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Replacement Theology (Supersessionism)

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Started: 2/13/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Supersessionism / Replacement Theology

The objective teaching of Supersessionism (Replacement Theology):
This is a venomous, poisonous, and toxic concept that hatched among the "Alexandrian Culture" at Alexandria, Egypt.
I will take the position that Replacement Theology is a false teaching, that Christians in the "New Covenant" era do not replace, supplant,
and take over the former identity of Yisharal (Israel), but rather are to "engraft" in order to partake of the promises made to them.
Replacement Theology claims the promises, but leaves behind the moral obligations.
It"s a kind of identity movement.
Its ideas originated in the incubator of Christianity at Alexandria, Egypt.
The "church fathers" at this Didascalia or Catechetical School at Alexandria taught that
all the promises made to Yisharal were now inherited by the Christian Church.

The Covenants with Abrahim, Mosheh, and Daud are considered annulled.
This church was [and is] the centralized hierarchy holding all authority over doctrine.
"The first to state his own case seems right, until another comes and examines him."
Proverbs 18:17

If you're in this world breathing air, you are surrounded by people who have "inhaled" toxic teachings.
TORAH is a Hebrew word meaning teaching. It is identical in meaning to the Latin word "doctrine".
The question is, which "torah" is toxic? It may be Yahuah's Torah, or men's torah; but you should test which "torah" you are hearing before you take it into your vessel (heart, inner lamp).

Commonly the word Torah is translated into the English word "law". We live in a highly deceptive world under the influence of an enemy called the dragon (serpent).

The teaching or training we see conducted through those who appear pious are guiding the masses away from obedience to the Torah of Yahuah. Some have been heard saying the Torah of Yahuah is "toxic faith".
Taking the perspective of the dragon, the Torah of Yahuah would be toxic faith.

SUPERSESSIONISM basically means "to sit upon", or to supplant another.
This is the concept stating Christians in the "New Covenant" era replace, supplant, and take-over the former identity of Yisharal (Israel). They usurp the promises, but leave behind the moral obligations.

The ideas of Replacement Theology originated in the incubator of Christianity at Alexandria, Egypt. The "church fathers" at this Didascalia or Catechetical School at Alexandria taught that all the promises made to Yisharal were now inherited by the Christian Church.

The Covenants with Abrahim, Mosheh, and Daud are considered annulled. This church was [and is] the centralized hierarchy holding all authority over doctrine.
It wields great power because it is the 1st estate, (the clergy), to which the other two estates must submit (the Nobility & laity).

The prophet YirmeYahu (Jer.) is quoted at Hebrews 8 & 10, giving us insight into what is meant concerning the Covenant. It is the same Covenant, "renewed" in men"s hearts rather than written in stone as the former was. Before proceeding with this study, please read the entire chapter of YirmeYahu 31. You will immediately recognize how far adrift the church fathers were in their identity of Yisharal, and Yahuah"s promises.
The Torah of Yahuah is never to be neglected:
YashaYahu / (Isa) 8:20: "To the Torah and to the witness! If they do not speak according to this Word, it is because they have no daybreak."

Galatians chapter 3:21-26 is misunderstood by the Alexandrian Cult.
The school master is the trainer that directed the details for the offering of animal blood for sins.
The trainer was "over us" until Yahusha came to put an end to the animal offerings.
The trainer had to exist to point the way to the final offering that would "supersede" all other offerings.
This same "tutor" also trained us to know what our offenses are.

