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Removing certain advertisements from public schools (unhealthy drinks and snacks)

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Started: 4/16/2014 Category: Health
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People are considering removing unhealthy food and drink advertisments from public schools. This is including removing advertisements for foods and drinks like Coca-Cola, from billboards, signs, or anywhere else on public school property. I will be debating for this movement. I will also be using evidence to support my claims.


I do not agree with this decission.
Debate Round No. 1


This new government proposal has the goal of encouraging students to make healthier choices, by not exposing them to unhealthy ads in their school enviroments. In this article on NBC NEWS, they explain the goals of this proposal.

According to the CDC, the precentage of overweight students in US public schools has grown since 2003.

The proposal of eliminating unheathy drink and food advertisements in schools will expose students to make healthier decisions inside and outside of schools. According to this website, making junk foods available is associated with weight gain.

With this proposal, it will help many students lead a better and healthier lifestyle by encouraging them to by healthy foods.


The profit of chips, candies, and drinks goes to academics, sports, art, after school, or music programs. The income of the junk food benefits the kids at the school. Instead of taking down all of the unhealthy food advertisements, they should just put up healthy ones. This way it shows kids that they do not have to cut unhealthy foods out of their diet completely, they just have to learn to balance them with healthy ones. For every junk food advertisement that you have, there should be two healthy advertisements.
Debate Round No. 2


My argument is to replace all unhealthy food advertisements in public schools. Students can make whatever food decisions they want outside of school, but while in school the students are the school's responsibility. It is the school's responsibility to help students make healthy choices throughout their life. If the students are encouraged to make healthy decisions in school, they may also make healthy choices outside of school.

You're arguing that these unhealthy food advertisements in schools bring money into schools, which they do. But healthy food advertisements can have the same affect of bringing money in to the schools.

We are not telling students to not balance healthy foods with unhealthy foods, but while they're in school we can make sure that they're making healthier food choices.

According to the University of Massachusetts Boston, "Healthy eating improves academic achievement and leads to students getting better grades and functioning at a higher level both inside and outside of school. Good nutrition supports alertness, cognition, memory, problem solving, speed and overall achievement.".

It has been proven that students do better in school, when they have a healthier diet. By replacing unhealthy foods and advertisements from schools, students will do better in school and be much healthier.
A high school in Wisconsin replaced unhealthy lunches with healthy ones and the results were amazing. Healthier foods can give you more energy than greasy, fatty foods. It also changed the overall behavior of the students at this high school.

The statistics show amazing results from replacing unhealthy foods and advertisements in schools, with healthy choices.


I do see in your argument that you are stating that kids need healthier choices, but when have kids ever wanted a healthy snack. If you gave a child the choice of an apple or a candy bar, which one do you think that they would choose? You could take all of the junk food out of public schools, but they would just bring their own from home. I understand that you want kids at school to have healthier choices, but I don't think that school is the place to start.
Debate Round No. 3
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