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Resolved: Abortion should be legal.............................................. On DDO

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Started: 7/20/2013 Category: Health
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round acceptance only

Accept if you dare!


Accepted. This is regardless whether the motion refers to the abortion of pregnancy, or abortion of on-going debates in DDO as may be implied in the resolution.

However, DDO has no legal jurisdiction, hence the "legality" of aborting debates does not make sense unless the proponent intends this to mean "allowing abortion of on-going DDO debates".

The proponent is expected to be elaborate on the motion on round 2.
Debate Round No. 1


"the "legality" of aborting debates does not make sense unless the proponent intends this to mean "allowing abortion of on-going DDO debates"."

Thats exactly what im talking about.

Arguments for why abortion (of debates) should be legal on DDO


1) Right to choose > Right to life

In this archaic society of DDO, the rights of debates trump the rights of people to choose what they can and cant do with their bodies (profiles), and that is simply wrong and illogical. Freedom of choice is the bedrock principle that DDO is founded upon and that right is being trampled on simply because a few airheaded politicians believe that corporations AND debates are 'people' who have rights that trump those of ACTUAL people (profiles). A person on DDO is far more of an actual person then any debate, therefore the rights of actual people shouldnt be trampled by the 'rights' of those who arent people!

2) Unable to care for the debate

Why do people not like to have a baby debate and would choose to abort? Many believe that a debate can only be raised properly if it has both a contender and an instigator to nurture it. So if one of the parents simply 'forfeits' any responsibility, then why should the other parent have to suffer through a painfully long process of raising a debate? People should be able to abort debates if one of its parents 'forfeits' the responsibility of raising it and simply dumps it on the other. Abortion also usually happens in the first 'trimester' (Debates are all divided into trimesters, the typical debate is 3-4 trimesters long even though occasionally they last longer or shorter. The first trimester usually means the first or second round), meaning most debates arent even real debates when they are already 'forfeited'. Abortion doesnt really 'kill' a debate since its not a real debate/person yet, so why should all abortion be illegal? It just doesnt make sense!

Another reason why people wish they could abort debates is because they find out they do not have the time or resources to commit to raising a debate, or they think that they wont be able to give their debate a good future due to the bad voting economy. Debates whouldnt be forced to be finished and then thrust into a world in poverty from votes, which is another reason why abortion should be legal.

3) Debates conceived from someone being raped...... by debate challenges

A third reason is that some people get raped (with debate challenges) and then a debate is conceived. No one should be forced to raise a debate that is the product of someone being raped with debate challenges because that would be immoral, which means that people should at the very least be able to abort debates if someone forced themselves onto the other and caused a debate to be conceived!

4) Debates pose a serious health risk................... To one's win record

there are scenarios where the debate presents a health hazard. Many people cannot actually have a debate without putting themselves at extreme risk to the health..... Of their win record. If a debate puts one's win record in severe jeopardy, then one should have the right to abort the debate in order to save themselves!

5) Better off on the taxpayers ('taxpayers ' is slang for 'forum posters')

Many debates that otherwise would be aborted often depend on government support and welfare forums where forum posters/taxpayers have to give up some of their posts and votes in order to help a debate just get by. This puts a monumental strain on forum posters/taxpayers who have much better things they could be doing with their posts and votes. Posts and votes wasted on raising unwanted debates could be used to generate further economic growth on DDO!

And thats all I got for now, over to you con


Opening Arguments

Debate is an instrument of public policy, and is a critical component of democracy and policy making.

It is not merely an exchange of ideas between two opponents. It also aims to educate the audience (public ) who have a vested interest on how policies are formed.

So contrary to belief, debates are not just about debaters. The audience makes equal investments of time to understand and make critical judgment of both sides of the argument, makes decisive votes, and is therefore a crucial stakeholder and not a mere bystander.

Instead of allowing abortion of debates, it is therefore a better policy to allow an audience to adopt an abandoned debate, and take the place of debaters who choose to abscond their responsibilities.

This allows both an opportunity for a debater the choice to leave but allow the remaining debater and audience to continue to enjoy the debate by allowing it to proceed with an alternative (better) course and letting it run thru its natural conclusion.