Paul discusses the "Torah" believed in to take away sins only temporarily; but Yahusha"s blood offers infinitely more:
"Is the Torah then against the promises of Yahuah? Let it not be! For if a law had been given that was able to make alive, truly righteousness would have been by Torah. [Animal blood temporarily covered sin, and was never a path to eternal life].
But the Scripture has shut up all mankind under sin, that the promise by belief in Yahusha ha'Mashiak might be given to those who believe. But before belief came, we were being guarded under Torah, having been shut up for the belief being about to be revealed. [Yahusha"s blood]

Therefore the Torah became our trainer to Mashiak, in order to be declared right by belief. And after belief has come, we are no longer under a trainer. For you are all sons of Yahuah through belief in Mashiak Yahusha." Gal. 3:21-26

Paul uses the word "Torah" to refer to the prescribed decrees that ceremonially cover the sins of the nation.
There is confusion because the same word is used to refer to the moral instructions, which define sin for us. If the definition for sin has been annulled, then we can ignore the Ten Commandments entirely!

The word "law", or better, Torah, refers to the teachings of Yahuah that train us in how to love Him and one another. When Torah is violated, we fail to love, so we have sinned. To atone, animal blood was offered.
The trainer that brought us to Yahusha was the Torah concerning animal sacrifices.
The same word, Torah, is used to apply to the instructions for atoning for sin.
Before Yahusha offered His Own blood, trust had to be in the atoning blood of animals in "shadows" performed by priests.
Now we trust in the object that cast the shadows: Yahusha"s blood.

The trainer (school master) Paul is speaking of in Galatians concerns the former procedures using animal blood.
Paul is misunderstood by those who are untrained in the belief.

Another perspective of our instruction, or Torah-training, involves that which defines "sin" for us.
What we learn to be sin through the Torah is also taught to us by the trainer, the Torah.
The school master teaches the young learner to live properly.

The Torah is the school master.
When the student has learned what the school master has taught, it"s time for the student to put what has been learned into practice.
If the student thinks what he learned from the school master may be forgotten, he has been deluded.
The one that has learned no longer needs a school master, if they practice what they have learned.
The Torah teaches us how to love Yahuah, and one another.
It will produce the behavior (fruit) Yahusha expects of us.

A few years ago I was listening to my truck radio as I drove home from work, and a Christian preacher was teaching
against "works of the law".
He said the TORAH IS TOXIC, and must be kept far from a Christian"s walk.
His words knocked the breath out of me.
Most teachers captured in the Alexandrian Cult understand "works of the law" to refer to obeying the Commandments, which they call "legalism".

The "works of the law" spoken of in Scripture at Ro mans 3:28 & Galatians 2:16 pertain to the atonement provided by the offering of animal blood for sin, a shadow or pattern that pointed to the ultimate offering: the precious blood of
Yahusha. Yahuah"s Torah is not toxic. Toxic literally means "poison", as in snake venom. Yahuah's Torah educates us in how to love.

Read Psalm 1:1-6:
"Contented is the man who shall not walk in the counsel of the wrong, and shall not stand in the path of sinners, and shall not sit in the seat of scoffers, But his delight is in the Torah of Yahuah, and he meditates in His Torah yom and lailah. For he shall be as a tree planted by the rivers of water, that yields its fruit in its season, And whose leaf does not wither, and whatever he does prospers. The wrong are not so, but are like the chaff which the wind blows away. Therefore the wrong shall not rise in the judgment, Nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous. For Yahuah knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked ones will perish." [see also Ps. 119]

"And I heard another voice from the heaven saying, "Come out of her, My people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. Because her sins have piled up to reach the heaven, and Alahim has remembered her unrighteousnesses.
Render to her as she indeed did render, and repay her double according to her works.
In the cup which she has mixed, mix for her double. As much as she esteemed herself and lived riotously, so much torture and grief give to her, because in her heart she says, 'I sit as sovereigness, and I am not a widow, and I do not see mourning at all.'"
Rev 18:4-7

Yahuah told us not to make and bow to images, yet they are molded and bowed to.

The teachings of men are highly toxic, since they reject the things that produce loving-kindness and right behavior.
The Torah is perfect: Psalm 19:7-10:
"The Torah of Yahuah is perfect, bringing back the being; the witness of Yahuah
is trustworthy, making wise the simple; the orders of Yahuah are straight, rejoicing the heart; the command of Yahuah is clear, enlightening the eyes; the fear of Yahuah is clean, standing forever; the right-rulings of Yahuah are true, They are righteous altogether, more desirable than gold, than much fine gold; and sweeter than honey and the honeycomb."

