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Religions should be made an integral part of our education system.

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Started: 2/14/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Religion should not be made an integral part of our education system because it advocates the surrender of critical thinking.
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Posted by Duncan1217 3 years ago
I'm sorry I was not able to participate in the debate, I had quite a few tests the week of the debate, so I didn't have time to compete (not saying the debate wasn't important to me) I finished the semester tests, so if you want to redo the debate, I would be open to compete.
Posted by AlfredCSM 3 years ago
Thank you for reminding me.
Anyways, I was reading your debate responses and find them very well organized.
Perhaps we will have a chance to debate a common topic one day.
Posted by Amphia 3 years ago
Don't mind John_C_1812. He just posts comments because he's too afraid to actually debate people.
Posted by AlfredCSM 3 years ago
Please clarify which religion it is that you claim to mean that "the law may instruct a person to become a criminal in certain conditions".
Kindly organize your points in an intelligible flow and substantiate them with examples.
I will be most willing to address them as soon as I can understand them.
Posted by John_C_1812 3 years ago
The most common belief shared by large religion is that law is not a public test. Religion does not instruct the idevigaual to understand that a law is not legislated with immunity, and therefore is not always legal. This means the law may instruct a person to become a criminal in curtain condition. Unless this possibility is constantly addressed as a self-test law may be directed by beliefs to participate in organized crime.

Religion is an integral part of our education system. The educational system holds no Separation of Church and state. So there is no method to follow, allowing a legal separation created by the democratic process as a forms to allow religion be set in basic principle in a surrounding. All religion share common shared publicly belief the larger the religion the more social beliefs are shared.

We know educational institutions and holds religion as an integral part of education first by a few basic facts about public schools. First no class on Saturday or Sunday. These are days which have been totally dedicated to religion, or home study. Second would be that teachers are in fact treated as a religious authority setting the pace for driving condition to a common goal. The promise of money is simply replacing heaven. While the fact of the matter is teachers in basic principle are simple just all students.

The surrender to critical thinking occurs on the narrowing of what religion is by basic principle. As this action immediately stops skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered. How we might see this in society is with the pledge of allegiance. Publicly we share the idea it is a religious god. But, the self-evident truth is it may be an axiom. Soothing we would figure with the instruction to understand that come with the actual gaining of organized knowledge.
Posted by AlfredCSM 3 years ago
I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve with your shot in the dark with your wild claims and spelling errors. Please create a new debate and address it directly to me if you would like your views challenged.
Posted by CatalyticConvertersRule 3 years ago
Critical thinking? What?!?!?! Sounds like you've got a hard on for science. The jew is trying to totally wipe out Religion from schools. Check out all of the missing people in National Parks - all over the world and tell me that that's not supernatural. (David Paulides' 411 - most intriguing subject on earth right now on Joutube.) People totally vanish without a trace - 2 feet in front of people.
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