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Religion must end on the planet to create global unity without losing God and his virtues

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Started: 6/22/2014 Category: Religion
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Religion splits humanity and divides the population into multiple factions. God promotes love and unity among all of humanity. This is why religion does not work on our planet as it goes against a universally accepted godly principle of love and unity. If humanity could agree on a simple concept of God without needing it to be connected to religion there would be less conflict on the planet. Most of the worlds conflicts can be linked to religious viewpoints. This fact has been a prominent theme for our entire existence.

The three major religions of the world (Christianity, Islam & Judaism) each have numerous subdivisions within them. This developed over history because people could not agree on a simple God concept. I ascertain that most God believers would agree with the concept of love and unity. Religious corruption has split humanity into numerous global groups that fight to influence and convert rather than to promote love and unity among all. Religion has become a divisive force rather than a unifying one.

God's wonder is evident everywhere in nature. This would be a universal concept to unite humanity and to keep Gods faith strong among all. Instead we kill each other over our religious differences. Any person who goes through life with love and respect is Godly but the current world highlights examples of the opposite. The Middle East is the prime example of religious conflict. It is our evolutionary requirement to rid ourselves of religious divisiveness and to unite over simple Godly concepts of love, unity, nature and cohesiveness. We must evolve away from fear, violence, doubt, lies, and corruption. Religion in its current form is not supporting this evolutionary requirement. We have tried religion in its current forms for two thousand years and our conflicts grow more intense and more confusing. Underlying all of these conflicts is religious ideology. Losing the religious identity and maintaining godly concepts is the freedom and harmony needed.


First of all, I would like to state that by definition you cannot believe in a god without religion. I therefore assume that what you mean to say is that you believe that everyone should believe in a god without knowing anything about the god. What would be the point of that? You might as well be Atheist. The only reason for believing in a god but not a god of any particular religion would be that you didn't believe in evolution. From your BoP however, I assume that you do believe in evolution. Also "God's virtues" depend on which god you are speaking of. So you see, there must be some religious background to any God or having one will not provide any moral obligations.
Debate Round No. 1


Your point about a belief in God requiring a religious path is deeply flawed. Many aspects of religion are positive and in line with Godly attitudes but it is not a requirement to follow a specific religion to incorporate God into ones life. Spiritualism is a current format that many people believe in that does not follow any specific religious ideology. God is identified through nature, good deeds, respect to the planet and other concepts that show a keen awareness of a higher power. Religion is one path to God that many identify with because of the historical relevance it has on our planet. In many cases religion has become distorted and corrupt as it has been manipulated to achieve non-Godly ends. This was my core point. The manipulation of religious texts has caused great conflict on the planet as seen by the holy three religions based out of Jerusalem. Believers in God can steer away from religion and still have a powerful relationship with God. This relationship with God can be on any term they desire. Respect for humanity and a desire to make a positive difference are some of those ideals. It is not for anyone to judge ones relationship with God. My point was to achieve Godliness without identifying with religion or to take the best of religion and to combine it with a spiritual approach that gives one a clear path throughout life. Many religious preachers would call this heresy but in judging they are showing there true fear. Religious institutional motivations in today's world are confusing, manipulative, false and competitive. These in my opinion are not Godly concepts that give people the guidance down the path they search for. A new way must be developed and this is my evolutionary point. Taking the good from religion and openly recognizing where religion is now are key components to developing this new system. God is great but I do not need a religion to guide me down a moral and just road and I pray daily to God.


I do not think that you have understood what I was trying to say in the first round so I will expand on it. According to google dictionary ( a reiligion is "the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods." How then can you believe in God but not be religious? You mention spiritualism as "a current format that many people believe in that does not follow any specific religious ideology". That is simply not correct, because it is a religion. Take these search result titles as examples of reliable sources that agree with me:
"spiritualism (religion) -- Encyclopedia Britannica "
"BBC - Religion: Modern Spiritualism".
Also you used the words "relationship with God". In most religions people don't have a personal relationship with their God/gods. Therefore I assume you have some sort of Christian background. You may not believe in the Bible, but that doesn't completely separate you from Christianity. You need to have some way of knowing what kind of god you have. Many of the Hindu gods for instance have made morally wrong which would not promote "love and unity among all of humanity". Open this link to see what I mean:
Lastly, why not just chose a religion that has not "become distorted and corrupt as it has been manipulated to achieve non-Godly ends" for everyone to believe in? People need to have some background to God, or what they won't know what he stands for.
Debate Round No. 2


I have understand your argument perfectly and your definition of God from the dictionary has proven my point based on the word "personal". You my friend are locked into conventional lines of thinking by constantly linking God to religion. The true essence of ones God is a personal relationship that can be based on any line of thinking. You are looking at it from inside the box which is what most people do. The linkage between God and religion is very common because it dominates the world. This does not mean it is the only way to have a relationship with God. My God combines the best of many religions, spiritualism, personal beliefs about how to treat people in your day to day and other concepts. I roll it into a concise package that allows me to pray daily and to have a firm belief in a power greater than myself. The so called all-mighty referred to in the definition. My only point was that the current religious options on the planet are not reducing conflict and are not guiding large amounts of the population in a moral direction. In fact I would argue that the opposite is occurring and this is a reflection on religion's limitations. People are not connecting to scripture and in most cases are twisting it to enable darker forces. Since this is the case I believe in a new way of approaching ones relationship with God. A blended system that maintains the good and discourages dark thinking. A holistic approach...The heart and the mind combined to create a compassionate and logical approach that solves problems and cares about others. How one gets there is there choice but belief in a power greater than oneself allows for a humble conversation to take place. This conversation is the relationship and it is answered if you are willing to see God's work.


If your not following any particular religion, then you have basically made your own religion. Doing this opens large gaps in what you can know. Please tell me your answers to these questions that one might know from their religion.
How did the universe come into being?
Why do we have to worship God?
How do we know God exists?
Is there any moral code, or de we just do what we think is right?
What happens after death?
These types of questions are why I would not want to give up my religion. I look forward to your reply!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by swagwhale 7 years ago
HGFLYER: I apologies that I asked questions inn the final round. I did not notice I had the final argument until after posting. If you do have a comeback however, feel free to post it in the comments.
Posted by WileyC1949 7 years ago
Stagwhale: Your argument is flawed as well. A person certainly CAN believe in God yet not be a member of any religion. Many in fact do just that. It is not religion that creates a belief in God but rather the opposite. It is the belief in God which has created the religion. Religion is not "divinely-inspired" but rather a man-made response to certain truths which people hold in common and a formalized way of proclaiming those truths.
Posted by WileyC1949 7 years ago
First off, the top three religions are not Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The third larges is Hinduism followed by Buddhism. Judaism represents 0.23% of the world religions.

Your concept of how religion has "split" people is severely flawed. There are 7 billion people in this world. To actually think that they all are going to think the same thing without some sort of mind-control is rather naive. If that were the case there would only be one "best" form of government, one "best" college, one "best" type of car, one "best" sort of stereo system. The human culture is built on diversity, not conformity. To suggest other wise is to suggest mind-less stagnation.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con wins in the end, but the basic debate never really happens. Every religion pursues 'oneness' but humans are fickle creatures. We are all also not at the same point in our human or spiritual development. The way we view the God and our relationship with him develops over a long period. To demand we all be at the same point and the same time eliminates precisely what it is God is going us with human experience. The best we can hope for is peaceful co-existence and spirit of genuine exploration. Con gets the gist of it in the end.

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