Supersessionists teach whatever helps them, such as obligatory tithing to them at obligatory weekly "services".
They take the role of the priesthood set up under the former pattern of the school master, and recite texts out of context to make things appear to be what they are not.

For example, they may quote this:
"And let him who is instructed in the Word share in all that is good with
him who is instructing." Gal 6:6

This would be fine, if they were teaching obedience to Yahuah"s Torah and held to the belief in Yahusha.
They are lawless, rejecting the instructions for living from Yahuah.
They abhor "legalism" - obedience.


I accept this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Supersessionism / Replacement Theology

The objective teaching of Supersessionism (Replacement Theology):

It appears that the challenger, LaShawna, has accepted the "pro" side of the debate.
We're now waiting for the content of her defense of Replacement Theology.
Some have made their comments about this topic, and their insights reflect how diverse people's opinions are. Most have no idea this is a real and foundational aspect to all of Christianity. Those who have the impression it was an issue during the early development of Christian doctrine are quite correct. The pre-Nicene and post-Nicene "fathers" are intensely studied in seminaries that train pastors for their positions in leading the "laity" toward their understanding of salvation.
Yahusha (the Name of the Mashiak) quoted from the so-called "Old Testament" often, and said these were the writings that bore witness of Him:
John / Yahukanon 5:39: "You search the Scriptures, because you think you possess everlasting life in them.
And these are the ones that bear witness of Me."
He is the deathless High Priest Who will soon return to rule as both King and Priest over the New Yerushalayim.
This new city we await will have 12 gates, each named for a tribe of Yisharal. Outsiders must "engraft" into Yisharal, not supplant Yisharal, and obedience to the eternal Covenant is the bond we share, not 7 sacraments or a false priesthood set up by men. This statement is not ranting, nor is it psychotic; it is simple truth.
The truth at first is thought to sound ridiculous. Second, it is violently opposed. In the third stage, truth is accepted as being self-evident.
One commentator stated I'm "psychotic". This is good, we're on the right path; the truth is being accused of sounding ridiculous.
Let's stay on track until it is accepted as self-evident.


LaShawna forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Replacement Theology defiles the everlasting Covenant

The foundation of our path must be the Word of Yahuah.
One man, Constantine, altered the 10 Commandments by honoring Apollo/Mithras instead of Yahuah, the Creator of the sun.
The sign of the everlasting Covenant, the Shabath, was considered "Judaizing", and anyone resting on the proper day known as "the Sabbath" at the Council of Laodicea (circa 365 CE) was anathematized as a heretic.
Obeying a Commandment made a person a heretic. The 4th Commandment, the sign between Yahuah and His people forever, was directly attacked (defiled).

The Torah of Yahuah, aka the Torah of Mosheh (because it was given to Mosheh to teach the congregation, and the world not yet born, is mentioned in things decided by the Ruach ha'Qodesh, YaAqob (Yahusha's brother by Miryam), Kefa, and the "chief supports" of the Natsarim. The gentiles engrafting into the Covenant were to begin with 4 main points, and continue to learn the Torah of Yahuah, since their parents had been idolaters.
Notice the elements mentioned in the following passage. The Torah is read in the congregations, every Shabath:

Act 15:21 “For from ancient generations Mosheh has, in every city, those proclaiming him – being read in the congregations every Shabath.”

We'll let that passage ring in our ears for just a bit, and ponder how it knocks theologians backwards who want to defend the false teachings they have been teaching.

The entire chapter of MatithYahu 24 matches the message of YashaYahu (Isaiah) 24, but notice this passage in particular:

YashaYahu 24:5, 6: "For the earth has been defiled under its inhabitants, because they have transgressed the Toroth, changed the law, broken the everlasting Covenant.
Therefore a curse shall consume the earth, and those who dwell in it be punished. Therefore the inhabitants of the earth shall be burned, and few men shall be left."

