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Resolved: DDO should Drop The Phone Requirement Needed for Voting Rights

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Started: 3/26/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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I will argue that Debate .Org should drop its requirement of having a phone in order to have voting rights in debates.

These are my reasons:
1. They are making the assumption that users have telephones or smart phones. Not everyone has such a device. If one does not have a phone, then one cannot receive the code. Without this code, voting in debates is unavailable to that user.

2. At the bottom of the mobile settings page, DDO states that one can contact them if there is any sort of issue i.e. not having a phone, not being able to receive texts, etc. DDO staff state that they will respond "only if necessary" to any inquiries sent to them. The problem with this is that DDO NEVER responds to ANY inquiries sent to them. Months have been waited by many users without a return email promising any help whatsoever.

3. If the requirement of having a phone was dropped, then more users could vote on debates. Too many debates are stranded and tied because of a lack of voters. This one is simple, more voter equals more input, which means that more debates can have attention and more users feel like a part of the DDO community.



I'll get into some rebuttals, and then state my case.

1. While not all users may have a cell phone, most do. 91% of adults use cell phones (1). More people own cell phones than people who own toilets (2). Out of the world's 7 billion people, 6 billion have access to cell phones. Only 4.5 billion are able to get to working toilets.

Furthermore, it seems very reasonable to assume that people who have access to internet and desire to debate different topics would have access to a cell phone.

2. For users who truly desire to be an active part of DDO, but for some unusual reason do not have access to a cell phone, messages can be easily sent to airmax1227 (3) or TUF (4) and they can get their account working very quickly. This enables the moderators to filter who gets a voting account. As I'll explain later, voting priveliges are important.

3. This is actually going to be one of my points. We do not want just anybody to be able to make accounts and vote. This would cause major problems. More on this later. There are threads where you can post your unvoted debates, and they are then almost always voted on (5). If you want your debate to be voted on, you can easily ask another member, and chances are you can find someone to vote on it.

My arguments
Now I'll get to my arguments.

1. The system works fine as it is now.

The majority of users have no problems with DDO's voting system. Most people have cell phones, so this isn't a problem to begin with. Of those users who don't, well if they truly want to get voting privileges on DDO, they can contact the site moderators. There simply aren't good reasons to change the system, and it works well the way it is.

2. An increase of votebombing

Votebombing is already a problem on DDO. Many users vote on who they want to win, and don't even read the arguments. If we were to allow someone to vote without validating their account, votebombing would become rampant. A user could literally create as many accounts as he wants. All he would have to do is open a new email account, and voila! Then he could literally go and vote over and over and over again on his debates, so that he would be the winner.

This would result in an increase in activity from the site moderators. They already have their hands full with enough votebombing, and other issues, and this would just make things worse.

In conclusion, there are simply no good reasons to change the system. It works fine as it is now, and it isn't a problem for the vast majority of internet users. On the other hand, changing the system would result in adding fuel to the already huge problem of votebombing.

It looks as if my opponent is new to DDO. I'd like to give him a warm welcome, and commend him on bringing this topic up in a debate. However, if he sticks around longer, he will realize that if there is to be any reform, it is that voting priveliges should be more restricted. Many of the top users on DDO already agree on this (6).

The problem is that when someone gives a 2 page long RFD, and gives out 3 points to Con, then a votebomber comes along, doesn't really read the debate, and awards 6 points to Pro. This is extremely frustrating to all parties involved.

I'll give some examples of votebombs in the next round.

Debate Round No. 1


I am assuming by the way you speak that you are some sort of DDO staff. Thank you for the quick response! I don't have much to say except for one small rebuttal towards your post.

I understand your reasoning for the requirements, but one should not assume that having an internet connection means having access to a cellular device. I would not call the lack of owning one "unusual," because factors such as not having enough money or restrictions from parents are very common reasons for not having one.


Actually I'm not on any sort of staff on the website. I've been on here for about a year though, so I'm pretty familliar with how things work.

I agree that having internet access wouldn't necessarily mean having access to a cell phone, but it seems to me that the more familiar and acquainted with technology someone is (ie the internet), the more probable it is that they would have some sort of access to a cell phone.

Perhaps "unusual" is the wrong word, but "unlikely" is true. 78% of teenagers (age 12-17) do have a cell phone (1) though.

If my opponent needs to get voting privileges, I would encourage him to ask airmax, or to ask to use his parent or friends' cell phone. I don't personally have a cell phone with texting, but my brothers do, so I asked if I could get the code texted to them.

Thank you.

Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by demonlord343 6 years ago
Notice, to all you people that can not vote, check out the forums! You can contact the Prez and he will activate it for you asap! I got mine done for me in like three minutes. Seriously, check em out!
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Reasons for voting decision: I'm not sure I buy all of his arguments, but Con is winning this debate. Pro only responds to one of Con's arguments, which Con then proceeds to defend extensively. So I'm left with a certainty of vote bombing damaging the website irreparably versus a small minority of users not being able to vote. I have to go with the former. Con also takes it on sources, as he's the only one to present them, and they are indeed meaningful.

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