This is definitely better than completely abandoning a debate and leaving the rest of the active participants underwhelmed, bewildered and disappointed.

The proponent of this debate made a crucial mistake when making a figurative parallel between abortion of DDO debates and abortion of unwanted pregnancy. The audiences who visit DDO do so because they want to see debates. It is never that they continue to visit DDO by accident.

Allowing unwarranted abandonment of debates will not make DDO a better place. On the contrary, it will discourage responsible participation, and when rates of abandonment increase, it will encourage its audience to participate elsewhere.

Regardless of category, a debate has a life of its own, and given its participatory nature, it is wrong to think that the choice to terminate it is merely exclusive to those who created it. Creating a debate is not merely a choice, it is also a responsibility. It is still important to provide debaters a choice to leave, however, this must be done responsibly (and not just for their sole benefit) while allowing everyone else to enjoy debates come to full fruition.

There are thousands in the audience who want to be one making the arguments for an on-going live debate and not just to cast a vote later. Given the vested nature of policy making, when offered the opportunity, they will take the place of a debater who may chose not to do a good job. So it is wrong that abandoned debates would unnecessarily be a burden to the DDO community especially if the audience is also granted a choice to take a debater’s place.

Creating a stand-by-debater system where an audience can co-opt him or herself as alternate in the event of abandonment creates a more vibrant debate community, one that would evolve to have a better appreciation of debates.

Objections to the proponent’s arguments

1) Right to choose > Right to life

While it is important to provide choice, there many pathways to facilitate it and should not be construed as exclusive to a choice to terminate.

Given that the audience also made equal investments of time to participate to make critical judgments and to vote, choice to terminate a debate should not be made exclusive to the debaters alone, and should not be interpreted to trump the audience’s right to expect the debate come to its natural conclusion.

Other forms of choice are available, and granting simultaneous choice for a debater to leave, and the choice for audience to take his/her place is a better approach.

2) Unable to care for the debate

Parenting a debate is not exclusive to those who created it. Adoption is a better suited approach than termination. It’s a win-win for the debaters, the audience and to those who want to take the debater’s place especially if he/she knows he/she can do a better and more responsible job.

3) Debates conceived from someone being raped...... by debate challenges

To terminate a debate because of rape is to justify crime by association.

This was last practiced in Imperial China were families of a convicted felon up to the 4th degree are all sentenced to the same penalty by virtue of their association.

A conceived debate, and participation on it, does not automatically become criminal simply by being instigated by a rapist debater.

In the proponent’s legal system, it is better to be a rapist since at least it is a granted a choice, undergo due process and is given his day in court. The conceived debate (child) and its participating audience are unjustly not granted the same.

4) Debates pose a serious health risk................... To one's win record

The quality of the debate is not determined by the win rate of each side but by the superiority of arguments and the level of engagement of the audience.

Terminating the debate terminates the audience’s engagement, and the serious health risk rightfully is towards the participation of the debate community in general.

5) Better off on the taxpayers ('taxpayers ' is slang for 'forum posters')

While it is important to provide a choice to leave, participating in a debate also comes with responsibility to other debaters and to the audience. Those who frequently participate debates only for them to continually leave them should be flagged so that future participants will be more discerning in engaging them. They can continue to take part in debates and should be unflagged with a better track record of uninterrupted participation.

And when combined with the granting of audience’s the choice to adopt an abandoned debate, creates a system where most debates are fruitful and simply do not became a waste of anyone’s time, be it the debaters, the audience and the community in general.

Debate Round No. 2


1) Right to choose > Right to life

"Given that the audience also made equal investments of time to participate to make critical judgments and to vote, choice to terminate a debate should not be made exclusive to the debaters alone"

The audience most certainly does NOT make equal investments to judge and vote on a debate that debaters spend making the arguments, because 90% of the time voters already know which side they are going to vote for before they even read the arguments..... Besides, an aborted debate wouldnt even reach voting period which means that the audience literally wouldnt have anything to read over or vote on once the debate is terminated because people only look at debates when they enter the voting period, not round by round.