This lines up with so many warnings, especially Malaki 4:4-6.
Torot - plural of Torah, teaching. YirmeYahu/Jer 23:36.
This is the only reason, according to all Scriptures, why the earth shall be burned in the day of judgment.
See also YashaYahu/Isa 13:9, 13:11, 26:21, 66:24, Mikah 5:15, ZefanYah 1:2-18.



LaShawna forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


LewWhite forfeited this round.


LaShawna forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4



The secret behind the curtain of the Alexandrian Cult is on display here.
Replacement Theology or Supersessionism is hardly ever heard from Christianity's pulpits in those precise words.
So how do the false teachers manage to instill the idea of "replacement" into their words?
They do it as they do all the other false teachings, by repetition and familiarity.
By claiming Christianity to be "SPIRITUAL ISRAEL", the false understanding of replacement is instilled into the hearts of those drinking the "wine" of the harlot, Babel.
There is no teaching in Yahusha's Word of a "spiritual Yisharal".
The process of redemption for His people, Yisharal, is shadowed in the 7 festivals:
Pesach, First-fruits, Matsah, Shabuoth, Yom Teruah, Yom Kafar, and Sukkoth.
These are agriculturally modelling the "harvest" of all mankind, redeeming all those who engraft into Yahuah's Covenant.
Without engrafting into the true vine planted by Yahuah (Yisharal), and obeying His Torah, one's name will not be found in either scroll (the scroll of remembrance, nor the scroll of life).
So, the term "spiritual Israel" is the term that exposes the plot, keeping those who are perishing from hearing, understanding, and obeying the everlasting Covenant, the Torah (Turah).

Our “first love” is mentioned at Rev. 2, and this is our “Teacher”, the Torah. Torah is the Hebrew word for instruction.

Though Yahuah gave you bread of adversity and water of affliction, your Teacher shall no longer be hidden.
But your eyes shall see your Teacher, your ears hear a word behind you, saying,

“This is the Way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right, or whenever you turn to the left.” YashaYahu / Isa 30:20, 21

The principalities and powers in the spiritual realm use false messengers to deceive billions. They have deceived every nation, tribe, and tongue, guiding them all away from obeying the Torah of Yahuah.
Malaki 4:4-6 provides us the final warning, so everyone taking this matter seriously should read it, and study Psalm 1 carefully. Then read the 10 Commandments, as written at Dt. 5. Read them again and again, until you hear them in your heart, and turn, and obey them.



LaShawna forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
10 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by MrWright 5 years ago
They call it "Replacement Theology". However, once a system of law ( or anything for that matter) has run its course, then that's it. It is no longer useful. It can no longer exist. The law of Moses/Old Testament has done just that. "For Christ is the end of the law unto righteousness to every one that believeth." - Rom. 10:4
"In that He saith, A new covenant He hath made the first old. But that which is becoming old and waxeth aged is nigh unto vanishing away." - Heb. 8:13
Posted by rakovsky 5 years ago
FYI It says LaShawna's account closed.
Posted by OtakuJordan 5 years ago
Replacement theology does indeed exist today. It's actually the dominant theological view within Protestantism, if I recall correctly. However, its proponents would not describe the Torah as "toxic" as Con is charging. There's a reason the OT is included in Bibles.

