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Republican Presidents increase the US debt more than Democrats

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Started: 3/9/2019 Category: Sports
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This debate will be over whether or not presidential party affiliation has a significant impact on the increase to the US debt.

The rules for this debate are the following:

Pro will be trying to prove "Republican Presidents increase the US debt more than Democratic Presidents" is true. Pro will win this debate if they"re able to prove that there is significant evidence that the presidency belonging to the Republican Party has a significant impact at increasing the US debt.

Con will be trying to prove that there is not enough evidence to claim that "Republican Presidents increase the US debt more than Democratic Presidents" is true. Con will win if they are able to prove that there is not enough evidence to claim that the political party of the presidency is significant to the change in the US debt over the course of a presidency.

Round 1 is acceptance only. No arguments may be presented.

Republican and Democrat refer to the respective political parties in America.

The increase to the debt refers to the cumulative change to the debt over the course of the respective President"s term in office. Increasing the debt will refer to the average percent change in debt yearly during a President"s time in office. For example, If a President started office with 10 trillion in debt and ended their 4 years in office with 20 trillion in debt, That is counted as a 100% increase over 4 years equalling a 25% average increase.

The modern American political party system (1945-present) will be analyzed. Any Presidency before Truman will not be relevant in this debate.

I will debating for Pro, And my opponent will be debating for Con.

For this debate, Debt accumulated during a Presidency will count for the President who is in office. The party affiliation of congress and factors like that will not be relevant in this debate.

If you have any questions about the rules, Please state them in Round 1, And I will try to clarify.

Thank you!



Democrats spend to much and make deficits necessarry. . . Republicans cut taxes hoping to expand the tax base, But they are reluctant to cut the free stuff people think they are getting, So it isnt really fair to blame republicans for a problem the Democrats started by spending money like a drunken sailor, At least a drunken sailor spends his own money
Debate Round No. 1


I was hoping to have a well-versed economic discussion, But unfortunately, My opponent has chosen to not follow the rules of the debate and has submitted their argument in the acceptance round. I get the feeling that Con did not even read the rules. I am interpreting this as a forfeit a victory for Pro.

Even though I have won via default, I would like to make Pro aware of the data regarding the debt. Since 1945, The best two presidents regarding the debt have been Clinton and Truman (1). Truman did not even increase the debt, While Clinton did at an average rate of only 2. 8% per year. Historically, Democrats have been more effective at combating the debt, And the data backs it up. It is very evident that party affiliation does have something to do with this, Too. While the democrats have the two lowest numbers for increasing the debt, The republicans have the two highest with Reagan and the first Bush presidency.

Overall, Next time I hope Con can read the rules before accepting to debate me.

https://www. Thebalance. Com/national-debt-by-year-compared-to-gdp-and-major-events-3306287


Well all i am saying is who does all the spending in the first place, Its the democrat. . Thats all i need to say to win this debate in the eyes of the public
Debate Round No. 2


I would like Con to consider alternative causes to increased debt. Republicans have historically been notorious for proposing tax cuts. Tax cuts can add to the debt just as much as spending more can. Also, Defense spending is an area Republicans notoriously advocate spending a large amount. Therefore, The data I have provided in Round 2 makes perfect sense, And I use that to come to my conclusion. Con seems to be using perceptions and stereotypes instead of the data.

Thank you for the debate. Next time, It would be greatly appreciated if you followed the rules.


If you take some one elses wallet and go out and spend it all on drink and some one puts you on a budget, Who is responsible for the debt the one spending all the money or the person desperately trying to reign in the crazy spending of money you took from other people?
Debate Round No. 3
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