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Rematch: Truth_seeker vs. 9spaceking

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Started: 8/7/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Debate Rounds (5)
Comments (9)
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Let's try this battle again lol


Yay! Another free win!
Let's go!

Debate Round No. 1


yo, check it

Your voice sounds gayer than a moaning lesbian with a sex toy
Your asian, but ironically, your whiter than the nerdiest white boy

Your flow is trash, you sound like a dying bird
We can't even comprehend crap, cuz your a terd
Your camera quality is trash, everything looks blurred
That's because music is something you never heard

I'm schoolin' this dude, you haven't even hit puberty
Your really a monkey, that's why this is animal cruelty

The only reason i'm going easy is cuz you disgraced the family honor
Not that it was worth much, cuz right now, your already a complete goner

So when you spit next round, your committing suicide, your the Kamikaze
Your better off doin' comedy, Bill Cosby or just lookin' as white as insane clown pose
So when i drop the bombs, it'll be a repeat of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
When your friends ask "who destroyed this form?" I'ma say "not me!"
Cuz your flow sucks, you sound like a broken tape recorder
Wherever the hell you came from needs a new world order

When i watched Menace 2 society, your mom said "Hurry up and buy!"
Now i'm repeatin' the same deathly process on you, hurry up and die!
Your as light as rice, your style is not nice, your not a Samurai guy


My opponent tries a different take
He ain't so bad as a level-one earthquake
He's as dumb as he is a jerk
--Apparently my disguises work.

I hide my real face behind a mask,
In my glory do I bask
Hidin' a grin and knife right behind your back
Blood trickin' along with just one "whack"

You're unaware of your demise
Unbeknowst to the blindness of your eyes
You're getting slowly overcome
Your mind is already overrun

My virus slowly digests your brain
There are no words to describe the pain
You lost already, my poor opponent
All your verses crashed and are broken
Debate Round No. 2


you wack! do you really want to know how you cannot rap?
its cuz you kept looking at your pc like you made alien contact
you in real life and your pic online both take in cocaine
You boost your ideas sniffin powder then you go insane
every time you rap, you're even worse than vanilla ice
stop listening to American Music, go spit in your bowl of rice

You better off wrapping chicken broth with chopsticks
Cuz all you do is get off from watching all them chick flicks
Your scared that in this battle, you won't get protection
So you'll go to the Debate section n get social connection
You are a cartoon character, you look like goofy n snoopy
Soft as a marshmallow, can't jump me if you had a groupie

I'ma show the world you suck at freestylin n i'm racial profiling
Cuz when it comes to Asians, imma be wildin andswinging
I'm going soft on you this round, have yet unleashed pain
like the mythological dragon you believe in, I'm the new flame


My opponent's power is weakenin'
His tank of raps is really leakin'
He really got nothin' left
Can't harm me, I'm too heft

You talk of me as a harmless cartoon
But it's actually an advantageous boon
I'm invincible, can't be harmed in the least
Compared to you I'm a massive beast

I can increase my size and shape
Engulf you all over with tape
You can neither talk nor move
All your confidence is removed

You can't defeat me, the powerful king
You'd be K.O.'d in a boxin' ring
Give up right now my "friend"
I might go easy on you and give a quick end
Debate Round No. 3


What's a king without a crown? pfft, your frontin'!
Spaceking..what does space mean? Absolutely nothin!

I ain't messin' with a person who stressin', i'm your only reality that'll expose you as an illusionary component
Explodin' on impact, i be on it as you aren't even my opponent cuz light has no opposite, i'm a potent poet
Claimin' that your heart is broken and proven it by the way i'm spoken, you can't rap like this at the moment
so perfect your rhymes, findin' n' grindin' til you can find your own flow that will never reach God's perfection
You lack creativity that's why you'll never have a passion for lashin' n' crashin' into the lyrical rap profession

Like i said, i'm like the alien vs. predator movie, where i'm the death-bringer, the character you fear: executioner
You didn't plan out your story to be like this, i'm the being who'll forever haunt you in your dreams, a sick metaphor

You cannot compete with the stories that i created to tell of all my glories
Bickerin' over belittled small quarries as i'm slicin' you up into categories
Your brain dead, your mouth bled as soon as i smashed into you, your blood-red
Get this into your brain dead head that you can never spit lyrics that'll cause bloodshed

Your existence is full of emptiness n' solitariness just like your premise
I'ma chemist that's in precise readiness, steadiness n' bring your bio-demise


Seeker's raps can't even be read out loud
Does he do this on purpose, is he proud?
Regardless of his thoughts, he stinks quite rotten
I don't think his lack of effort is boughten

He talks about blood like a cool vamp
In reality he's a flea-bag tramp
Beggin' for money on the streets
Terrible trash and garbage he eats

He got no weapons to beat me
For I am the undead, you see
I rise up and call my army of zombies
You're totally surrounded, can't even flee

Better go hide under the bed
Otherwise I'll have your head
Looks like I win this like last time
I still got much better rhymes
Debate Round No. 4



that's you when you lost to blade
cuz there wasn't a punch you gave
how are you going to call zombies, if the zombies you?
this battle and your picture testify, so we know it's true

you are so asian,you polish your bong, disinfect your thong from Hong Kong
you are so white,it'll look like that video, "partying white girls gone wrong "

Boughton? your vocabulary sucks, it's from the gutter
you need to go outside and go to the library not mutter
stop living in an abandoned house take off the shutter
you're a dodo, so open up your wings and flutter

zombies does not rhyme with flea
you need a drug test when you pee
you already died in my killing spree

let me quote this guy's words to show how wack he is:

"oh looks like I win this like last time
I still got much better rhymes "

better Rhymes?! You never rhymed!
rapping for you should be a crime!


My opponent gives his last breath
It smells like he ate a lot of meth
He slashes blindly in the air
He didn't cut so much as a hair

He got no money left in the bank
His rap must be of such a low rank
He burns himself up with his poor insults
I laugh and grin, that's how I exult

This dude was dead in round one
He was shot by so many of my guns
Fell for every trick in the book
He's like a pawn and I'm like a rook

Rushin' forward and kickin' him out
Look at his face--is that a pout?
No, it is the frown of defeat
He knows I already have him beat
Debate Round No. 5
9 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 9 records.
Posted by JasperFrancisShickadance 7 years ago
"I am not eligible to vote on this debate"
Posted by Vexorator 7 years ago
Can't vote :(
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
I dunno.
Posted by NiamC 7 years ago
ok, whats the voting limit for this then?
Posted by NiamC 7 years ago
ok, whats the voting limit for this then?
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
yeah, you can do that XD
Posted by kbub 7 years ago
Nice battle! Very impressive.

On a side note, do you mind if I use that epic acceptance picture in the future, 9spaceking?
Posted by Truth_seeker 7 years ago
Lol pretty clever
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
hehe you like my acceptance?
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Vote Placed by Anonymous 7 years ago
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Who had better conduct:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
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Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:05 
Reasons for voting decision: Conduct to PRO because PRO's lyrical rhythm was more in keeping with the rap style than was his opponent. Spelling and grammar to PRO because in the making of this he didn't butcher the english language. Arguments to PRO because he was generally better.

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