I'd debate this, but I'm a covenantalist as well. Too bad Con is a psycho.
Posted by rakovsky 5 years ago
Actual "Jesuit Illuminati" must be a rare breed. I will pm you about this.
Posted by LewWhite 5 years ago
CynicalDiogenes mentioned that the RCC (State religion of Rome) does not consider the Torah "toxic". Yahuah's Commandments as given have been altered by the RCC, the second concerning bowing to images was removed, and the 10th was split into 2 in order to retain the number 10.
There are so many things one could point out to illustrate the aversion the church fathers had to Torah. The original Natsarim were considered heretics to them, simply read Epiphanius's writings.
Any criticism here concerns teachings, not people themselves, of course, since we all have many areas we stumble in.
Here is one area of doctrine one could compare directly between Yahuah's Torah and the Catholic dogma:
"Six days work is done, and on the seventh is a
Shabath of rest, set-apart to Yahuah. Everyone
doing work on the Shabath day shall certainly be put
to death. And the children of Yisharal shall guard the
Shabath, to observe the Shabath throughout their
generations as an everlasting covenant. Between
Me and the children of Yisharal it is a sign forever.
For in six days Yahuah made the heavens and the
earth, and on the seventh day He rested and was
refreshed." - Exodus / Shemoth 31:15-17 BYNV
The 7th day is the first of Yahuah"s appointed times,
(Lev 23:3) and it is the everlasting "sign".

"Christians should not Judaize and should not be idle on the Sabbath,
but should work on that day; they should, however,
particularly reverence the Lord"s day and, if possible, not work on it,
because they are Christians"
Council of Laodicea, Canon 29, 365 CE

These words of men specify "the Sabbath" is to be a day of work, and to render devotion to the "Lord"s day", also known as the "Day of the Sun", Sun-day.

The Hebrew word BAAL is defined as LORD.
Satan knows which day Shabath is, also noted by this
council which called the 7th day: "the Sabbath".
Posted by rakovsky 5 years ago
Lew White is a Messianic Christian. It's neat that he likes the Old Testament, I feel, because it has alot to offer in terms of beauty and prophecy. It's also fun and interesting to talk with him on, including on our last debate:
In fact, this is why I invited him, as I value Christianity as well as the ancient culture.

In this debate topic (Replacement Theology), Lew wrote an interesting essay. 5 rounds would be quite long, and I respect his opinion, so I am not sure I want to debunk him, although the way things are set up, if I accepted, it would force me into the "Pro" position. I feel that as on alot of these kinds of debates, both pro and con can make good points.

In his essay, Lew noted:
"The trainer had to exist to point the way to the final offering that would 'supersede' all other offerings."
The Torah instructs Israelites to perform certain offerings in certain ways. Yet here a new situation and covenant has come that focuses on a new sacrifice that "supersedes" the old instructions about sacrifice.

Lew's position in the debate is that Christians "engraft" into Israel "in order to partake of the promises made to them." He contrasts this with the idea of the "'church fathers' [who]... taught that all the promises made to Yisharal were now inherited by the Christian Church."

It's an interesting discussion, but I'm not sure I want to do all 5 rounds on it, with 10000 characters. Of course, It will be interesting to see if someone takes it up. All the best.
Posted by B0NEDUDE 5 years ago
Ok I found it :

Does this even exist anymore? Looks like it was a problem around 100-300 A.D.

I can not think of one person or group who believes this now in 2014.
Posted by CynicalDiogenes 5 years ago
I am a catholic, and hence am supposed to be a part of the 'Jesuit-Illuminati' nexus.

I can assure you, that Catholic Dogma does not believe that the Torah is 'Toxic'

as for the rest of the argument, I join bonedude in asking 'Seriously, What the hell is this sh*t?'

I want to see who is going to accept this.....
Posted by LewWhite 5 years ago
Hi Bonedude,
If only the masses of sheeple had expressed themselves to the Didascalia's doctrines as you have, we would be in a far different world today. We're waiting for a proponent of Replacement Theology to accept the challenge and debate their side of the argument, and hopefully it will be one of the Jesuit-Illuminati. They are highly skilled at posing specious arguments and swaying opinion. I know, because I was trained by them. When you know casuistry is being employed to deceive you, the manipulation fails. The difference in the two positions, and the outcome, will be which is standing on Truth, not which is more skillful at debating. The war over men's minds will be won with Truth, the Word of Yahuah.
If they don't accept the challenge, our side will win by default.
Posted by B0NEDUDE 5 years ago
WTF is this sh*t?
No votes have been placed for this debate.

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