2) Unable to care for the debate

"Adoption is a better suited approach than termination"

Debates up for adoption/acceptance is a fate worse then death for debates that otherwise would have been aborted because the system is already overloaded! If you go over to debates still in the challenge period, you will always find anywhere between 15 to 25, maybe even more, debates still unadopted. Debates that go up for adoption will be neglected and probably mistreated which is far worse then never existing in the first place and going straight to debate heaven.

3) Debates conceived from someone being raped...... by debate challenges

"In the proponent’s legal system, it is better to be a rapist since at least it is a granted a choice, undergo due process and is given his day in court"

There arent courts or due process in DDO, and there hasnt been since the Second Ima revolution of 2011.... People can send/rape people debate challenges at will no matter what laws there are against it..... The best thing to do though is let the victim have a chance to abort an unwanted debate if one happens to be raped (by debate challenges) and is illegitimate.

4) Debates pose a serious health risk................... To one's win record

"Terminating the debate terminates the audience’s engagement, and the serious health risk rightfully is towards the participation of the debate community in general."

Oh thats just horse sh*t.... DDO isnt a 'community' and theres a reason why the slogan of DDO is "Everyone gets along, except usually".

Also people dont follow debates as they progress (through pregnancy) people only care about the final product of the debate when it is born (into the voting period). This claim that people participate in debates when they are still in the womb (of the debating period) is both idiotic and demonstrates a severe lack of understanding in how the profile works.

5) Better off on the taxpayers ('taxpayers ' is slang for 'forum posters')

" Those who frequently participate debates only for them to continually leave them should be flagged so that future participants will be more discerning in engaging them."

And we will, but that doesnt have sh*t to do with the main point....


Con drops numerous arguments and dodges several of them with the outlandish claim that debates shouldnt be aborted and flushed down the toilet by claiming that doing so would harm 'the audience' who is following the debate.


Theres a reason why DDO is always at war with itself, why there is a crippling shortage of votes, and why the challenge section is just backlogged with unadopted debates.... Because the 'audience' doesnt care about debates or are as invested in them as con claims they are!

Therefore his only counter argument is invalid and people should be able to have an abortion......... On DDO



The objective of the motion is to merely give CHOICE to quit but the PRO sidesteps the problems of his proposal (complete termination) without resolving its obvious disadvantages –

o The system is subject to abuse by debaters for personal gain (prevent a loss record) and hide their incompetence against better debaters.

o Sends the wrong message to the community that it’s acceptable to be irresponsible by not completing a debate.

o Disincentives readers, voters, and commenters from participating given the knowledge that debates can be terminated without proper resolution

o Sends the message to the broader debate community that DDO debaters are quitters and intellectual cowards by blocking opportunities for the courageous to step in and take their place.

o Creates the precedent that DDO debates are generally of poorer quality than traditional non-online debates were termination is not only prohibited but also shunned upon.

o Debates are the exposition of arguments and facts aimed not just at educating the public but educating the debaters as well. It’s an opportunity for intellectual growth which is denied if debates are prematurely terminated.

o Debates are supposed to be fun, regardless if one loses or wins. There’s nothing fun about walking away except to make fun of those who do. But PRO thinks this is ok and probably stemming from PRO’s confidence that cowards are shielded with anonymity.

o New, innovating, and quality arguments can be found in many debates even in those that are abandoned. And they are still worth reading and examining but will be lost forever if terminated and deleted.

It’s true that in the current system abandoned debates become clutter…but only because there is no mechanism to take the place of the absconding debater, which in doing so reduces clutter, maintenance, and unnecessary overloading due to redundant debates.

Aborting debates for the sole purpose of de-cluttering is nothing but a thin veil to promote irresponsibility and abuse while burdening and trapping DDO with the above problems without resolution in-sight.

Obvious resolution of these problems require that debates are not aborted.


Debate adoption is without a question a better alternative.

Adoption does not diminish CHOICE, in fact equally promotes it but without the disadvantages of abortion.

