predict the future thousands of years in advance when science cant hardly predict the weather a week out? LoL)(The bible is older than 2000 years, u are referring to the new testament)
How do you explain fossils and dinosaurs then?? No mention of them in the bible, just that God created Man and Woman. (Here we go with history correction again, LoL)
(Lets take a close look at dinosaurs from a physics standpoint and call it the Paradox of large dinosaurs. Its as if the laws of physics no longer apply to support some of these gigantic sizes. Without going into pages and pages of details There are four problem areas illustrating why the largest dinosaurs and pterosaurs present a paradox to science: 1 Inadequate bone strength to support the largest dinosaurs, 2 Inadequate muscle strength to lift and move the largest dinosaurs, 3 Unacceptable high blood pressure and stress on the heart of the tallest dinosaurs, 4 Aerodynamics principles showing that the pterosaurs should not have flown.
Essentially somebody finds a bone and tells the scientist to fill in the blanks or no pay check.. LoL There are however complete fossilized remains of giant humans, which of course are mentioned in the bible, Goliath was a famous one..)
Running out of space.. the following is a response about Adam and Eve.
(Cain did not sleep with his mother Eve LoL. Nevertheless this is a very good point. It is hard to use today's understanding to understand the beginning of man.. Remember that man use to be perfect, he had no genetic problems. Adam and Eve were having babies left and right LoL Cain probably did marry a sister, or a niece or a grand niece or maybe even a few at the same time LoL. The laws of governing incest were enacted during the time of Moses. Check out Genesis 20:12 "Besides, she actually is my sister, the daughter of my father, but not the daughter of my mother, and she became my wife; ")
Next - Scientific proof - I will post the rest in comments..
Debate Round No. 2
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by BackSeatPreacher 2 years ago
Yeah, give me an old vhs porno tape so I can slap you in the face with it.. LoL Just kidding
Posted by God.exe 2 years ago
Someone needs to make a role play porno where they act out Cain and Eve doing it.
Posted by BackSeatPreacher 2 years ago
LoL ok pro, its ok if you have a hard time understanding. I know the things I speak are like dropping large stones into a shallow pool of water. George Orwell said, "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." God is looking for people like you and his invitation is golden, don't be so quick to flush it like I did with bitcoin a couple years ago. I had about 20 bitcoins a couple years ago, but I panicked and sold most of them and dropped the whole thing. I still have a couple of them, but I didn't keep my crypto wallet and now I look back and realize I flushed over a quarter of a million dollars and had no idea until it was too late.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
I have no idea what you just said, I don't speak in mental illness babble.
Posted by BackSeatPreacher 2 years ago
LoL hello again pro its always nice to hear how right I am. LoL You take the pictures you are shown as fact and everything sudo science tells you is your bible. You follow aimlessly and blindly without questioning anything.. You are living in the bubble the globalist want you to live in. You believe all the lies but when you are exposed to truth it is foreign to you and you dont know how to react, so you react just like you are programmed to, just like everybody else is that is commenting. Dont you see the similarities? You are all acting exactly alike with the same reactions from programming. But if you look in the mirror and see an accident instead of intelligence then I am afraid you wont be able to see this either..
Nevertheless, I am hopeful that after the debates that these seeds of truth will bother you everyday causing you to start your own research.
Posted by BackSeatPreacher 2 years ago
Hi Backwardsedan! I think it is important that everybody know that you are referring to ONLY the old testament.. Eye for an eye tooth for a tooth and stoning people and so on.. I agree totally chaotic and not a time I would want to live in... But I often wonder if those old testament scriptures share some similarities with some of today's laws for example if you release some refrigerant gas into the air you can be fined twenty thousand dollars and go to prison for five years or both.. The punishment fit the crime? Not even close, not even in the ballpark. That's how a lot of those old testament laws were so serious that most people were discouraged from crossing those lines because the risk was simply too big. I mean would you steal a candy bar if the risk was to be hung in the public square by noose? Probably not.
Yes God flooded the earth and a lot of people died, but there was something else going on that isnt talked about as much and would require some time to get into but I will be brief. The Nephilum giants were eating people and drinking their blood, man kind was about to be consumed as they followed after the Nephilum blindly obeying and believing everything they were taught, which strangely enough resemble what we call science today.. Keep in mind science is good, but it has been hijacked and is in reality mostly sudo science. In fact every single point made here about science is actually sudo science. But Noah said he will not follow after them and it please God so God told Noah to build the ark, he designed it, told Noah how to build it and it took Noah a hundred years to build the ark and when it was finished and the people and animals were loaded, it started to rain for the first time and the great fountains of the deep shot water up into the sky, some of the marks on the moon are said to have come from the water hitting the moon, and I forgot to mention, everything you believe about the moon is also a fairy tale.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
OMG BackSeatPreacher my debate is proving to be more correct by every post you make. The tip of the Ark on the mountain. The NASA pictures, so nobody went to the moon, it was just art created by graphic designers?? Do you know how crazy you sound right now? If I had to guess you are suffering from what we used to call paranoia but now we have a new name for it

Delusional disorder, previously called paranoid disorder, is a type of serious mental illness called a "psychosis" in which a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined. The main feature of this disorder is the presence of delusions, unshakable beliefs in something untrue or not based on reality

Logo's in serpents tongues??? Well there it is I have proved my debate to be true, I don't need to continue anymore, you have demonstrated it right here.

You can't live with the fact that there is nothing more to life so you create this entity and follow it like a sheep with the other religious people in believing in a made up entity called "God". I like to call him Santa Clause for the kids purposes, but you can make up stuff yourself anyway you want. After all delusional disorder is a real thing and can only be treated with medication.

I suggest going to see your doctor and asking for one of the following to treat the illness, Risperdal, Clozaril, Seroquel, Geodon, and or Zyprexa. These drugs will help alleviate the issues you are experiencing with religion
Posted by BackSeatPreacher 2 years ago
Hi Asterisk! argumenta ad lapidem? LoL Is that the best you can do?
Posted by asterisk137 2 years ago
I'm noticing a lot of argumenta ad lapidem on the part of BackSeatPreacher.
Posted by BackSeatPreacher 2 years ago
LoL come on Pro, even somebody as convinced as you are, that you are they way, the truth, and the light, that there are some points that I have made that made you think just a little bit, that there is a lot more to life than nothingness, LoL How can you possibly be a happy person? So lets look at the ark, yes there have been satellite images but all t hey can see is the front tip sticking out.
Government no longer gets involved with religion because of the church and state separation which as many like to say to keep church out of the government, but its really to keep the government out of the church because that's when the burning people and witch hunts and all that was going on. The government is still doing witch hunts metaphorically speaking...
Lets talk about governments and religion.. Governments all around the world are in unison to keep the truth hidden, Russia has made hints it might let some of this information out.
Governments are all about hiding the truth, in fact, all the tax payer money that goes to NASA is for the purpose of making movies and lies.. Did you know NASA hires more artists than scientists? Did you know that every globe picture you ever saw came from NASA artists and computer graphics?
Did you know that NASA was created at the same time the Antarctica treaty was agreed to by all nations? Did you know the government will murder you if you try to go to Antarctica on your own? What do you mean governments dont get involved in religous affairs? Both popes went to Antarctica if you feel there is no religious affiliation. The Vatican owns one of the most sophisticated telescopes names lucifer and the catholic church is still pushing the lies together with various different space agencies that ALL have in their logos the serpents tongue.. Coincidence? Maybe. Government hiding something?
The sun travel patterns in Antarctica and various other sky anomalies prove we are not on a ball. All webcams footage are cut out during certain times.
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