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Repeal the Second Ammendment

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Started: 9/23/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Stop the Insanity

1. The 200-year-old second amendment made U. S. A was being colonized
2. It is NOT relevant anymore. . The threat of Indians is gone.

3. America, It's over 200 years old! . . . . OUTDATED, NOT relevant. Time to get Civilized.
4. Grow up, ENOUGH or DIE Young.

5. The Government buys them back and destroys them!
6. And that is cheaper than generations legal, Medical and welfare.
7. Only Dumb people with Guns kill, Remove Guns and Dumb people just throw tantrums.

8. No Community Militia to counter attack criminals, That is NOT relevant anymore.


1. Sure it's old. But the 1st amendment is just as old, And it's awesome. Old does not always mean dumb and stupid. And America being colonized had nothing to do with the amendment, The amendment was to protect us against a tyrannical government.

2. Again, Native American tribes had nothing to do with the amendment going into effect, Again tyrannical government.

3. Again, My 1. Point, Old is not always dumb and stupid.

4. Doesn't make any sense.

5. Why?

6. Obviously, It takes NOTHINGS to destroy SOMETHING. Obviously, It's more expensive than Medicaid and welfare.

7. Sure, But people with mental disabilities can't buy guns anyway. Most shooters have no record of mental disability, Mental problems, Or they bought the gun illegally (which we can only do so much about).

8. You are incorrect. Since I have and many times carry my Glock-19, I am a "local militia" and can protect anyone obviously including myself if anything like a robber/criminal comes and does something to me/anyone.
Debate Round No. 1


By your response you are not fit to decide who lives and who does not. You think you are able to be a dirty harry and live in a deranged motion picture fanasty where you are a robo cop or underhero, Able to save the innocent even it means killing in public in an awful way, But hey, They had it coming, As if the old west values still are the best. What you can not accept is that after colombine bullets were harder to get, Rubbish, Guns were harder to get, No, And everyone is sick or at least can be undetected as there is no way to know. If you condone shooting metal into another person is ever justified, Then you are like a projectile, Why not carry a knife and stab? Because its far more easier to shoot from a distance and be detached from the moment of death, Better to watch it like in a movie, And revel at the adrenaline rush. . Joker, If you really cared, You would get rid of guns and carry a knife or learn the law, And how to save someone using social and police resort. S A D


AKMath forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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