It gives chance for cowards to quit (like what the PRO eargerly wants) but provides an opportunity for the courageous to take their place.

PRO merely just wants the chance to quit and veil the coward’s incompetence.

PRO refuses to recognize the benefit of adoption (that CHOICE is preserved) by bastardizing the relevance of the roles of other participants including those of voters even though this has no bearing on the argument of CHOICE.

Voting is an integral part of DDO debates as they determine the winner. Clearly that is not irrelevant as PRO wants to believe.

Voting is not mere a process of pushing a button but requires voters to make investment of time to understand the arguments and make critical judgment. While it’s true that people hold premature opinions of certain subject matters, debates provide opportunity to deeply examine and challenge these opinions and affect how policies are shaped. PRO completely ignores that the prime objective of debate is exposition of both sides of the argument and allow people to have a more informed view of the subject matter. Terminating debates deny us this purpose.

Adopted debates are not clutter. Instead, they are a product of responsibility and the want for participants to continue to engage. It obviously increases quality as it replaces an absconding debater with a more responsible one.

The more debates are adopted, the more we reduce unnecessary clutter.

Adoption clearly has the advantages –

• Many voters in the current system may be interested in viewing debates during the voting period only, but the same interest will be triggered if they see that a debate is open for adoption and may encourage some to partake.

• Choice (to quit) is preserved without disenfranchising those who still want to engage

• By giving other chance to partake, It sees to it that debates go thru their natural conclusion with the opportunity to properly resolve the motion

• Abortion terminates the debate and become candidate for deletion. Adoption makes sure that debates that have good arguments are preserved.

• While this still creates the perception that some DDO debaters are cowards, a placeholder system will reveal that there are many DDO debaters who are principled and will take the courage to better defend a position, if given the opportunity.

• Adopters will be perceived as courageous vanguards and shining badge of honor in DDO which incentivizes more participation.

• Unlike abortion which is completely subject to abuse, adoption adds another layer to the scoring system to promote responsibility. Demerits for quitters, and merits for adopters. Demerits are obvious indicators of quitters and participants become more discerning in engaging them, thus improving the overall quality of participation.

• The reason why the system is overloaded and cluttered is precisely because people are encouraged to abscond when they are losing but deny further discussion on the motion. Overloading is because of redundant motions from those who want progress on the discussion but are denied by cowards. Cowards can be discouraged if there is a demerit system which flags them.

In fact, by allowing adoption, participants would rather engage in the current debate rather than create redundant ones.

• Ensuring that all debates go thru their natural conclusion will encourage more effort, and responsibility for debaters to present arguments off good quality. This is opposed to regularly absconding on them until one sees a winning record, which is really almost the case in the current system. This has to change. Abortion however does not solve anything other than make the problem worse by furthering the aim of the cowards - hide their incompetence and keep their “win” record.

ADOPTION AND THE MERIT SYSTEM will shed transparency on the acts of these cowards and reveal them for who they are – a scam. This encourages them to seek false glory elsewhere and leave DDO to its rightful stakeholders – brave debate warriors who go into the battlefield with honor!!!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DT 5 years ago
In Asia, they teach reading and comprehension as early as the 2nd grade.

But I guess it's way easier to judge the book by its cover especially when a picture is conveniently worth a thousand words.
Posted by Ragnar 5 years ago
I think it's too high of a character limit. I tried to read through it, but failed.

The one big recurring joke, started to feel like someone was preforming CPR on a mummified horse.
Posted by DT 5 years ago
It's curious how the humourous sometimes seems to be immune to his own brand of humour. Let's get this rolling!!!
Posted by imabench 5 years ago
Are you really that clueless???
Posted by GOP 5 years ago
Also, what do you mean by "...On DDO"?
Posted by GOP 5 years ago
Is this a troll debate?
Posted by Themoderate 5 years ago
Can you be more specific please?
Posted by xXCryptoXx 5 years ago
If you at least give us an idea of what you mean then I might take this.
Posted by xXCryptoXx 5 years ago
What he said.
Posted by Fictional_Truths1 5 years ago
I'm not sure what this means...
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