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Religion will not survive to see the future

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Started: 3/12/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Religion has been a thing till now because science hasn't been able to prove the origins of everything. So if you notice religion is succeeding not by any achievements of their own but by the failure of others. They always say that no scientist can prove that god doesn't exist but can they prove that god Does in fact exist? They would always show us some random coincides and call them miracles to prove themselves right but even science can show the slaughter of humans in the Middle-east, the starving poor Africans and the decades of tyranny in North Korea. What do they have to say about all this? they would find an excuse they would say its a trial of faith but let me ask you haven't we passed enough trials before? The black death, The world wars, The god forsaken years of colonialism, etc. And if this "GOD" of yours still isn't done with his trials i am afraid i think he is a maniac who likes to see his children suffer. Science is what has changed our lives. Our knowledge and man made facilities have given us longer lifespan and a wonderful life. Its because of our technology that even you can access the internet. Science will continue growing and faith will keep deteriorating until it finally is lost. The pope, The priests, the imams, the pandits all of them people will see through through the lies of these people who call themselves servants of this hoax and they will be abandoned. Temples, Churches, Mosques will be destroyed and religion will be a thing of the past seen only in the history books.


While some of what you say makes sense, it is naive to think religion will just disappear like that.

Your argument revolves around the fact that science shows us ever more about the world, and many phenomena that once needed religion as an explanation can now be explained with science. As a statement, this is clearly true, but as an argument for why religion will die out, it is lacking. You are forgetting several key factors.

Firstly, it seems likely that science will never entirely explain away all the mysteries in the universe. There may only be so much that humans are capable of discovering empirically. Our capacity to store information is finite, and we can comprehend even less of it. As such there will likely always be mysteries and questions, which religion will claim as evidence for their beliefs. I"m obviously not arguing they"d be right to do so. Logically it makes little sense to claim that just because science doesn"t know everything, religion is plausible. However, people do claim this today, regardless of the truth of it.

The second thing you"re overlooking is that Religious thought is very good at co-opting science for its own purposes. We disproved creationism with the theory of evolution, and many religions just said "Fine, there was evolution but God caused it". The same has happened with the big bang. This will happen regardless of what new theories science demonstrates. Furthermore, even if science could disprove religion entirely, you"re assuming that all the people of our future society will have the scientific knowhow to understand the proof, and the motivation to go through with applying it. I doubt that this will be the case. Many people can"t understand or have no interest in science or advanced logic, and so are unlikely to stop believing in religion on scientific or logical grounds.

The third factor is that people sometimes find the comfort of religion more appealing then the coldness of reality. People intuitively seek purpose and meaning in their lives. They want to view their lives as significant at an objective or cosmic level and religion provides this comfort for many. Add to this the temptation of paradise and the fear of Hell, and it"s easy to see why people are so attached to their religious beliefs that they are willing to put logic to the side. On some level, we all do this, believing things because they give us comfort, and not thinking too hard about them for fear of what we might discover. For example, I like to think that my cat loves me back, but I also really don"t want to think too hard about whether that"s true or not.

So overall, I believe that religion will survive long into the future. Science may never reveal everything and even if it does, we may not understand it or may even reject it in favour of theories that are more appealing.
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Posted by TheArmenian 3 years ago
Religion will always exist since science or the Big Bang cannot explain how matter was ever present in the Universe in the first place for the Bang to ever occur. The only answer is God!!
Posted by ImIncrediblyBored 3 years ago
You see, the problem is, people will always want to stray away from the norm. The day that science becomes the norm, religion will flourish since hipsters and edgy kids alike love to be able to say they're different
Posted by KamikazeKennedyJr 3 years ago
Religion might not necessarily be correct in its assumptions but it will live on. It will always exist because scientists won't be able to really trace our origins, so people will always believe in something else no matter how good you are at convincing, at the end of the day many religions take everything on faith. Everything can technically be traced back to the big bang but there are many other places where there was a big bang and depending on those circumstances the physics in that universe could be completely different. Whats causing all these big bangs? Well we don't know and because Space is moving faster than Light (light is the fastest thing that can travel through space but it still isn't as fast as the expansion of space itself) we might never know because its technically impossible to see over the horizon. Unless space finds a way, space is weird like that, lot a crazy stuff happening up there.
Posted by MagicAintReal 3 years ago
Is the future every moment after the debate?
Does religion have to die out by debate's end for Pro to affirm?
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